The surprise decision of the Cardinals to part ways with defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast really wasn’t much of a surprise for folks within the organization.
As we hear it, coach Ken Whisenhunt didn’t want to keep Pendergast when Whisenhunt became the head coach in 2007.  But Pendergast’s ongoing presence was regarded as a dealbreaker by the franchise.
So why did Whisenhunt finally get his way?  Taking the team to the Super Bowl apparently gives a guy a lot of juice, and Whisenhunt used some of it to make a move on Pendergast.
Though some believe that Pendgergast’s contract had expired, it’s believed that he was signed for at least one more year.
The next question is whether the team’s success will result in a new contract for Whisenhunt.  Currently, the two-year head coach is signed through 2010, with a team option for 2011.


  1. I cant believe it has taken you this long to mention the fact that Whisenhunt pushed to get rid of Pendgergast. During the season, Whisenhunt wasnt happy with him. Arizona media has been talking about it since it happened. The fact that the team including players are happy about getting rid of him says something about the guy.

  2. I think the other dealbreaker was Leinart over Warner. Nice how they Sneaked him in on the No Huddle last year. And yes I t also think they rigged the denver preseason game so it was clear Warner was the better QB.

  3. Ken wants to run a true 3-4. Probably from day one!
    As a Head Coach, you should be able to select the defense
    you run..Duh Amazing.

  4. Clancy’ll land on his feet. He’s a solid coordinator. He just needs to put on his big boy pants and stop costing his team games with the BS prevent defense nonsense.

  5. I agree with GR365. I thought that was the big quandry when Wiz came in.
    He wanted to run the 3-4 and they wouldn’t.
    I think he was building up for it with two MLB in Dansby and Hayes and Chike Okeafor moving to OLB along with Laboy getting time in the same role. He was grooming them for this coming season.

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