Usually, we hate being wrong.  In this case, we’re happy about it.
Contrary to our report that authorities had given up trying to find a fishing boat carrying two NFL players and two other men, WSTP in Tampa reports that the Coast Guard has not yet called off the search.
Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper and Lions defensive end Corey Smith are on the boat, along with Nick Skyler and William Bleakley.
Given the conditions, the 87-foot boats that were being used have been replaced by 110-foot vessels.  The Air Force also is now involved.
That said, the process continues to be a challenge, with winds gusting to 30 miles per hour and 14-foot waves.


  1. My prayers are with these men and their families. I’m a student at USF and in Tampa and the front that’s been moving through has had the winds on land steadily moving briskly with even higher wind gusts, I can’t imagine how bad it must be out there on the water. I am hopeful they are able to find them, but I can’t say that I am optimistic.

  2. Any other time I would be happy that Florio was wrong about something, but in this case I’m very happy he is. Reading the earlier article was a hurtful feeling, I just pray that they are still out there somewhere just holding on.

  3. You’re correct Mike and that’s good news that they’re still lookin’ for these guys. But the boat ramp they left from was the “Seminole” ramp in downtown Clearwater. I’m in Clearwater and this was not a good weekend to get out on the water and certainly not in a little 21′ vessal.
    Hopefully everthing will shake out OK. Our Coat Guard and USAF guys here are the best.

  4. I am a boater and football fan, this case seems grim. if they find them alive, it will be a miracle. I hope they find these men alive ! goodluck coastguard! these people are in my thoughts.

  5. If there was no publicity the search would be called off, Sad but true. The water is too cold for survicvors at this point

  6. I’m not a boater either, but Cooper is, and I’m sure he knew the weather report before going out; that a cold front was coming through Saturday afternoon/evening. Praying that these guys headed back in way before things got really rough out there, and that they made it to some land somewhere, even if the boat did not.

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