The Carolina Panthers have finalized a long-term contract with tackle Jordan Gross.
According to Darin Gantt of the Rock Hill Herald, the deal is done.
Gantt’s source is Gross himself, who said, “We’re done.”
Look for the Panthers’ next action to be the application of the franchise tag to defensive end Julius Peppers, making him the 13th recipient of the restriction this year.

12 responses to “GROSS DEAL DONE

  1. Peppers isn’t going to like being tagged, but I don’t think he is worth two 1st round picks. He may be worth a late 1st, and 3rd.

  2. Great news for the Panthers! Now, if they tag Julie Peppers arse with the franchise tag and trade him for a couple of high draft picks or a player and a draft pick, they will be ready to rock and roll.
    Go Panthers!

  3. heh heh heh
    maybe a liter of pop and a bag of chips. wants to coach the coach, and only shows up against the lions and other crap teams.

  4. Peppers wont go for as much as Allen did because he doesnt have the same kind of desire and motor as Allen and is a whiner

  5. Great to see they got Gross locked up.
    Now Peppers will have to basically do what the Panthers say. He won’t sit out a year. He would lose too much money, credibility and a year of his prime physical ability.
    I hope the Panthers send him to Detroit or Kansas City or Oakland where he can “fulfull his potential” and have losing season after losing season, while the Panthers ride Williams and Stewart to consistent playoff runs.
    So long Pep, nice knowing you, and your stupid agent.

  6. Come on, Packers. Trade for the guy. Please. Give up a first and two thirds. He wants to play in the 3-4.

  7. I think teams would be more interested in acquiring the services of internet cult sensation Brian Peppers than Julius Peppers. The city of Charlotte gave this dude more love than any other player since day 1. They were considered one of the NFC’s best over the last few years, and that didn’t matter. So enjoy the next year Julius, it sure as hell won’t be in Dallas.
    Here’s hoping he ends up with a team like Oakland or Cincinnati!

  8. You have to appreciate an eloquent wordsmith like Jordan Gross…., I forsee a post-career on ESPN.

  9. Joe 6-pack,
    You are fooling yourself if you think the Packers are going to land a guy like Peppers who has spent this entire off season complaining, pissing and moaning. Sure he has talent, but with his bad attitude it’s not the type of player the Packers want. You and other Packer fans won’t like it, but it’s the truth. I definitely wouldn’t give up a first for him. Right now with all his complaining he is coming off as a locker room cancer.
    Just driving the ol’ Straight-Talkin’ Express your way.

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