We’ve received multiple inquiries over the past couple of days regarding the possibility that the Cleveland Browns are shopping receiver Braylon Edwards.
A source with knowledge of the situation predicts with a high degree of confidence that Edwards isn’t on the market, and won’t be traded this year.
That said, who would have imagined three days ago that tight end Kellen Winslow would be shipped to Tampa?
Here’s the reality when it comes to the new regime in Cleveland, which has been strongly influenced by the Parcells/Belichick/Pioli obsession with secrecy — if the Browns are thinking about moving Edwards, the maneuverings likely will be kept completely quiet until a deal gets done.
Indeed, we’ve heard that all parties involved in the Winslow trade were informed by the Browns that the discussions had to be kept completely confidential, or the Browns would have pulled the plug on the transaction.


  1. At this point i wouldnt be surprised if he got traded…the Browns have mode NO noise at all in the free agency market when they should be with all the defensive players available that we need…Me along with all of my friends are very dissapointed and ManKok is already in a hole with the fans

  2. Also would teh Seahawks be willing to give up their first round pick for Braylon since they need a reciever?? hell package a 5th rounder next yr with it to if ya have to

  3. This guy has had one good year, and he drops more passes than Reggie Brown and Hank Baskett combined. Certainly hope this guy isn’t on triple-chin’s radar.

  4. He’s headed to the Giants – picks and Kiwi.
    Why do you think the Giants have been stockpiling D linemen?

  5. Man…I’d LOVE to see him on the Eagles…just gotta put it out there. Blows away everyone on the market currently.

  6. bigtrav45 doesn’t speak for all Browns fans. I like the direction the team is going in and as far as I’m concerned the only players on the Browns roster who are “untouchable” are Cribbs & Rogers. Anybody else can hit the road. Kokinis got a a 2nd rounder for a half-dead malcontent. Imagine what he’ll get for a big-time receiver like Braylon. Do I want to see Braylon go? ABSOLUTELY NOT. However, do I think B-Eazy will resign w/the team when he’s a FA? No. So get something for him while we can. Please, no more of these “ME FIRST” assholes.

  7. As much as I’d like to see the Browns sign some free agents, there just aren’t any quality ones remaining; and, there weren’t many good ones out there this year to begin with. I would have loved to see them get Vilma. But, getting Peppers would help them alot more, I think. I seriously doubt he would want to play for the Browns in their current state unless he gets a boatload of cash. The Pats are going to be even more dangerous if they get him.
    As for Edwards, if they could get a 2nd rounder and a couple cans of 5 hour energy drink for him, I’d say DO IT! He has speed and great jumping ability. But, he couldn’t even catch a cold if he was dripping-wet, naked in Alaska.

  8. Edwards to the Giants? He drops more passes than the Iggles WR’s when Donovan doesn’t throw at their feet.

  9. why can;t the giants just be stocking DL to get a fresh rotation going? the pass rush broke down at the end of last year.

  10. Bucs should go ahead and trade the 3rd rounder this year and a 2nd next year and call it a trade.

  11. Braylon couldn’t even catch a ride to Alaska. But the truth is,the guy has major upside.
    Yeah, he had a bad year, the whole team did and when things go down it is hard for anyone
    To succeed. We got rid of the coaches, let’s end the QB contoversy sooner than later. You can’t
    Teach the speed the guy has, but he can work on his hands. My only problem with him
    Is I think his rep. might be to damaged in cleveland. Seems like people really ride him hard.
    Show me one browny that had a stellar offensive season? I do feel that with the so far passive
    approach to fill any, I mean any holes in free agency means, 1. We are idiots- 2. We are broke
    idiots- 3. We have something up our sleeves and it will fulfill our every desire. On that note
    If we do trade braylon, make sure to get a first -now or next year. There is a lot of talent nexy year. Oh and get the jets 2nd rounder fir DA and make sure we get clay jr with one of the three seconds we would then have.

  12. hey jaj..yes he does speak for all browns fans. at least die hards who want nothing more than a team that can compete every year. so next time you want to back MangIdiot remember that he doesn’t give a damn about you or the other fans. don’t get me wrong that attitude may work in a lot of cities like new york and boston but not here in cleveland where the fans like to know what’s going on with THEIR football team.
    don’t forget the real bad guy here is Randy Lerner. he’s cut from the same mold as Bill Ford. they don’t give a damn about what people think and going about things in the proven form they care about money and moving on to the next project. little do they know that,in a town like cleveland, if they just focused on the task at hand they would be rewarded with more money than they could dream.
    MangIdiot quickly forgot that even the Great(big dumbass) Belichick himself tried this garbage in cleveland before and it didn’t work. he just alienating the fan base and he’s going to crash and burn for it. this town loves its team to much to just sit on the outside looking in. cleveland is not going to take it lying down that’s for sure.

  13. I hope they dont trade Edwards, he is a good receiver. At least one more year. What is the new regimes goal anyway, they havent signed a free agent, everything seems to be done undercover.

  14. @ Ralph GreNader and bigtrav425, me and any Browns fan that actually follows the game of football as opposed to being blindly led by a snide owner that doesn’t even have enough respect for the fans to address them directly are with you.
    JAJ, you’re contradicting yourself. You label Rogers as an untouchable yet you “like the direction the team is going”? Huh.

  15. I meant DA for the lions 2nd. And braylon plus late round picks for a top ten.
    Imagine this, 5 picks in two rounds, sweetness.
    Round 1.
    Aaron Curry with first pick
    either Raji (can play 5 technique and add fresh legs and additide in our rotation),, Crabtree/ Maclin, or best OL w/ the next first rounder.
    Round 2.
    Clay Matthews with first pick. If he’s not around then go (dropping)mauluga/ luarinitus.
    Smith the cb from wake forest or best rb on board. OL Britton might be available here as well.
    Last pick in second shoot for TE from Missouri, or best WR/Rb if none taken
    Go defense in first/ early second and then offense with last two in second. With our third we could fill whatever hold we missed. Braylon , da, winslow, crennel, savage gone- new fresh roster and staff. Wipe the slate clean and start with new upgarded defense which is #1 priority to compete in afc north. Our young offense could grow with a fairly talented line and Quinn, who might not be great, but I feel he can manage a game decent enough. Peace I’m out.

  16. JAJ is right. Outside of Steinbach what freeagent have we signed that has been worth a damn? Baxter bust, Schaffer=bust, Stallworth=Bust, Bently=Bust. The fact is free agents are a waste of money, at least for the Browns. Have a firesale and stockpile picks. The only people I would keep= Cribbs, Rogers, Quinn, D. Jackson, Steinbach and Thomas. Everyone else go get overpaid somewhere else. As far as picks go We have to go with an OLB/DE. This draft is deep with LB’s I think Laurinitus will be there for us in the second because of his lack of size. Then we would have two ball hawks in the middle (Jackson-Laurinitas)

  17. To all the mental midget, arm chair GM’s on here- since the Browns don’t have a 2nd, 3rd or 4th WR, WhyTF would they trade their X receiver?

  18. im lovin all these giants fans that say our receivers cant catch. no matter how many balls we drop we are still goin to wax that ass

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