Step aside, Barack Obama.
After Friday, the most powerful man in Washington, D.C., isn’t the President of the United States.  Instead, it’s the newly-minted defensive tackle of the Washington Redskins.
That’s the practical fallout of the decision to give Albert Haynesworth a seven-year, $100 million contract with $41 million guaranteed.
As one league source observed, “He runs the coach, he runs the team, he runs everything.”
Why?  Because, like a top-five draft pick whose obscene contract insulates him as a practical matter from any real consequence for acting like a fool, Haynesworth can do and say whatever he wants in 2009 (and likely beyond) without consequence.
Apart from the team’s limited options when it comes to taking action against Haynesworth, the Redskins now have their own T.O. — a guy whom ownership will choose to enable rather than discipline since any antisocial behavior in which he engages, and for which he is punished by the team, will prompt a chorus of “I told you so.”
And that’s where it gets interesting.  As one source with intimate knowledge of Albert’s ways observed, “You don’t know what Albert is gonna do and you can’t tell him what to do.”
Hey, Terrell, do you have any extra popcorn?


  1. Florio, WTH is this. This is hardly news or rumor. This is just some ridiculous conjecture. What has Haynesworth done in his tenure in DC or the NFL for that matter to warrant TO comparisons. Furthermore, why don’t you just call the deal the 4yr $48M deal it is and not the agent fluffing $100M deal it’s not.

  2. Enjoy ur headache ‘Skins!! He might make u 3 plays a game, but will give u more headaches than u realize. Over/under on fights with teammates in camp- 3/1

  3. This signing benefits every single player on our defense.
    Our ends should see sack totals increased due to collapsed pocket.
    Our cornerbacks should get more picks due to increased pass rush.
    Our linebackers should be freed up to make more plays on the ball.
    Remind me again, who is gonna fight the man that is going to make them all look better?

  4. First of all….this isn’t Dallas. This is D.C. and Big Al WILL act accordingly, $100M or not. Greg Blache won’t put up with any player trying to run his defense. Hail!

  5. Please……..Redskin fans are dreaming. This just goes to show the powers that be in DC have no clue how to build a franchise……I feel sorry for all the Redskin fans out there………
    This signing has doomed the ‘Skins to a few years of mediocre performance.
    The signing by iteslf isn’t bad, for specific teams. The Redskins NOT being one of them. Redskins have many holes to fill and this is just another example of bad allocation of funds……sad!

  6. @AliBabba: You’re absolutely right! It is an insult (to TO) to compare him to TO because obviously TO can control his anger. I have never seen TO stomp a man’s face with cleats, but I have seen Haynesworthless. And even better: He had the nerve to argue with his head coach about leaving the field! I would have loved to have been a fly buzzing around that conversation!
    Fisher: Get off the effin field moron!
    Worthless: But I din’t do nuffin! He axed if my mama was available. So I represented.
    What a loser. I wonder who he’s gunna curb stomp in DC?

  7. >>>>>
    And that’s where it gets interesting. As one source with intimate knowledge of Albert’s ways observed, “You don’t know what Albert is gonna do and you can’t tell him what to do.”
    The ‘Skins apologists commenting are cracking me up.
    We DO know one thing about Albert. Whatever it is he decides to do he’s going to be doing it at at least 90mph and probably on the beltway.

  8. Money ≠ power. Most importantly what the hell were the Redskins thinking signing a player to $41MM in guaranteed money who has never eve played a 16 game season?

  9. I’m sorry I thought this was a FACT driven site rather than one of OPINION. What is the point of this ridiculous editorial piece, seriously? Florio, I’ve heard you in interviews and read enough of your stuff to believe that you are more professional and rationale than this. If you have a hard-on for ripping Dan Snyder and the Skins, so be it but try not to let effect your work.
    As somebody else said, you’re better than this Florio.

  10. “I’m sorry I thought this was a FACT driven site rather than one of OPINION.”
    It’s a blog, he can say whatever he wants because this is not a news outlet, it is a blog. Just because he includes facts in most of his posts, doesn’t make it a legitimate news outlet, it is a blog. In case you missed it, it is a blog. It is for entertainment purposed only.

  11. @brandon2443
    If snyder wasn’t foaming at the mouth to ‘reward’ albert for that incident, his agent should have been playing that card. snyder hates the cowboys more than winning games.
    TO is a poor analogy. Leaving all the behavior comparisons aside, Dallas insulated itself with a contract that was easily voided after any year he misbehaved. They were never on the hook with a cost prohibitive contract. TO also delivered every year. TO also played every game. I doubt Haynesworth will be able to make any of those claims, but he won’t have to.

  12. “What has Haynesworth done in his tenure in DC or the NFL for that matter to warrant TO comparisons.”
    Well let’s see… he skull-stomped a guy on national TV. Then when he got flagged for that he went after the refs and his coach had to get between them. He also kicked Justin Hartwig in the face. And he went after Will Ofenheusle with a pipe. Of course Hartwig and Ofenheusle were his teammates at the time. The only things that have kept Haynesworth out of prison are the local Tennessee hillbilly cops and courts that sat by and watched him commit assault with a deadly weapon and did nothing, while pretending that the lack of a formal complaint from the victim precludes their ability to make an arrest and put him on trial. You’re right, there’s no comparison.
    “This signing benefits every single player on our defense. ”
    Sure, until he attacks one of them. And assuming that he doesn’t go on cruise control. He probably will, because not only is he mentally challenged, he’s physically lazy and injury-prone.
    “First of all….this isn’t Dallas.”
    You got that right. It’s the worst team in the NFCE… the worst in spite of Snyder’s open wallet strategy of going after every player with a recognizable name to the tune of $600 million plus worth of contracts since he bought the team. It’s the Deadskins, who haven’t put together back-to-back winning seasons since Gus Frerotte was a snot-nosed kid in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Holy shit, the Cowboys have won three Super Bowls since the last time the Deadskins had back to back winning seasons!

  13. The worst part about this is I have to drive on the beltway which will increase in accidents by 50% due to fat albert weaving in and out of trafic at 130 mph trying to get to practice. And smiley…you may have signed the best DT in the league but having 1 great player doesn’t often equate to success especially when you overpaid. Hail!! ballz

  14. I keep hearing that this guy will make the players around him better. OK, well the rest of their D-Line is trash so who freakin cares?
    NYG= Best D-Line in the NFL. Period.

  15. Awww, wow, listen to the whining from Dallas fans. A team that can’t drop TO because of the cap hit, and haven’t won a playoff game in over 10 years. Sorry your owner is too poor after his stadium to fix up his coaching staff. And on top of that, getting into a pissing match with a Dallas legend, Dan Reeves.
    You Dallas boys are sad that Gurode’s head will get bashed in twice a year.
    Go troll elsewhere.

  16. “You Dallas boys are sad that Gurode’s head will get bashed in twice a year.”
    Too bad Haynesworth can only do it after a whistle. I guess you missed Gurode serving up a tall stack of pancakes to Haynesworth play after play after play last time they met. But yeah after the whistle, Haynesworth is a real terror to anybody’s that’s laying on the ground and defenseless. I hope he’s got strong knees because I don’t think he’s gonna like it when 360 pound Bigg Davis dives at them while Gurode is kicking his overrated ass up high.

  17. To back up that this is only a 4 year $48M deal, from Peter King:
    The breakdown of the cap numbers for this deal:
    2009: 6.7 million
    2010: 25.3 million (uncapped year)
    2011: 5.7-6.7 million
    2012: 7.9 million
    $7-8M in cap space for the possible capped years doesn’t represent much risk considering the upside a player like Haynesworth brings. Think what you want but the Skins put little besides Snyder’s wallet on the line for this deal…. its a very good move

  18. “Think what you want but the Skins put little besides Snyder’s wallet on the line for this deal…. its a very good move”
    Sure, if he plays up to a contract that pays $12 million per year, with almost all of it guaranteed to be paid whether he actually shows up or not. And Dan obviously ain’t made of money, he was laying workers off a couple of weeks ago.

  19. Haaaa…we love when y’all hate us! Keep hatin’! Now sing with me…Hail to the Redskins! C’mon, you know the words, you’ve heard it enough.

  20. Wow!!! There’s a lot of Skins haters out there. Just when I thought I’d seen all of them…more creep out of the woodwork.
    Heck…if we could win some Championships, we’d be the Lakers of the NFL. We’ve got a ton of you haters.
    At least Skins fans know (too bad the championships were so long ago) what it’s like to be a Lakers/Yankees fan.
    Kind of a Regal feeling…being put on a pedestal (no matter the kind of pedestal) by you haters, as we stare down on you fools (even if it’s just of the offseason). Oh…and I love it when an Eagles fan is one of the haters. What has your team done? At least I can give a Cowboys fan an inkling of respect because they have a more recent Lombardi Trophy than we do.
    We’ll take the beating when the team sucks…Ahhh…the trials and tribulations of a REAL fan (and not a HATER).

  21. Wow!!! Mangy66 has got to be white trash….HATER HATER HATERS omg SHUT UP!!!! Danie boy had to make this signing because the once great(yea i’ll admit it) franchise that was the redskins is sliding into a shit hole. He has destroyed a prolific NFL franchise. No one cares about them anymore they are an afterthough in their own devision. NY won the superbowl a year ago the eagles made it to the league championship game this year and sorry dallas will always be the most talked about team in that devision…what have the redskins done? NOTHING, NO ONE IS HATING THEY ARE JUST SAYING YOU ARE AN AVG TEAM who overpaid for a player who will never in his life play 16 games in a year!!!! Why do you think you are the yankees of football your not even close. No one cares about you! danny had to make this signing to get his face on ESPN and make sure he continues to fill that crap heap of a stadium up.

  22. Bwahahah…dude just compared the skins to the yankees and the lakers…excuse me….BWAHAHAHAHAHHA…Tearing down that statement is too easy…moving on, there is no such thing as a Redskin hater. To win, is to have haters. Y’all don’t win shit. Ever. But go ahead and keep talking about those ancient times when you did, in fact, have a winning team. As if success in the 1980’s translates into haters in 2009. Ah, the month of March, best time to be a skins fan…that or the 80’s, whichever.

  23. Baltimoron: White trash…eh? That’s what people who live in a suburb of DC like to think. Keep it “Bling Blingin” in Bama-More. You just summed yourself up in the first sentence.
    Sonny: Learn to read. Learn to comprehend. Everything you tried to “tear down” my argument with…I already mentioned in the “argument”. You really are THAT DUMB…aren’t you? You go stand in the dumb kids line with the Baltimoron. No soup for you!!!

  24. This article is lame but I will say this, if Albert Haynesworth plays like he says he will for the skins…they can win the NFC East. If Campbell develops, Portis peaks at the right time, and you throw in a suffocating defense…look out. Haynesworth with the skins is interesting. That is an insane amount of money for an NFL player, let alone a DT.

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