A source with knowledge of the tragic situation that has unfolded over the past two days in Florida tells us that the authorities have called off the search for a 21-foot fishing boat carrying two NFL players.
We’re told that the boat left from Seminole, not Clearwater, and followed the Intercoastal Waterway.
A search for debris was conducted from Sand Key, which is south of Clearwater, all the way to Anclote in Pasco County.
As it was explained to us, unless the men made it onto another vessel or managed to navigate 13-foot waves in that 21-foot boat, it’s not looking good.
So at a time when we’re down in the dumps to cap a weekend of technical troubles, our measly challenges are in sharp perspective.  Say a prayer for Raiders linebacker Marquise Cooper, Lions defensive end Corey Smith, Nick Skyler, and William Bleakley, and for each of their families.


  1. comcast channel 10 says they are still searching (its a live broadcast), praying for these guys.

  2. hopefully they just hit up cuba for some good old coka, and will be back shortly. not the best scenario, but hopefully thy are alive SOMEWHERE.

  3. I really do hate to hear this, especially in light of hearing how these guys are some of the few good guys in the NFL. I still hold out hope that they will be found safe.

  4. Man that really does suck, this reminds me of the New England Patriots guy who drowned falling off his Jet ski…this story is so eerie

  5. My heart goes out to the families
    For all the nonsence and B.S. that was posted about
    being too worried about the situation…
    The “Panties in a bunch” Jackholes.
    When your fams in the same spot dont worry…
    We wont worry..

  6. What a shame for these guys. I just hope they had time to make peace with themselves. A big hug to their families.

  7. Completely agree with you florio everyone needs to pray for these guys. God be with them.

  8. Very sad. Have been praying for them and their families throughout the day and will continue to do so. Miracles do happen.

  9. Feel bad for the families, but man what an ill-advised decision to be going out during those kind of seas. Hope for the best though.

  10. Mike, I’m on your case a fair bit. In your corner half as much, but good work here. You may be part of the mainstream media now, but mainstream certainly can’t be as personal. Thats why I come back.

  11. The boat was launched from the Seminole boat ramp which is, in fact, in Clearwater. I’ve used it myself many times. The conditions here have been terrible today but hopefully these men have found a way to stay safe. I hope they are.

  12. Mother Mary Of Jesus…
    Zach says:
    March 1st, 2009 at 11:36 pm
    Zach… they are not lost just yet, so keep your R.I.P.’s for your great, great grandfather.
    We all can pray, but based on the news that PFT has provided this situation needs a 911 (Direct Line.) call to God.
    Someone please inform Kurt Warner of this situation.

  13. god bless .that boat ramp is under construction.its even worse tonight so reality might have set in…

  14. I live about 5 miles from the boat ramp they left from on seminole road in clearwater. This is terrible, I just wish their families the best.

  15. God this is horrible…The wind has been gusting to about 40mph all day here…
    My thoughts go out to their families…And hopefully they somehow turn up.

  16. I’ve fished in the keys on a 21 foot boat with my two brothers,
    it was crowded. When waves were in the four to six foot range,
    we had to be careful not to catch a wave on the side of the vessel lest we be tossed about. Who pushed the decision to go out in
    high seas on such a small craft? Not much fishing or pleasure to
    be had on such a trip, that should have been obvious from shore. Those poor men and their families…peace be with them.

  17. They are strong men that battled play on the field…hopefully strong enough to battle those waves….I am praying.

  18. titans_fan says:
    March 1st, 2009 at 11:10 pm
    I really do hate to hear this, especially in light of hearing how these guys are some of the few good guys in the NFL. I still hold out hope that they will be found safe.
    You’re an idiot…consider don’t hear about the hundereds of ‘good guys’ in the NFL b/c why? They don’t make headlines…

  19. Raider Nation hold your head’s high and let’s hope and pray for the best, let’s pray for some sort of miracle!!!!!

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