With the annual NFL Scouting Combine set to launch this week in Indianapolis, the Green Bay Packers are expected to heavily scrutinize Ohio State cornerback Malcolm Jenkins.
According to the Green Pay Press-Gazette, Jenkins is a potential candidate to become the Packers’ first-round draft pick. Jenkins has already been linked to the Packers in several mock drafts.
NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock, who projects Jenkins’ best position as free safety in the NFL, cautioned against putting too much stock into 40-yard dash times.  Especially when it comes to defensive backs.
“We predicate a lot of their true football speed on what they run [in the 40],” Mayock said.  “I know a lot of guys that can backpedal, turn, move much [more] naturally that way, and because they didn’t run track or whatever [it hurts them].  So, if a guy runs 4.6, and then he goes to a special place to learn how to start and explode out of the blocks and run 4.48, is he any faster a football player?
“Probably not.  That’s where the functional playing speed, versus manufactured speed, comes into play for me.  I think you really have to be careful, because as an evaluator, I think there’s a trap inherent in the times.”


  1. this is a terrible post. the article has no logical connection to the title. it was so bad i was compelled to post a comment for the first time ever.

  2. Unfortunately Ted Thompson will just end up trading the top pick down for a few 7th rounders.

  3. Florio – if you post messages like this on the NFL Draft – you are going to post a ton of garbage posts. You can have 10 posts alone on what the Packers will take.
    Its a non story.

  4. My grandma has been linked to the Packers in several mock drafts as well.
    Geez… I can’t even get linked up in the blogroll, but am forced to read this.
    Mock drafts? Seriously?

  5. closjr says:
    February 15th, 2009 at 11:26 am
    this is a terrible post. the article has no logical connection to the title. it was so bad i was compelled to post a comment for the first time ever.
    Hows does the title, “COULD OHIO STATE CORNER WIND UP IN GREEN BAY?” not relate to the article about an Ohio State CB being drafted by the Packers?

  6. the title is written to get the fan base to click on the link. the article itself is not really about what the title would lead you to believe. this is a popular tactic used by pft that is starting to piss me off. sure jenkins could end up in green bay, or any where else, but the point is this article doesnt exactly have any inside information on why that could happen. it is the question mark at the end of the title that destroys the connection.

  7. i would be happy with jenkins. we all know TT will trade out of the top 10 into 13-16 to add another 3rd rounder that will sit on the bench and not contribute. we all know this

  8. Why do you guys constantly b!@#$ about Florio and his posts? If you think it is a waste of time then why do yu keep reading them. This is speculation. This is one persons opinnion. He is actually giving you advice as well. He is saying don’t be dissapointed in malcom’s 40 timebecause it really means nothing if a guy can run a 4.38 and a 4.48 because that is not his game speed. You don’t make cuts and you dont backpedal in the 40. You guys who are complaining about this post meaning nothing need to check yourselves or maybe just find a new site. I appreciate the hard work Florio does to keep us updated on this stuff. If you dont like it then dont read it.

  9. closjr says:
    “this is a popular tactic used by pft that is starting to piss me off.”
    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. We’re all waiting with baited breath for your website which would NEVER resort to such “tactics”. My suggestion for your website title ; “whiny little bitch pro football talk”. It’s not catchy, but no one could say you were a liar.

  10. personally i did not finger anyone, but i am well aware of who posted this article (not florio). get a grip dude, people are allowed to voice their opinions, positive or negative. i bet you say people that complain about the u.s. government should just move elsewhere too.

  11. can someone please post a link to i am curious as t what they have to say….

  12. come on now guys. it’s only the second week of feb. and we are already complaining about the news in these posts. we got a long way to go in the off-season yet.

  13. Seriously, you have to admit outside of the title and a brief mention of a potential landing spot, this article has nothing to do with Green Bay. In his defense if you are going to use a guy for draft analysis – Mayock is the man.

  14. I understand people are allowed to voice their opinions. I am also allowed to voice my opinion on your opinion being complete crap. Who cares if it has nothing to do with the packers. These guys are doing their jobs and making people click on their website and reading their so called bullsht. Whatever dude I actually hope the packers take jenkins or maluagua. Hell the guy who posted before is probably right TT will probably trade the 9th pick for a 7th rounder to make up for the one we lost to the jets.

  15. Ted Thompson is unpredictable and that’s not always a good thing. In the last two drafts, he used the Packers first selection to draft a player where they had the most depth (two years ago, a DT, last year a WR). Neither has made a difference on the field.
    TT has his balls in the frying fan and the board of directors is about to turn up the heat. He had better produce something other than $25 million in cap space and first round picks that sit on the bench.
    Another 6-10 season and TT is heading out the door.

  16. at least we get to read posts “about” the packers….it could be worse. we could be fans of a team that never sees any play here.

  17. Thompson’s short history with the Packers has been to stay put in the first round generally, especially if they’re in the top half of the draft. If they do trade down I doubt it’ll be more than four or five slots in the first. He knows they have to get an impact player this year. I agree about the 40 times being over-emphasized, as well as bench presses for that matter. Sherman was big on that stuff and his drafts were disasters by and large, especially in the high rounds.

  18. with the new defensive scheme, i think we need to keep what we have and evaluate how everyone performs this year in their new respective positions. i do agree that malcolm jenkins would be a nice pick up by the packers, and so would maualuga from usc, but i think we need to see how everyone performs in the 3-4 before we go using our first round pick on defense again. furthermore, i believe defensive tackle or nose tackle should be addressed before linebacker and cornerback. we used a 2nd rounder on pat lee last year, give him a little time to develop behind woody and harris. also, if jenkins is projected to be a safety ala antrell rolle, we should focus our attention elsewhere. collins is coming off a pro bowl season. bigby, if he can stay healthy, is going to be our other linebacker only at safety position.
    the packers need to focus on the offensive and defensive lines. with losing one or both of tauscher and clifton, we need to find a few capable offensive tackles immediately. we found out last year that if these two aren’t in the lineup, we are in big trouble. no one on our roster right now is a good enough backup to these two let alone starter.
    if one looks back to when the packers were most successful, it’s true that favre played at a high level, but more iportantly, we had pro bowl line play. he had protection. he had time to throw to our receivers. if we ever expect rodgers to develop like he is capable of, we need to get him more protection and that comes first and foremost from the offensive line. even if we were able to bring in matt birk (which i am all for) to replace scott wells at center, i still believe we need at least one more offensive tackle

  19. Ok, so I like Jenkins and I think hes a teriffic football player. The thing is we really dont need a FS. If Jenkins can run faster then a 4.45 sec. 40yrd dash then ya we should take him. If not then they should go after the best USC linebacker. No not Rey but Brian Cushing. I’m a huge SC fan but Rey was nothing but hype for one good hit he put on a UCLA QB. Brian is the perfect fit to play the weakside backer position. 1. Look @ who would be his coach. (Kevin Greene) 2. SC pretty much runs a 3-4 even tho the base is a 4-3 3. Cushing was always around the ball, never far away of making the big play. 4. A.J. Hawk should move to the middle which is what he played in college, and when Nick went down he looked pretty good. Oh ya we should sign Juilis Peppers.

  20. Depending on what happens we could probably get cushing in the secon round. Yes we do need help on the line but in years past the line got better and better as they gelled together. We have to let the guys we have play and get better and stronger. Our offensive line isnt that bad. They have good games and bad games but they haven’t been terrible. We have some potential with some of the younger guys and we need to let them play and get experience. Taking Jenkins would only be if he is the best player available at the time. I think Cushing would be a stretch at 9 and we cant draft for need in the first round. That almost never turns out well. Best player available. There is also not a problem with having too much depth at certain positions. Especially in the defensive backfield. Hell I wouldnt hate them if they took Knowshown Moreno or even percy harvin as long as it is the best player on the board and not a defensive lineman we could have got in the second round.

  21. ya this will never happen TT explained it before remember “THIS ISNT FANTASY FOOTBALL”…..i wasn’t aware that picking 5th rounders won superbowls…hahaha say good bye to your first round pick!!!!

  22. Dear Ted Thompson,
    If you don’t draft a wide reciever and sign B Jacobs I will raelly really HATE you – you are a really bad person and my wife thinks your ugly and…oh wait…never mind…
    Brett Favre (not)
    PS. URDum

  23. Dear Packer Fans
    The chunks in my stool have more football knowledge than most of you.
    Ted (My contact is for 5 years how long is your contract)Thompson

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