By all accounts, Baltimore Ravens free agent safety Jim Leonhard was supposed to be a lock for the New York Jets to sign shortly after beginning his visit Saturday night.
However, Leonhard has reportedly left the Jets’ training complex without signing a contract and is expected to visit the Philadelphia Eagles, according to Erik Boland of Newsday. Leonhard has previously mentioned the Atlanta Falcons and the Cleveland Browns as teams he expected to speak with.
Per the article, the snowstorms piling up on the East Coast could be a factor in Leonhard’s travel plans.
Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome indicated at the NFL scouting combine that Leonhard would have to compete with Dawan Landry for a starting job if he returned. So, it’s not surprising that Leonhard is gauging his options.
The Ravens are not attempting to retain Leonhard, who emerged as a surprising standout in relief of an injured Landry (spinal cord concussion) last season as well returning punts.
Meanwhile, the bad weather has already prompted the Jets to cancel $48 million linebacker Bart Scott’s introductory press conference that was scheduled for Monday. It’s unclear if he’s going to do a conference call or if the presser will just be delayed until the weather clears up.


  1. Playing next to Ed Reed certainly has its benefits, no? Here’s hoping a slow guy from Wisconsin can fool some team into giving him a contract. Also hope they have a player like Ed Reed playing next to him. Yes, he’s a good special teamer. But when you focus all your energies into stopping the guy next to you, you’re going to be able to make some plays.

  2. I could see Jim Leonhard as an Eagle. I’d rather see Sean Jones or Jermaine Phillips with Mikell moving over to FS, but I’ll take anything at this point, because Dawkins is gone and Demps isn’t an every-down player just yet.

  3. But can he fill Sean Considines shoes?
    I think Banner and the fat man will offer him slightly more than 5yrs/$17 just to further twist the knife in B.Dawkins back. And you Eagirls fans will eat it up as a great pickup.

  4. I find it interesting that, so far, the Steelers have gotten better than the rest of the division simply by standing pat. The Ravens have lost several key players in the free agent rush and the Browns have also lost Kellen Winslow with grumblings that Braylon Edwards could be next and that Shaun Rogers also wants out. Wow! Jim Leonhard would be another loss for Baltimore. I see the gap between the champs and the rest of the pack widening.

  5. Oh please Bart, please flaunt you millions in front of us, let us hear some of that edumakion put to work!

  6. TT needs to get off his uber-conservative ass and ink this guy. The 3-4 needs a cerebral safety, and smarts waved bye-bye to Nick Collins a long time ago…….

  7. Ravens better keep Leonard , Hey Ozzie wake up!! Leonard needs to compete against Landry??. PLEASE . Landry cant even tackle no wonder he was hurt trying to tackle with his helmet. Plus Leonard was a awesome kick/punt returner . Ozzie your crazy for even saying compete with Landry .. Learn how to tackle Landry. HIT WHAT YOU SEE ..SEE WHAT YOU HIT .. Bills fans were pissed when they lost Leonard ,Now it will be Ravens fans too. SAD

  8. It’s tempting to say this guy was a product of the environment down there in Baltimore, but if you watched enough Ravens games, you’ll know that Leonhard did more than enough to stand out on his own several times throughout the season.
    The Eagles have ample cap space and there are fewer and fewer free agents worthy of any type of big dollar deal. Signing Leonhard makes sense, and while it won’t mend the burn of the Dawkins loss, it can at least make things a little better.

  9. ive watched leonhard play since high school, hes a flat out player, watch any of the ravens games last year and you’ll see hes always around the ball, great tackler, i just hope to see him go somewhere where he will be a full time starter and punt returner

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