At a time when few NFL observers believe that free-agent quarterback Kurt Warner will do anything with an offer from a team other than the Cardinals other than take it back to them with a chance to match, agent Mark Bartelstein claims that Warner’s coming visit to the 49ers arises from a genuine interest in possibly heading to a new team.
“People assume things are being done to create leverage and that’s not true,” Bartelstein said.  “Anyone who knows Kurt Warner knows that’s not the moral plane he operates under.  He would never do something to create leverage.”
Wait.  So is Bartelstein saying it’s immoral to create leverage?  Or is he saying that Saint Kurt won’t engage in the most basic aspects of prudent business?
Sorry, Mark.  But we ain’t buying it.  Warner has said he wants the Cardinals to pay him “market value.”  So Warner is establishing his “market value” in the hopes that the Cardinals will cave.
The problem is that Bartelstein’s tactics could push Warner to leave Arizona when he doesn’t really want to.  If, after all, the Niners top the Cardinals’ two-year, $20 million offer and the Cards match it and Warner stays in Arizona, it’ll look like Warner created, applied, and capitalized on leverage.
(Which, apparently, will damn him to Hell.  On the bright side, he’ll have a lot of company there.)
Then again, if Warner leaves for San Francisco, Warner will be contradicting his repeated proclamation that he’ll play for the Cardinals or no one.
If Warner leaves, Bartelstein has tried to give Warner a way to save face in advance by suggesting that “some feelings have been hurt” based on Arizona’s offer.
Really?  The Cardinals want to pay the man $10 million a year as he approaches his 38th birthday, and Warner’s feelings are hurt?
Though we’re not yet prepared to declare that Kurt Warner is a fraud, we’re confident that his agent is making Warner look like one.


  1. I’m not buying the Warner in SF crap!!! I’m a huge 49er fan and I honestly feel as if he is not someone that we should be considering. I’m tired of all the year by year fixes at the QB position in SF. For a team that has been known for its outstanding QB’s, way back to guys like Y.A. Tittle, Brodie, Montana, and Young, you would think they would be a little more dedicated to finding that franchise guy. Not only finding him, but putting and KEEPING the pieces in places so that he can be the QB of the future (see Alex Smith).

  2. Mr. Florio,
    I have long admired your work and am an aspiring sportstalk enthusiast, for whatever that is worth. You not only are objective but provide a realistic tone to your work that is most appreciated by a sports junky such as myself. Keep up the outstanding work and do not change a bit. The money thrown at you may be outrageous considering your vast talents, but staying true to the die hard PFT fans will be well worth it in the long run. Know that you are a pioneer in the mind of NFL fans such as myself, as I have not found a site that even comes close to rivaling the monster you have created. Many thanks to you and your compadres, a roast chicken will be sacrificed in your honor my good man. My sincerest thanks.

  3. I got no problem with the whole “I love God” thing that Warner kinda tends to throw around. I’m a pretty devout Catholic, I don’t feel the need to preach it, but I believe what I believe. At the same time, sometimes it just seems like it gets pushed as a crutch. “No, he’s not creating leverage because that’s immoral and Kurt has higher moral standards than that.” “I’m going to go where God tells me to go.” Come on, man. I can’t tell if he really gets off on this stuff, but I know he’s an intelligent man, so he shouldn’t insult our collective intelligence like this. We get it, Kurt, you like God. A lot of us do too. Step off the soapbox now.

  4. How can anyone not take 10 million a year to play a fraking game? HOW? These prima donnas are really pissing me off. Turning your nose up at that kind of money while the rest of us sit here and wonder how the hell we’re going to pay our mortgage is beyond the pale.
    Oh and Florio, I accidentally clicked on your shopping channel link. I’m betting you have your house full of PFT-ware. And your dresser drawers better be full of the Florio thongs.

  5. I think I’m really starting to get disgusted of Florio’s hatorade and jealousies of Kurt Warner. Mike recently posted some very unprofessional and player hating post throwing Kurt under the bus because of the fact that God speaks to Kurt and not to Mike FLorio. Well, tuff poop, Mike. If you are on your way to hell, don’t hate on Kurt because he isn’t!
    Now you come out and start hating on Warner again. You are making yourself look like a Pharisee. A modern day Pharisee wanting to stone Jesus for being more righteous than you. Repent, bro. Because you stinking it up right now…

  6. Alright Florio, we’ve known you have disliked Warner for years now, no need to keep trying to find holes in him, he’s a HUMAN like everybody else and it would be dumb from a business standpoint for him not to try to get as much money as he can. He could use it with all the kids he has and the charities he runs.
    All of this is coming from Warner and his agent not being on the same page, which is both of their fault. What his agent is doing is trying ot get as much money as possible, because remember, the agents get paid as their clients get paid. Makes sense for Bartelstein to try to get as much as possible, right? Or is the object in a business no longer to make money?

  7. I m soooooooo glad the Vikings didn’t make a play for him. Big talk coming from a guy whose favorite team will start a guy named Sage, but this guy is a pain in the arse . . .

  8. Kurt Warner IS a fraud. Why you won’t “declare” it is your own problem. Even a moron can see that Warner is a hypocrite. You should take a few minutes away from your server problems and realize this.

  9. Jesus told him that San Fran sucks and needs major help if it wants to contend in the force that is the NFC WEST!

  10. I think the Niners are perfectly fine with the idea of being used for leverage by a division opponent’s starting QB. This is win-win for SF. They either get a temporary upgrade at QB or they drive up Warner’s price for the Cards.

  11. As a Cardinal fan, I think Kurt’s demands are ridiculous. The Warner machine keeps saying their $14.5 million per year asking price is the average annual compensation for the top 5 quarterbacks in the league. It isn’t. $14.5 million is the franchise tag value, but that number is distorted by balloon payments and bonuses. Aaron Rodgers counts $14 million toward the tag, but his 6 yr/$65 million contract averages $10.83 million per year. Warner’s asking price of 3 yr/$43.5 million would give him the highest annual payout of any QB in the league, and the second highest of any player. He also wants more than half of it guaranteed. This for a soon to be 38 year old quarterback who just played his first full season since 2001. Tom Brady’s seems to be fine with his 6 yr/$60 million contract. So does Drew Brees. Yet, Warner’s feeling are hurt by an offer exceeding 2 yr/$20 million? Super Bowl run or not, that’s borderline delusional.

  12. divine says:
    “You are making yourself look like a Pharisee. A modern day Pharisee wanting to stone Jesus for being more righteous than you. Repent, bro. Because you stinking it up right now… ”
    1) Warner is NOT Jesus 2) Judgement is reserved for God and God alone 3) Your arrogance before God claiming the Lord’s right to judge for yourself and declaring yourself “divine” are far greater sins than Florio doubting a man who speaks constantly of God, yet seems to do little of His work. I have yet to see Warner declare in his quest for money, how much of that money will go forth to eliminate suffering amongst God’s children. No, Warner, cannot save the world on his own, but a truly pious man does what he can and leads by example and action – NOT merely words.

  13. The only thing more obnoxious than a pious person flying his god flag is a person telling him he’s wrong for doing it. Let Kurt be, and in the end, most people will see that his religious waxings are just lip service and he’s into the money like everyone else. If there really is a god and he has spoken to Kurt (no way in hell I’m getting into this argument), I’m sure Mr. Warner will have some ‘splaining to do at the pearly white gates about how he used his god as a bargaining chip.

  14. Thats a good deal from the cards, ha looks bad for not taking it. Hell, I can’t even find a job and he turns down 20 mil? WWJD?

  15. This is one of your better written articles on the Cardinals.
    This is all Warner’s agent trying to get his last dime off of Kurt. Kurt should see it for what it is ‘a man who has one last contract on his table to pull his %.’
    I’m surprised that Kurt hasn’t seen this perspective…he’s got a leach on him and it’s making him do ignorant things.
    Even 49er fans should be upset with this…he’s not your style of QB and he’s using you to get a ‘contract’ that they can take back and say ‘see I told you so.’ Problem is if the Cards say ‘go sign it then.’ Kurt doesn’t want to play there.
    His numbers are headed him to Canton – 2 more years with Fitzgerald and Q and he’s a lot closer in than if he goes to SF to throw to Bruce (senior citizen card) who’s decent and the 3rd string guy they just signed.
    Give me a break….Kurt wake up and see that your agent is using you.
    The agents perspective is that if Kurt signs a contract for less than he feels he should that he’ll lose future business. How? Other agents will talk to the same players and say ‘see how he fails in getting players money even when they have outstanding years. Sign with me and I’ll get you the $ you should get.’

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