New York Jets outside linebacker Vernon Gholston is determined to rebound from an unproductive rookie season, telling the New York Daily News that he’s extremely motivated to prove himself.
A first-round draft pick from Ohio State who excelled as a pass rusher in college, Gholston didn’t record a sack last season.
Despite not being injured, he was deactivated late in the season against the Buffalo Bills, which hurt his pride.
“It did a lot, I can’t say it didn’t,” Gholston told Rich Cimini of the Daily News.  “But I don’t think there’s any doubt around here on whether I can play the game or not.  Obviously, in college, I was a good player.  It’s about getting back to what makes me a good player.”
Gholston is hoping to break out of his rookie struggles after being compared by new Jets coach Rex Ryan to Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, who improved markedly after a poor minicamp when he was a rookie.
Suggs wound up being named the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year and registered a dozen sacks in his first season.
“[Ryan] told me about that,” Gholston said. “I guess everybody kind of points it toward me . . . Terrell Suggs is a great player.  He was a great player in college, but it’s two different situations.
“To say the same thing is going to happen in this case, I don’t know. It’s a different team and there probably will be different tweaks in the defense.  I’m not even sure where I’ll be at. We have to wait and see, really.”
According to, Gholston recorded just 13 tackles in 15 games with no starts last season.


  1. That stat line is atrocious; how he does next season will tell us if he has any fortitude…
    …Who would have thunk that Florio would tie Vernon Gholston’s 15 game sack total after the way that he was pumped up for the draft?

  2. Hard to admit it when ya blow it picking players….especially when you make them instant millionaires in the process. Nobody knows if this guy will pan out but it will be interesting if he learns the lesson of humility that so many pro players never learn.

  3. I don’t think the comparison between Gholston and Suggs is fari. Gholston was a combine monster and was known for a quick first step but to go stretches without making a play. Suggs, everyone knew he could play the run coming out of college, they just weren’t sure about his first step. There is a world of difference right there alone before you talk about anything else they have to do in their OLB role.

  4. Another work out warrior who could lift a bus, but can’t play football at a pro level. 13 tackles in 15 games is not quite worth the money he got.

  5. OK, let me see if I have this right. Tannebaum is still calling the shots in New York and Mangina is still a head-coach in this league with a new contract? Ah…um…..
    Just goes to show you how dumb so many people are today in important positions.
    (big fart….)

  6. Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    Sorry, but for Rexy to compare a bust like Gholston to Suggs is the biggest con-job I have ever read!!!!!!!
    And the sad part is…….Gholston believed him. Ahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Man, that’s funny.

  7. “OK, let me see if I have this right. Tannebaum is still calling the shots in New York and Mangina is still a head-coach in this league with a new contract? Ah…um…..
    Just goes to show you how dumb so many people are today in important positions.”
    Of course, this wasn’t said by a Cheatriots hater. Nah, just an objective observation by a casual NFL fan…
    The funniest “fact I’ve been hearing whenever there’s a Gholston discussion is when the Pats fans aka Cheatriots bandwagon jumpers, holler “Ha! Belichick and Pioli fleeced Mangini again! They acted as if they were interested in VG and the Jets fell for it! They never would’ve picked him!”
    Yeah, right. Like yuou people just KNOW that Belicheat didn’t want Gholston.
    All you stupid punks screaming “BUST! BUST! BUST!” etc., need to calm the *&%$ down. Can we please not judge a kid on one year?!
    The kid changed to a position that he’d never played before (probably the wrong move; just put him in pass-rushing situations and let him do what he does best instead of expecting him to cover RBs and TEs, which he’d never done before), and nobody said it was gonna be easy.
    Give him some time. Comments like “Jets suck!” and “that’s why the New York Jets are the New York Jets” are plain stupid. Like any other team has never had a high draft pick that didn’t work out right away.
    And I always love the “Jets suck!” comment. Well thought out and intelligent. FYI, you dopes, the Jets have had only 3 losing seasons in the last 10 years. Nothing to hang your hat on, but making them out to be in the club of the Lions and Bengals is flat-out dumb, fueled by Patsuckers, and Jets fans themselves, who’re mostly whining Met fans…
    Florio claimed that Matt Ryan would be a bust, amd how does that look now?! Yeah, he has great credibility when it comes to projecting talent, so i’m sure Gholston is done. Because Florio himself said so…

  8. Ryan is just tying to motivate the guy. Nothing more. He knows what buttons to push on his players. That’s part of the reason he was such a great coordinator. If I were to bet on a current coach to find a way to get the most of Gholston, it’s Ryan.

  9. The Raiders have drafted some nice LB’s (Thomas Howard and Kirk Morrison), it’s safety (Patrick Bates/ Micheal Huff) that my boys can’t ever seem to land…

  10. Gholston, I played with Terrell Suggs. I knew Terrell Suggs. Terrell Suggs was a friend of mine. Gholston, you are no Terrell Suggs.

  11. The oppertive words are “in college”.NFL ain’t college Ghoulston. It’s time to play with the big boys. I can’t understand why this guy was rated the no.1 defensive end in the draft. I knew this guy would be a bust especially when that fat rat fink picked him in the first round. Glad to see Mangina picks shit.
    Thank you Jerod Mayo.

  12. Da Big G says:
    “Nothing to hang your hat on, but making them out to be in the club of the Lions and Bengals is flat-out dumb”
    Last Super Bowl appearance by the Jets – 1969. Can’t believe people don’t treat them like an elite team! One of two more appearances in the next forty years and you might hear whispers of “dynasty”!

  13. Of course Ryan is going to compare him to Suggs (or any decent player for that matter). What did you think he was going to do, come in a can him after the Jets made him a rich man last year? Coaches you know, coach; last I checked they don’t rip players down.
    All that said, Gholston sucks.

  14. I remember the last couple weeks before the draft that a lot of the media was saying the guy didn’t show up on game tape and there were concerns that he was just a work out warrior. His stock seemed to keep dropping like a stone, then the Jets took him and all I remember was a flood of posts like ‘he is going to be haunting Tom Brady in his sleep for years to come’ from all the Jets fans…. Please remind me, who was the defensive rookie of the year in 08′???

  15. DL have high bust potential. 2nd only to QBs. Coming out of college they only have like 1 move and they are develop a series of moves and improve their strength (like Merriman?). They almost always take at least a year or two to develop. A few examples are Cortez Kennedy, Warren Sapp, Julius Peppers and Mario Williams. So the jury is still out.

  16. Always makes me laugh when a player is great in college at a certain position…then gets drafted….then NFL wants him to play another position. No wonder many are busts. Let the guy play the position he played in college before we call him a bust. Apparently this year he’ll get the chance….lets judge him in December 2009.

  17. Terrell Suggs was a monster in college on a team with not much around him. Gholston was a very good player in college on a team of All-Americans. You can’t call Gholston a bust yet, but an off and on player in college usually is an off and on player in the pros.

  18. Hey Da Big G,
    When T-Brady went down you should have seen the hateful words and comments by NY fans(both Giant and Jets).
    So…all us cheaters did was go out (with a 7th rd pick at QB who had not started a game since 11th grade) and win 11 games, getting snubbed from the playoffs in the process.
    All the Jets did was trade a Chad, who clearly having a better year than Favre, and then give the reigns to Mr. Interception who went on to do what he does best, choke in big games.
    Dude, your management team has made some of the worst picks and roster decisions in recent times and for this reason, you will continue to be just an “avg” NY team that may or may not make the playoffs each year.
    Good luck with Kellon Clemens… lol
    Anyone have a camera?

  19. This dude was a dog in college. He just played on a highly overrated college team and as such was highly overrated himself.

  20. Not only did Belichick trick the Jets into thinking the Pats wanted Gholston ( he sent Vrabel on a phony recruiting mission to Gholston), he also fooled the Jets into thinking he wanted Dwayne Robertson. Can’t wait to see what Bill has in store this year!

  21. Andy Katzenmoyer??/ Soe folks should hire someone to think for them before they post. Katzenmoyer was a freakin beast and arguably one of the greatest college linebackers of all time. he never disappeared for long stretchs of games the way Gholston did and Katzenmoyer was a game changer every time he stepped foot on the field. His pro career stalled because of neck injuries that could lead to parlyzation or worse.
    Gholston is a bonafied bust at this stage of his pro career no doubt but anyone who thinks this guy has no game or was a dog in college is not that bright or just didn’t pay any attention at all to his college career. He’s a monster rusher off the edge if put in the right scheme. Ask Peppers how much a scheme will affect your game. The dig on VG has ALWAYS been consistency and commitment to hard work. But skill wise? He’s every bit the player Suggs was, it seems clear that it’s what’s upstairs and in his heart that might be different. Let’s see what a guy like Ryan does with him. Big Daddy was a big bust until he got some decent coaching and out of football hell in Cincy, no reason to think it can’t happen with Gholston too now that Mangenius and his cohorts are gone.

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