The New York Jets haven’t reached out to former Baltimore Ravens cornerback Chris McAlister yet, according to Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News.
Although the Jets are expected to possibly have some interest in McAlister, a three-time Pro Bowl selection whose contract was terminated Monday in a move that created $8 million in salary-cap space, they haven’t been in touch with his agent, Mitch Frankel.
McAlister underwent knee surgery during the season and said Monday that he’ll be able to participate in “100 percent football activity” by May or June. It may be a while before McAlister can pass a physical, too.
McAlister also has a history of off-field problems and reportedly clashed with the Ravens coaching staff last season.
When McAlister is on top of his game, though, he’s one of the most physically dominant cornerbacks in the NFL.
Jets coach Rex Ryan, the former Ravens defensive coordinator, is keenly aware of McAlister’s ability and personality, so General Manager Mike Tannenbaum will have plenty of information on whether New York should make a bid on him.
Per Cimini, the Jets may also look at drafting a cornerback to go with Darrelle Revis, Dwight Lowery, and Drew Coleman.
Meanwhile, Jon Kitna was mentioned as a potential quarterback possibility for the Jets as the Daily News predicted he’ll be cut by the Detroit Lions soon.


  1. Kitna would make them feel like Favre never left. He’s another slinger with little regard of which uniform he’s throwing to, who thinks he better than he really is.

  2. Thanks for catching us up on this important speculation. Here’s some more: Could my Uncle be my Aunt? My sources say one quick trip to Sweden and it could happen. Just saying.

  3. If Chris McAllister was clashing with the coaching staff last year during practices…., who do you think had the pleasure of dealing w/ his tantrums? I’m sure Rex is all excited to have THAT opportunity again. Also.., wasn’t Rex front row to see Chris half-assing it the last two years? I’m sure he’ll find work again, but probably somewhere without a Ravens connection.

  4. They’d be smart to pickup CMac, any team would. I hate that he is gone, we’ll be missing him as we watch teams air it out on us all year next year. He was playing amazing before the injury.

  5. they wouldn’t contact his agent….free agency hasn’t opened yet and that would b tampering and tampering only occurs once or twice per year

  6. He became an unrestricted free agent as soon as his contract was terminated, so it’s actually not tampering. He’s free to sign with any team.

  7. “When McAlister is on top of his game, though, he’s one of the most physically dominant cornerbacks in the NFL.”
    Yea, it’ll be like when the Jet’s signed a washed up Ty Law all over again.

  8. I recently read a piece about the Jets in The Onion. Couldn’t really see any difference from the everyday Jets pieces in the Daily News.

  9. Mccallister is finished. He was a product of the system and now he will be exposed with the Jets defense which is not the unit the Ravens is.

  10. I am so sick of hearing the Jets are going to sign every available Ravens player JUST because rex ryan is there. God damn what happened to creative journalism. Love the site but come on boys too easy.

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