Lost in the ongoing disarray surrounding the NFL Players Association’s search for a new Executive Director is the reality that certain former players continue to be upset regarding the actions (or lack thereof) the union is taking to assist those who made the game what it now is.
Our own view has been and will continue to be that former players should be entitled to assistance (from the NFL, the union, or both) if injuries incurred while playing pro football are affecting them from finding gainful employment, caring for themselves, etc.
But we don’t think that former players who have squandered the money made while playing in the NFL should be entitled to a handout.
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s the latest development.  Hall of Famer Sam Huff has teed off on the NFLPA in an open letter posted at Dave Pear’s web site.
Huff calls for former players to break away from the NFLPA, and to form their own organization.
“I think it is time we separate ourselves from this group of union leaders so to speak even though it is called the Players Association and make them pay the 28 million that they lost in court and we go our own way and tell them to go to hell the same as they have told us,” Huff writes.
The full letter is right here.

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  1. Headline: Unions continue to look out for the unions rather than current and former members. In other news, the sun rose in the east this morning.

  2. Mike, keep in mind that the money that’s been held for benefits and retirement has been there for many years and truly isn’t a handout fund at all. It’s the retired players rightful money and – like all things NFLPA – Upshaw and Co. ran it like it was merely their own piggybank. They would change the rules to suit their needs, pay their friends big bucks to “manage” the pensions, and re-write the by-laws any time they needed to protect their won interests.
    Dave Pear just posted a comment about how they rigged the system as recently as last Spring, JUST before they offered that new 4-month program to reconsider earlier applications that had been turned down. As a result, Dave actually got approved benefits (but still not at the full benefit he SHOULD be getting) PLUS they eliminated his chances to get retroactive benefits at least back to 1994 which was the last time they turned him down with a bogus review with NFL doctors and people like Tom Condon on the benefits board! How’s that for completely stacking the deck?!! It never ends.

  3. Great idea, except: who the hell is going to pay the new union’s dues? Former players aren’t getting paid millions to play a kid’s game. They need the revenue that the current players bring in.

  4. This is one of those stories where the more you learn the more disgusted with the NFLPA you become. Years and years of denial and underhanded dealings. If the truth came out as a detailed and well-researched media piece who knows what the backlash would be. And here’s the thing – it’s all documented.
    The players who will be cashing in on the likeness lawsuit should use some of that money to engage in a media push to get the story out. And not just through traditional media, who is more or less beholden, but across the spectrum. If big media won’t cover it, go grass roots. Hit a film school and get a doc crew, or two or three (there are many angles and stories to tell). Push it to the blogosphere (digg, redditt, and other aggregators). Alternative media. There are a lot of low cost avenues here where once the effort is made the story out will actually create revenue. This isn’t the same old rehashed meta-content that dominates what we call news. It’s new content which if marketed well could go viral. Thar be money in this here scandal. And it’ll be fun to do.
    Who doesn’t want to get behind the narrative of helping the men on whose backs an american pasttime has been built? This can only be spun in one direction. Hopefully they can find a young whippersnapper with the energy to pull it off.
    Good luck with this mess NFLPA.

  5. The veterans are absolutely right! These are the guys who helped make the NFL the billion dollar industry that it is today and for them to get shafted in pension money etc is a crime.
    How much would each one of todays players miss $10000 a year as an example to take care of these guys?

  6. these ex-players are more annoying than baby mamas, you
    played professional football, and you forgot to save your
    money for retirement and plan accordingly. Who’s fault is
    that? certainly its not the union’s fault. Also many of these
    guys act shocked when there bodies break down in their 40s,
    50s, 60s,70s, and so on, well obviously if you played a
    violent collision sports like football, your gonna entail
    physical problems later on. Then they wanna blame the
    union for their injuries, well it doesn’t work that, and
    if these guys expect handout, then how about all those
    guys that worked hard labour factory and trades jobs, and
    they endure physical injuries as well.

  7. “But we don’t think that former players who have squandered the money made while playing in the NFL should be entitled to a handout.”
    I don’t know – the players make a ton of money – why not do what it takes to have a decent pension plan/safety net to ensure everyone lives happily ever after.

  8. Forgot to add above especially when players weren’t making big money up until recently, so “squandering” may not be the right word.

  9. Just checking back in. How much money do we have in our fund to hire the eastern European chick from the jim beam commercial?
    “We Do This Together”

  10. Radical move proposed by Sam Huff there over pensions and healthcare.
    The old-timers shouldn’t have to go through all that to get attention.
    But it looks like they will have to.

  11. No updates or comments in 4 hours? There better be a tornado or a hurricane or a typhoon in whatever god forsaken place you live in.
    Are other PFT citizens really that embarassed to post on valentines night? Just sitting around waiting for the first guy to do it. Well I shall set you free!
    Now I’m gonna go find me a cutie without a date. “GOOD NIGHT NOW!”

  12. I’m tired of these old cats myself. No one told them to go get their asses beat year in and year out for nuffin. Old people suck….

  13. I thought truwarrior’s comment was notable. He expressed the sentiment that those guys are “annoying” because the made money then and he perceives them as irrespsonsible guys that are asking for handouts now.
    But you have to keep in mind that those players whose careers spanned the ’50s ’60s and ’70s didn’t even make enough money to pay the bills all year in most cases. It was common for them to sell cars or insurance, work farms or work in plants during spring and summer to keep their family bills paid.
    The point is that guys making millions now are doing nothing to care for the men that built the money machine while only making eight, ten or twelve thousand a year back then. And there’s millions already set aside and they can’t get at it.

  14. Unions are retarded. This isnt 1904 and “The Jungle” anymore, all they seem to do anymore is cause more issues than needed.

  15. As sad as it is to say this…the NFLPA, like many other unions has become the 800# gorilla, in the room. They, like the auto workers union, are hurting their industry far more than thay realize. If it weren’t for the auto worker union, I seriously think the automobile industry would not be in the dire strights that they are in.
    I can see a similar fate, for the NFLPA, if things dont change drastically. They have convinced the players, and a lot of others that the NFL will dry up and blow away if it is not for the players. With all due respect, I disagree. It is the owners who actually hold this league together, and if it weren’t for God’s blessings of some athletic abilities….the players would be out selling shoes, or cars, or whatever.
    How many other buissness, give up 60% of profits, to their workers….not any that I am aware of, and now that the owners have finally figured this out, we are going to see just how tough the union really is. This is NOT the time for a work stopage. I am hopeful that common sense will prevail soon.
    I’m not saying that the players shouldn’t get treated fairly, what I am saying is that the union chiefs need to stop fantasizing about the almighty dollar, and keep EVERYONES (players, owners, fans, and everyone else who depends on the NFL for a living) best intrest at heart. There is enough to go around so that all are treated fairly.

  16. Quite blaming Unions and just blame this NFL Players Unions. A union is a solid means of achieving benefits from cooperation/businesses. The problem is that when Unions are allowed to remain and the lawyers (sorry Florio) run loose, corruption begins and next thing you know the union is at fault. No, the crooks running the Union need to be shot and replaced with people who actually care about the retires. Remember fans, only about 10% of the players make those huge contracts. Some guys play for league minimums and then have problems in retirement.

  17. But we don’t think that former players who have squandered the money made while playing in the NFL should be entitled to a handout.
    your’e talking about some guys who made 30-40
    grand a year..
    the super bowl winner got 25
    & the current union members ?
    might want to be a little compassionate to these guys
    cos one day the guy wearing 60000 worth of bling is going
    to be retired too & i think a few of them will be paying for theirmoney mangement problems now…

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