Ever since the San Francisco 49ers hired veteran NFL assistant Jimmy Raye as their new offensive coordinator, the decision and the meandering search process that led up to it have drawn criticism in NFL circles.
According to Pro Football Weekly, a “sour taste lingers” following 49ers coach Mike Singletary going with Raye after Scott Linehan turned down the team’s offer and accepted the same position with the Detroit Lions. Of course, the Lions went 0-16 last year.
An anonymous source described as an insider discussed the process with Pro Football Weekly.
“The whole thing was a bit weird,” the source said. “The fallout with Scott Linehan. Bringing back [Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks coach] Hue Jackson twice for interviews and then suddenly settling on Raye. The whole dalliance with Dan Reeves.
“I have to think Ray must have always been on Singletary’s radar screen.  It seems like Singletary is operating a lot by feel, the same way Mike Nolan did with his hiring of Jim Hostler, which ended up being a disastrous hire.”


  1. Of course, because operating by feel never works(eyeroll). And we all know Mike Singletary = Mike Nolan(double eyeroll).

  2. what does this have to do with anything? are they gonna fire raye? if not then who cares?
    the 49ers have been virtually non existant since TO and Garcia left. For Christ’s Sake Frank Gore is their best player. I mean really does anyone think for one second Frank Gore could be a starter on more than maybe 5 teams? So overrated.
    BTW… anyone notice that the 49ers are the least popular team in the state? My God the non existant LA team gets more ‘pub’ than the niners.
    Quit writing about these scrubs and give us more of what we really desire… legendary stories of Browns’ front office blunders.

  3. I read a report that Linehan felt no chemistry between himself and Singletary and he was not thrilled with the talent level available to him at quarterback. Why the 49ers announced he had been offered the job was a bit strange…they should have had all ducks in order before letting this hit the foolish stage. Cannot believe with what was available at the time that Raye was the best choice he may have been the comfortable choice but not the best.

  4. For Linehan, taking the OC job with the 0-16 Lions is a no-lose situation. How can he do worse? Plus, if anyone can make Culpepper look better, it’s him — from their days with the Vikings.

  5. I like the Raye choice. He offers the power running game that Singletary wants. Raye’s spent time with Norv Turner, and with the 49ers likely needing a veteran backup to Shaun Hill, I wonder if they keep Alex Smith and see if he can be a better fit in Raye’s system, due to the similarities to Norv’s systems.

  6. Ralph GreNader you are about as dumb and out of it as the real Ralph Nader. Frank Gore overrated, that’s by far the dumbest thing I’ve read on this site so far this year.

  7. I would say that Frank Gore is properly rated. Not an every year Pro Bowler, but a solid NFL back.

  8. Toonester WU might no be far off track with the
    Frank Gore and Raye running game idea. Especially
    if the are in the hunt to trade for Mike Vick that
    would give the 9ers a double run threat and a QB at one show.
    Who care about PETA living in our neighborhood! Singletary can control the thug in Vick.
    But then, given that one single issue, perhaps michael would best be served in Silver and Black? $9er front office may get a tingle up their leg at the thought of Vick filling the stands and winning games, but his rep, is a better fit for Al Davis.

  9. downsouth49er:
    Frank Gore…
    TD’s–6——26th tied with Dominic Rhodes and Leon Washington
    Looks pretty damn mediocre to me. Barely made it over 1,000 but im sure that will be your #1 argument. If he had maybe 981 you wouldnt bother opening your mouth.
    And I have to apologize 49er I was wrong there are more than 5 teams that would probably take him. Its more like10 and thats including SF. Doesnt take away from the fact that we just established hes still below average yet the best player on that team. They could not be anymore irrelevant.
    And if you dont believe me here are the ten teams that would take Gore immediately the rest of them arent out of their minds.
    —Cincinnati, Cleveland(Maybe,)Denver, Detroit, Houston, KC(assuming LJ is out,)NYJ, San Francisco,Seattle, Tampa
    Some of these teams could be in the market for a 1st rd RB in the draft which makes the list smaller.
    I challenge you to legitimately name another team that would take him as their Feature back….Assuming thats what you think of the meatball.
    You cant because even this list is assuming and stretching the possibilities. Frank Gore is below average and its pathetic that 40Whiner fans are coming on here defending this crap.

  10. Ralph, calm thyself. You obviously hate Gore. It isn’t pathetic for anyone to defend a player when some moron makes a stupid statement. For example, if I state that Tom Brady is the most overrated qb of my generation, and then produce stats to back that up, a lot of people would consider me foolish at best and retarded at worst. You fall in the worst category when you spout your football knowledge that is revisionist in nature. So please, put the pipe down, wash your Oakland Raiders jersey to remove the smell of all that weed, and move out of your moms basement after you finally find a job and then join the real world

  11. GreNader: you should make sure all your facts are right
    Rushing: 13th (missed 2 games)
    Yrds per carry: 4.3 (9th)
    fumbles: tied for 3rd with 6 (barber, jones-drew, peterson)
    Fumbles lost: 3 tied for 8th(4 other 1,000 rusher on the list)
    Receiving yrds: 373 yrds, 2 tds (12th only 4 1,000 yrd rushers o the list)
    total yrds: 11th 1,409- total yrds/per game 8th 100.6
    the only thing mediocre about Frank Gore is his offense of line.
    Gore is the complete package running & receiving.

  12. How is this news. Some douchebag buddy of Florio’s thinks he doesn’t like the way the team chose its OC? Says the league has a sour taste in it’s mouth. Can you be a little more specific about the people who have a sour taste in their mouths besides the Cardinals?

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