With police in Culver City, California announcing that police there busted Bills running back Marshawn Lynch for felony possession of a concealed firearm, the Bills have admitted that, indeed, Lynch took a ride in the back of a cruiser.
“We can confirm that Marshawn was arrested in California and has retained an attorney,” Bills V.P. of communications Scott Berchtold told WIVB-TV.  “We are in the process of trying to gather the facts and will not offer a comment while that process is ongoing.”
Lynch is the second high-profile NFL player to face charged of illegal possession of a firearm.  Last November, Giants receiver Plaxico Burress was slapped with felony charges after accidentally blowing a hole through his leg.


  1. The real issue at hand: What does all of this mean for Marshawn’s fantasy value for the ’09 campaign?

  2. Geez, if he gets suspended indefinitely, etc. I think I can speak on behalf of other Bills fans when I say:
    “Here we go again”.

  3. These guys need to learn to keep there arses home if they are scared enough to carry a gun. Either that or go and be free in some paradize like Hawaii, Bahamas, etc.

  4. A new start? The guy is 2 years out of college. He had baggage when drafted and continues to build on it so a new start does him no good.

  5. A new start? He’s been only playing for the Bills for two seasons. Only been in the NFL for two seasons.

  6. I thought the Predator had a fancy laser attached to his shoulder… why does he need a gun???
    (if that joke didnt make sense, go Google a few pics of Lynch. oh and dont forget to drink Pepsi and go buy Seinfeld seasons on DVD!!)

  7. MARVIN HARRISON shot someone;played all of 08 season.
    ADAM “PACMAN” JONES, well he did alot;played as much as he could
    SANTONIO HOLMES got caught with weed;played 08 season and caught superbowl game winning touchdown.
    BRANDON MARSHALL beat his girlfriend;made it to the probowl…and dropped every damn pass thrown his way
    MARSHAWN LYNCH; got pulled over because some bills hater racist cop saw 3 black guys in a mercedas and called for backup.

  8. He must have been headed to the scrip club. Doesn’t everyone know that it is standard issue to have a gun at a scrip club if you are in the NFL?

  9. Warning to NFL scouts and personell people. If he looks like a thug, walks like a thug and talks like a thug he’s a thug.

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