We were hearing rumors last night that receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh left Minnesota last night for Cincinnati.  The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on Monday morning that T.J. slept in the Twin Cities.
As it turns out, he didn’t.
Per the Star Tribune, Houshmandzadeh bolted on Sunday evening for Los Angeles.  The reason for the destination isn’t clear, other than the fact that he’s a native of relatively nearby Barstow, California, and probably spends the offseasons in that general area.
Meanwhile, Rick Alonzo of the St. Paul Pioneer Press has unearthed a potentially telling quote from Houshmandzadeh to ESPN The Magazine.  If T.J. meant what he said, then it’s safe to assume that he plans to sign with the team that’s offering him the most money.
“Ray [Lewis] spoke for all of us when he said, ‘If you don’t play less, you don’t take less [money].  I’m nervous about leaving Cincinnati.  It will be a huge adjustment, like being a rookie all over again.  Moving, getting to know everyone, learning a new team, new players, new coaches, new system — I can see why guys would take less to stay.  But if I have to make a choice between the best team and the best money?  I’m not stupid, man.  I’ll take the money.”
It’s presently unclear whether the Bengals, Vikings, or Seahawks have the most money on the table.


  1. If he doesnt sign with the Vikes, TJ is gonna catch all sorts of hell when the Bengals visit the dome for pulling this crap.

  2. If he left Minni for California what indication would that have that he signed there? Wouldn’t he stick around for a press conference? Seems illogical that he’d leave the city for California without a deal done but thats just me. Guess that leaves Cincy & Seattle

  3. TJ and a lot of these guys are really dumb and dont understand that money does not equal happiness. He has to realize he must value his time, location, teammates, team, city and a number of other variables besides just money. SO he is the stupid one when he says “I’ll take the money”. Its basic econ that you must put a price tag on your time and happiness. It doesnt matter what the contract $$$ is..whats a few million anyways when you are making that much??

  4. Meantime, Ray Lewis sits at home, with no other team calling and the Ravens offer dropping by the minute while everyone in Baltimore is pissed at him for spending most of the offseason talking about all the other places he would like to play (Dallas, NY ECT…..). Don’t be stupid. If anyone besides the Lions is offering you money to get out of Cincinnati, take it!

  5. Rumors I have heard say the Bengals have offered the most by at least 2 million per year…..just an FYI….so if he leaves it wasn’t about money.

  6. ugh… knowing us… The bengals… we probably offered him a 5 year $50 Mill contract. How does that help our offensive line? Who knows.

  7. Meanwhile, Ray Lewis sits at home with no other teams calling, the Ravens dropping their offer by the minute and everyone in Baltimore pissed because all Lewis has talked about all offseason is playing elsewhere (Dallas, NY ect…….). I think I would take my advice from someone else at this point. Don’t be stupid! If anyone other than the Lions are offering you money to leave Cincinnati, TAKE IT AND RUN!

  8. Wow, he must have that Bengals ‘Loser-disease’. You’d think at some point he’d want to win games.

  9. This game of where in the world is T.J. Houshmandzadeh is awful and needs to stop.

  10. If TJ decides he does not want a Superbowl, then there is nothing wrong with Cincy.
    If TJ wants to stay close to home, then he would pick Seattle.
    But if TJ wants to win and get paid decently, the obvious choice is Minnesota.

  11. Actually TJ, if you choose the most money, then you -are- indeed stupid.
    Ask Dana Stubblefield, Bruce Smith, Javon Walker, Lav Coles, Javon Kearse, Lamont Jordan, Deangelo Hall (Oakland stint, DC stint is too early to tell) and Warren Sapp how they all faired when they took “more money” over a “better team”. As I recall, not a single one of their careers were enhanced by them taking more money. In fact, most of their careers took a downturn during the years following those signings

  12. count me as a Viking fan that hopes they don’t land Houshmandzadeh. Signing 32 year old wide receivers for more than 1 year will come back to haunt you in the very near future.
    I think the Vikings need another WR but I don’t think Houshmandzadeh would be a good choice.

  13. Grulks is right. News flash, TJ– entry into the Hall of Fame isn’t handed out based on how much money you suckered crappy teams into giving you over the course of your career. You’d think that after a few years of losing with the Bengals, he’d want to sign with a good team where he has a shot at accomplishing something. Guess I was giving him too much credit.

  14. for a wr and for someone thats interested in money and stats, cincy would be a better option. he knows the system, hes liked there, with Palmer healthy they have a good qb and Minn has no QB, sage is garbola. I dont understand why minn fans think this is what they need to win now, they are the 5th best team in the nfc if they sign him, maybe 6th or 7th Maybe he went to LA to visit his fam and then the new vikings stadium.

  15. Didn’t he say he wanted to talk it over with his wife? Perhaps he just went to CA to discuss the offers with family and will let whatever team he chose today. Best of luck TJ no matter what team you choose. (just hope its the Vikings)

  16. The problem with TJ taking more money is that ESPN is reporting the Bengals are offering the most money of the 3 teams…somewhere above the Hines Ward contract and near the Plaxico deal the Giants game them.

  17. TJ going to LA means that he will definitely sign with the Vikings.
    This is so obvious even a Packer fan can figure it out…TJ is in LA because…. come on, everyone say it together….
    That’s where the Vikings will be shortly….

  18. well ray ended up taking less than he wanted, and stayed in balto.
    so i guess he will play less, or maybe take on blockers by hisself.

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