Broadway Joe is just as engaged and concerned as the New York Jets’ rabid fan base are about one pressing question:  Who’s going to be the quarterback in the wake of Brett Favre’s retirement?
Retired Jets legendary quarterback Joe Namath, talking with New York Daily News’ beat writer Rich Cimini, wants more information about the merits of and the organization’s belief or lack thereof in Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff.
The Jets also have former University of Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge on the roster.
“I’m curious,” Namath said of Clemens, who started eight games in 2007 and has five career touchdown passes and 11 interceptions with a cumulative 59.3 quarterback rating. “How do the players feel about [Clemens]?  How do the coaches feel about him?  If he’s not the guy, why is he still there?  God damn, it’s time for him to step up.  The guy deserves a shot.  If the team doesn’t feel that way, don’t B.S. everybody and keep dragging it out.  It’s bull.
“Say what you mean.  Do you have confidence in Clemens or [Brett] Ratliff or not?  From what I’ve been reading in the papers, some of the comments, the confidence level isn’t too high and it doesn’t look real encouraging for those quarterbacks.  It seems no one has a lick of confidence in them.  If that’s true, why have they been there?”
Meanwhile, the Jets have been linked to many veteran names, including former Baltimore Ravens starter Kyle Boller, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starter Jeff Garcia, and Pittsburgh Steelers backup Byron Leftwich.  Trade scenarios for Cleveland Browns quarterback Derek Anderson have been broached as well in various reports.
Regardless, Namath, who famously guaranteed and delivered a Super Bowl III victory over the Baltimore Colts [Editor’s note:  thanks, Aaron, we didn’t know that], wants something ironclad under center.
“If you’re not sure, you trade for a guy.  You get somebody,” Namath said. “Work it out.  Don’t be spinning your wheels.  You know what they can do by now.  I’m assuming Clemens is there because he’s good.  If not, they ought to get rid of him.  How could he be on the team all this time if he’s not a good enough pro quarterback?
“The players in the locker room, that’s the key.  They know.  If they say they still don’t know about them, that’s not a real good endorsement.”
Namath also was blunt in his assessment of Favre’s late-season downward spiral that played a major role in dooming the Jets’ playoff chances:  “I know what I watched.  I don’t see anything positive for me — Joe Namath — characterizing my memories of the last five games.  What the hell?  I want to be comfortable with my memories of Brett Favre.”
With so much uncertainty at quarterback, it’s a safe bet that it will be a while before Namath feels comfortable again about the situation.


  1. THIS is why the Jets fired Mangini. If he was still there he’d offer to name his next born son “Joseph” in return for Namath returning as QB of the team.

  2. Why are people insisting on linking Jeff Garcia to the Jets?
    ESPN went so far as to say they would be a playoff team with him at QB, what planet are they living on?
    With his noodle arm there is no way he would be effective in the winds of Giants Stadium. The guy has problems throwing the ball in Florida weather so I doubt the cold and windy New York weather is gonna help him. In fact it’s more likely that the wind would snag those 3 yard dumpoffs (the only pass he’s really comfortable with now) and cause that inflated completion percentage of his to plummet.

  3. Yep, ’cause I wouldn’t want my memories of Brett Favre spoiled like Joe Willie playing for the LA Rams. Hell, I still expect to see Favre with horns on his helmet this fall.

  4. The piece reads like it was conducted late in the day or evening after Joe had had a “few pops”. He’s a much better interview later in the day.

  5. Broadway Joe… was never half as good as Johnny Unitas, but keeps himself in the limelight by acting like a fairy and loving up to the media.

  6. Too bad they don’t have a QB like Chad Pennington….LOL! Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum….

  7. come out and say it Joe, the J-e-t-s are sttttruugggling with a QB decision and you just want to kiss the reporter!!!!

  8. I don’t care about the team “struggggliing, now give me a kiss!”
    I think I liked him better with a couple in him…

  9. The Jets sold their soul for a shot at glory with Brett Favre last year, it failed miserable and now it will take 2-3 years to recover from that and solidify the QB position. Other than possibly Kyle Boller there is nobody in free agency that could be a potential long term answer and unless they find a gem in the later rounds this won’t be fixed in the draft either. Plus would you trust them to pick a guy they can develop in a year or two? I wouldn’t.

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