As expected, the Arizona Cardinals have placed the franchise tag on linebacker Karlos Dansby, according to the Arizona Republic.
Because the Cardinals used the franchise tag a year ago on Dansby, the team is required to tender to him a one-year salary in the amount of 120 percent of his $8.065 million 2008 salary.
So he’ll be eligible to receive $9.678 million.
The amount will become guaranteed if/when Dansby accepts the tender.  Until then, he’s not under contract.
Another guy not under contract is quarterback Kurt Warner.  And the application of the tag to Dansby means that Warner will become an unrestricted free agent at midnight on February 27, unless he reaches a deal with the team before then.
Warner’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, is expected to meet at the upcoming Scouting Combine with Cardinals officials in an effort to work out a deal.
The bigger question, as we see it, is whether Bartelstein will be meeting with folks from any other teams.


  1. The cold hard facts is the number one priority of the Bidwell’s is making money. Whether the team wins or loses is irrelevant. They spent the last 50 years proving just that, why is their even a doubt otherwise.

  2. What’s this garbage about “that was a short trip..bye bye.”
    How ridiculous. They had to tag Dansby because a number of teams would be after him. This means nothing when it comes to Kurt.
    He’s not going anywhere. He will have a deal done within two weeks count on it.

  3. This is just dumb… I don’t pretend to understand the politics of football but the reality is, they are not going to get rid of Warner. If they did, well, it would be one of the most foolish moves ever made.
    If Warner were to leave under his own will, that’s a different story.

  4. Kurt’s not going to the Jets. He can’t play in snow or rain. He need a dome — and wants the roof closed.

  5. That’s plain moronic thinking that just because the tag wasn’t used on Warner he’ll possibly leave. How many times does he have to say he isn’t moving out of Arizona before it sticks? He wants to play for AZ, AZ wants him to play for them, they have the cap space. Hell, Warner is just a free agent by title, in reality he isn’t going anywhere.

  6. Kurt certainly has a situation lined up where he’s going to come back to the cards or retire. More evidence of this is available.. but commenting makes me hungry.

  7. When are “Dick Curl” and the other geniuses that post on the Cardinals going to wake up? How the hell can you call this franchise cheap? I guess it’s my imagination that Micheal Bidwill built the nicest stadium in the league. That 300-400 mill. was just a fantasy right? I guess the 40 mill. to Fitz was also play money.
    Wake up you idiots. Micheal is calling the shots now not the old man.
    Whiz is paid well. They were paying Haley a million a year as a coordinator. You show you have no football IQ when you use the old tired adage that the Cardinals are cheap. Dude you don’t get to the Super Bowl and acquire the talent they have by being cheap.

  8. How ignorant is Florio?
    Warner stated that he’s playing for the Cardinals or not at all.
    I predicted the following and those of you listening…I’ll keep repeating it…start learning…as I do not fail when it comes to Cardinal news.
    Warner will resign with the Cards – I will be correct
    Dansby will be franchised – predicted correct
    No way the Cards give him a long term deal -ever- after what he pulled a few years ago with weak injuries he didn’t show to practice and didn’t even report to training camp while failing to report anything to the team….no way he ever gets a long term deal.
    Q will not be traded until next year – I will be correct
    Edge will be retained, yes again Edge will be running for the Cards next year – bet on it

  9. If younger QBs who need more seasoning can command 10M salaries over a longer term, what is hard in the Cards giving Warner a 2 year 22M contract? It seems like if they made an offer like that, Warner would be easily convinced to come back . THe average is less than other premium QBs like Big Ben and Eli’s next big contract. Cards got Warner at a bargain. Giving 22M over 2 years for a QB is actually more desirable than franchising him at $14M plus.

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