With more than $29 million in 2009 cap dollars tied up in two guys at the same position, the New England Patriots have commenced the process of clearing some cap space.
Gone, according to Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe, are receiver Kelley Washington and offensive lineman Billy Yates.
The moves cleared roughly $1.5 million in cap space.
Washington joined the team during the Great Receiver Roundup of 2007.  In two seasons, he caught a grand total of one pass, for three yards.

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  2. Kelley Washington was a good special teams player. His contributions never show up on the stat sheet, but with such a low salary they probably should have kept him around just for that. Then again the Patriots are much smarter than us when it comes to roster moves

  3. 1st. I don’t think Leave it to Beaver references are ever appropriate. It shows you age and your nerdity.
    2nd. Kelley Washington was very effective on Special Teams downing punts inside the 10. He wasn’t needed on the offense.

  4. Washington was one of the Pats best special teamers. And since it seems likely that Izzo is headed for suspension it doesn’t make sense to let him go. This move I don’t quite get.

  5. How come this isn’t as cruel as Mr.Richardson cutting his employees? Same difference no? They have 30mill in cap space to spend. With a slumping economy football players need to make their money to no? It’s ok to say they sucked at their jobs and were fired because of it but not for the teams other random employees?

  6. Yeah, Yates wasn’t a whole lotta help, but the Washington cut is kinda puzzling. He did seem pretty good on return coverage.

  7. If nobody scoops these guys up, they’ll both be back in New England at lower salaries.
    They both have value, and Coach is going to let the market determine what that value is.

  8. With all the new personel in the Front Office, these cuts prove at
    least operational. This is clearing the decks, Washington could be back. He is a dynamic ST’s player. Minimal salary. I think this is more about, identifying the core players. Hopefully we’ll start seeing, tenders soon!

  9. Kelly Washington was a pretty good special teams player WHEN HE WAS HEALTHY.
    Billy Yates was a good backup offensive lineman WHEN HE WAS HEALTHY.
    The trouble was that every time either of them played, they got hurt.
    You don’t make the club in the tub.

  10. Scoop of the month:::::: Belicheat is trying to acquire Derrek Anderson as a backup plan to Tom Brady… they want to trade Matt Cassels contract for draft choices, and according to Belichecks inside man, Anderson was a qb that was badly miscoached by his former coordinator. But funny that Eric Mangini is staying quiet as a mouse, thats right not a rat, a mouse….. The Jets want Derek Anderson, and being a total mole, could Belicheck be up to slapping down the franchise he truly despises? Minnesota and Chicago also have inquired about Anderson’s services

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