When the now-disappeared (and perhaps it’s a good thing) Pre-Combine Mock Draft showed the Broncos taking a receiver with the twelfth overall pick in the 2009 draft, dozens (OK, hundreds) of Denver fans scoffed.
One of the broader points of the exercise was that anything/everything can happen between late February and late April, making the practice of manufacturing mock drafts before March a waste of time.
Case in point — the Broncos will suddenly be taking a closer look at wideouts in round one in light of the fact that Brandon Marshall has been arrested again.
Per, Marshall was busted for disorderly conduct in Atlanta on Sunday.  He posted a $300 bond and was released.
And as Commissioner Roger Goodell explained at his January 30 pre-Super Bowl press conference, the punitive aspect of the Personal Conduct Policy focuses on repeat offenders.  Of which Marshall is one.
Based on three arrests starting in March 2006, Goodell suspended Marshall for two games in 2008.  On appeal to Goodell, the banishment was cut to a single game.
So don’t be shocked if Marshall gets the Chris Henry treatment on this one, with an eight-game suspension.


  1. wow what a genius!!
    i think this guy really gets it..
    but on a serious note
    the broncos are completely falling apart!!!
    jeez and i thought that the chargers actually had a challenge this year,
    good thing i was wrong

  2. Trade Marshall. Trade Cutler. Build this team the way McDaniels wants it to be built. These primadonnas are why the Broncos can’t do much of anything. 8 and 8 with 4500 yards, 25 touchdowns and 1250 yards and 6 touchdowns if you choke when the season is on the line or you can’t get on the field.

  3. It’s a shame because Marshall could be top 3 receiver in the NFL if he could keep his head on straight.

  4. Well, this weekend has been a Mile High Meltdown for the Broncos. Which sucks, because they’ve made some good FA moves. Unfortunately, all of that has been overshadowed by “Sugar Jay” and his crying ways, and now this….
    Ah, Brandon Marshall, you are a moronic thug. You are exactly the type of talented trash that Mike Shanahan fed to the fans for the last decade. Your skills disguise your character issues, but in the end, the latter always wins out.
    All I can say is this: THANK GOD FOR JOSH MCDANIELS. He tossed our “defense”, if I may call it that, out the window, and now I hope he sees fit to confront both Cutler and Marshall with fearless resolve. Screw what the fans think; they don’t know up from down anymore. Mike Shanahan kept feeding them shit, and they ended up thinking it was lunch.
    Mr. Pat Bowlen, I implore you to give McDaniels the time he needs to make this team into a contender; he’s already on the right path…don’t let this crap derail him or you. You closed Mike Shanahan’s Country Club back in December. Let’s make sure everything it stood for (draft busts and gambles that never paid off, FA disasters, favortism with the personnel, first round Playoff blowouts, etc) is wiped off the face of Dove Valley.

  5. bad weekend for the Broncos? They signed half the league. Dawkins, Davis, Hill, Buckhalter, Paxton, Gaffney … who did I miss?

  6. Broncos fans might have seen Marshall’s last game as a bronco. Marshall might be suspended for the whole season. After the year he is a free agent. That is if the Broncos dont resign him

  7. Search has been called off, search hasn’t been called off. Now this. Mike, you don’t even know what happened. To assume that he could be suspended again without knowing what exactly happened is just ignorant.

  8. Another of Shanahan’s pets. He might of just cooked his goose in Denver. I’m a life long Bronx fan and think Marshall is over rated anyways. A little T.O wannabea with less talent. If he actually caught as many passes as he thinks he does, maybe he’d be worth the trouble. But he don’t so he ain’t. Maybe there is something to why McD has been after WRs.
    Hey Cutler! Grow some balls would you. Ain’t like they took your money away.
    All you naysayers just watch. The Broncos will be just fine, they’ll be a much better team. It’ll take some drastic moves to rid this team of the lazy asses Shanahan over paid. Denver is on the up & up.

  9. Police arrest innocent people all of the time. An arrest isn’t the same thing as being guilty of a crime. Let the facts come out.

  10. “broncosyanks72 says: WAAAAAAA Mean ol’ Coach McDaniels tried to trade a player I like WAAAAAAAA”
    You like the prima donna you are a fan of need to get over it. New coaches and GMs always try to bring in their own guys and start fresh. If Cutler is retained by the Donks he will make millions and has nothing to whine about. I am so sick of players whining at a time when they are raking in fortunes and 10s of thousands of people are losing their jobs every week. They should all STFU.

  11. Jesus, how stupid can ya get?
    What did Jay Cutler say last season? “I dunno, it’s always something with that guy.” If Marshall doesn’t get 8 games this season, I’ll be shocked.
    Meanwhile, Houshmazilly’s still looking for a home. Maybe Denver wants to make a play?

  12. maybe thats why they brought in gaffney since ya know he “fits” mcdaniels system…
    boy with the nursing home secondary, pissed off qb, and a malcontent wr, mcdaniels and mcdonalds go together very well

  13. The guy has always been a tool, wasnt he the one who wanted to get married after seeing how successful certain guys who were married vs guys who werent at the probowl and decided to propose to his wife? If hes not then correct me but he went on to say that looking at the peyton mannings and such how happy they are that he wanted to get married so he could focus on football, remove the distractions in life. I laughed when he said that and got flamed for responding by people who were “happy” for him. It was completely OBVIOUS that that move was a personal and career move, you dont get married because the person next to you is married and successful. Hes a turd, has been and continues to be. Getting married does not make life easier.
    He could be cleared of all charges for everything but the fact that a man is so constantly around the police lets me know enough.

  14. ketchup says:
    March 2nd, 2009 at 12:20 am
    It’s a shame because Marshall could be top 3 receiver in the NFL if he could keep his head on straight.
    What makes you think that? You’re saying that if he wasn’t getting arrested or punching his fists through big screen tv’s, then he would be better than TO, Moss, Fitzgerald, Boldin, Steve Smith, Colston, Burress, or Calvin Johnson?
    Too many NFL fans and front office people fall in love with these guys because of their physiques…Marshall is clearly one of the more overrated players in the NFL…How’d he get the name “Baby T.O.”?? Seriously…

  15. Could they bring back Shannahan as a consultant just to conduct lie-detector sessions?
    The results would show Marshall is innocent and this would be the 2nd strike against McDonalds.

  16. So how does NFL policy work? The gets arrested and Marshall is already suspended 8 games? I think 8 games is way too many games. 3 or 4 at the most.

  17. When Im down I have to just think of how pathetic the Broncos have become, and just like that Im smiling agian!

  18. Professional athletes need to stop going to Atlanta and Miami. All they ever do in either is get into fights with cops.

  19. Goodell says that he would have to examine each situation so no there is no formula that says if you are arrested 3 times then you are suspended for 8 games.
    Also, the media and Cutler have overblown the trade talk. Broncos listened to the trade. They did not pull the trigger. So this is just a ballyhoo.

  20. champagne!
    face it, arresting him was a way to keep the peace. guilty? i bet he is.
    and i guess the hamster is on steroids… for now.

  21. He must have been on looking at some of Brian Dawkins pregame speeches. Like the one with “Are you gonna bust somebody in they mouth?!”
    Good to see him embracing his new teammate and leader.

  22. So much for the PR of “I’m in a good path now.” garbage he’s been spewing of late.

  23. and people wonder why this player with so much talent lasted until the 4th round of the draft.
    after the first home victory – all this noise with be forgotten…
    then after losing 6 of 8 games to end the season we can blame this mess as a distraction for missing the playoffs AGAIN!

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