Among the many compelling nuggets in Peter King’s MMQB column is a disclosure that Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler had asked to be traded weeks before the team tried to comply with his request.
That’s right.  Per King, Cutler requested to be dealt after quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates bolted for USC.
So the fact that Cutler is claiming outrage in the wake of the recent near-miss effort to give him what he wanted could be part of a broader plan to get out of Denver.
This way, he looks like the victim instead of the villain, and perhaps the media and the fans will put enough pressure on the team to force the front office to find a suitor.


  1. Jay Cutler is a freaking tool, and a punk. He claimed that he had a stronger arm then Denver Broncos legendary QB, John Elway, then says he wants out. What a bum!

  2. You’re trying to tell me that there was some actual reporting in a Peter King Column? I’m calling BS.

  3. Every Denver fan, including me, owe McDaniels a massive, massive apology. Cutler is clearly the freak in all of this.
    The irony.

  4. I always thought it was a little weird that Bowlen had the hot and heavy’s for MacDaniels and was willing to eat all that money to dump Shanny and hire a pretty good OC as a head coach.
    The more this plays out I am thinking that Bowlen saw a little Elway in Cassel’s play this year. and before you guys go berserk on me I said “a little” before the word Elway.
    Shanny was not going to go their because his guy was Cutler. So Bowlen wanted MacDaniels as a way to get to Cassel. They did not make a strong pitch early enough and it all blew up in their face.
    Cutler saw this coming all along and want to get out of Dodge City – ASAP.

  5. If this is true, I hope they run him out of town on a rail- and I love Jay Cutler being the Bronx qb.

  6. do not believe a word from Peter King….this guy is so wrong on most things I can’t believe he is still allowed to write ,or for that matter ,even used to analyze anything involving sports ….talk about a stupid moron

  7. Peter King is full of crap. He’s trying to help out Josh McDaniels here. McDaniels and the Broncos screwed up royally here. So New England-loving PEter King comes in and tries to help former PAt coach McDaniel when he is in a PR disaster.
    Guys like King, Mortenson, etc… are always doing this kind of crap. What a joke.

  8. He’s a baby girl! awwww shucks, someone give him a pacifier, he needs his binky. Oh look, he soiled his diaper, I guess Jeremy Bates is needed to change it.

  9. I didn’t realize that 16 year old girls were allowed to play in the NFL. What a douchebag.

  10. King’s article has one interesting implication: that lower draft picks are undervalued commodities because they carry less risk; i.e. Belichick actually prefers a lower pick for rational reasons, when the assumption in the commentary about the deal is that because of the ultimately arbitrary “draft value” chart the Pats got taken in the Cassell/Vrabel trade.
    This kind of stuff (players being valued for their contracts alone) is currently ruining the NBA.

  11. Everyone calling him a punk and a tool etc etc would probably be more than happy to have him on his team. The fact is, he probably is the most PHYSICALLY gifted qb in the league. He will eventually mature and get reigned in a little. When he does he will be top 3 for the next 12 or so yrs. I’d trade my first round pick for him to come to the Bucs any damn day

  12. Pro Bowl QB…. He played like crap in that game! Send that dude to the Lions, he would fit right in.

  13. The New York media will rip the Broncos for the next month about this. After all the Jets do need a new quarterback.

  14. Hey, Cutler, request Minnesota. Seriously. You’d be instant starter, you’d have the best running game in the league at your disposal. You’d have a top 10 defense. You’d be, hopefully, getting TJ Houshmenzada. . . We just need a good QB to come in. That could be you.

  15. Great, I’m sure Cutlers days with Denver are numbered now, considering that I just bought authentic gameday Cutler Jerseys for both my son and I.
    Kinda like washing your car to make it rain…

  16. How about Cutler to Dallas for Romo…Shanahan will be in Dallas next year anyway

  17. To call him a PUNK is right on the money….he is a spoiled moron who speaks with a sense of entitlement and arrogance whenever he opens his mouth. Let’s see how far that type of attitude gets him now…..
    Jay Cutler = Ryan Leaf….Wait and see.

  18. cutler for… mcnabb?!?!?
    so crazy it might work. both have been pissing and moaning about the treatment they are receiving from their teams. denver and philly could take a step forward without having to take 2 back first by waiting to groom the next franchise qb. with dawkins/runyan gone, there are no real emotional leaders. while cutlers emotions may be juvenile, they are at least present and mcdaniels will get off to a smooth start with cuckling chunky soup star. dawkins/buck/mcnabb… can you say denver ealges?

  19. We’ll give em’ Vince Young, Kerry Collins, and a 1st round pick for the quarterback we should have drafted in the first place!

  20. Bad mouth Cutler all you want,if teams (including yours) feel they can get him,they’ll be tripping over themselves to get in line. Anyone that thinks Rivers is better than Cutler hasn’t been watching. Rivers benefitted from a great D four sev years,and some guy named Tomlinson. Can’t exactly play off with LT in the back field.

  21. C’mon. Cutler himself has been telling us he’s better than Elway.
    What’s he ever done?
    Over rated whiner.

  22. Hey, Denver fans,
    The titans would be more than happy to send you first QB pick taken in the same draft as Cutler (in the form of Vince Young) as well as throw in Terry Collins. We would be more than happy to have Jay back in Nashville!!!!!!!!! Hopefully this would be the fresh start that both VY and JC need/want.

  23. luckyram beat me to to the Ryan Leaf comparison. Seems appropriate here. Jay Cutler hasn’t earned the right to demand anything. If a franchise can’t depend on their QB to lead the team they have a major problem. Its not like he is a a Hall of Famer like Favre or Elway. The Broncos may be better off with Ramsey or someone else at QB if Cutler is such a baby.

  24. You know, I didn’t blame Cutler for being pissed, but now he looks like a giant douche. If it’s true he asked to be traded weeks before FA opened, then WTF is he all pissy about?

  25. Sounds like another BS story from Peter King to help out a former coach of his favorite NFL team.
    Cutler wouldn’t have said the things he said in the way he said them if he had wanted to be traded.
    King is a hack. He’s proven this time and time again.

  26. Hey Florio,
    If there is absolutely no truth to this story, could Cutler sue Peter King?
    I think it’s time for sports writers to be held accountable.

  27. cutler’s personality aside,this guy has major league skills.anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling himself.

  28. The Link to Kings report isn’t working, I couldn’t find anything about this on
    The timing of this makes me think it is just spin by the Denver’s FO to make Cutler look bad..

  29. There’s no reason to think this is credible unless he demanded a trade to USC. His mentor was not going to be on any of the 32 NFL franchises.

  30. This is a huge story, where is the evidence though, and it makes no sense for Cutler to be pissed about trade talks, if he requested it earlier!!!!!!!!
    What are Kings sources?
    Broncos front office….hmm

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