A week after purging multiple veteran players with name recognition as part of an apparent youth movement, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be pursuing a veteran player with name recognition who is anything but youthful.
The Tampa Tribune reports that the Bucs are expected to “heavily pursue” Taylor, who once played for recently-hired defensive coordinator Jim Bates in Miami.
The St. Petersburg Times also reports that the Buccaneers are interested in Taylor; however, the Times predicts that he won’t be joining the team, and that he’ll sign elsewhere in the next two or three days.
Taylor was cut on Monday by the Redskins.
We reported last night that a dozen teams already have inquired about Taylor, but that Taylor is expected to take some time before picking a new team.
So, as we hear it, he won’t be signing anywhere this week.


  1. He’ll “Haynesworth” the Bucs.
    Tease them and then bail out with the excuse that they Bucs aren’t kind to vets.

  2. Why not the packers, go get em….
    Hell we can sell being the franchise with the most championships in NFL history!!!!!!!

  3. it looks like the team that loses out on the jpep sweepstakes is going to have a nice stop gap in taylor. taylor had most of his success as a defensive end and should probably try to get in a 3-4 to best utilize his talents again. i can see him signing with new england in the coming days. he is a bb type of player with the exception of last year agruing with the tuna. that definitely might hurt his chances in new england but if they took the chance on randy maw, taylor is certainly worth the risk. what do you think sports fans?

  4. Pats will sign Taylor and trade for Peppers. Two more superstar DEs that can play LB with their skill set attacking out of a 3-4 defense coached by “He who shall not be named” – that’s great. Why does the rest of the NFL just open the door for Belichick? Somebody..ANYBODY sign these two before New England does.

  5. New England Patriots were the first team I thought of when I heard he was released.

  6. Skins gave up alot for JT at his age…They asked for an offseason commitment from him, which he balked at…He could have been on a Dline with Haynesworth, Griffin, and Andre Carter yet he passed. At this point hes lookin for an easy paycheck, or an easier shot at a title. As a Fin fan I laughed when he left the Dolphins for a “contender”…That worked out well

  7. “Pats will sign Taylor and trade for Peppers. Two more superstar DEs that can play LB ”
    Peppers is not going to New England, and I doubt he’s going to be playing LB for anybody.

  8. If they pay him anything more than the league minimum – which of course he would not take – then they are idiots. The guy WAS a great player…but now he’s old,injury prone, and really doesn’t even want to play anymore. What are you going to get from him – 1 season, about 4 sacks, a whole bunch of nothing else and probably hurt by game 8?
    Give me a break. And the whole – he’s great in the locker room thing is a big joke.

  9. i really hope that the lions dont waste the cap on him, i like taylor but sometimes i wonder if his hearts still in it, its interesting to see where he goes and and j peppers in carolina

  10. He won’t play for a team like Tampa Bay. He either plays for a contender or retires.

  11. This is not the same Jason Taylor who won the Defensive
    Player of the Year award. He is older not in great NFL
    football shape, wants a ton of money and will complain.
    He should have taken the show biz offers after “Dancing
    with the Stars” Now he’s just an older slower washed up
    DE/LB that needs the right system to play.

  12. Jason Taylor was traded to us, he didn’t leave. Maybe the Fins knew something we didnt….He lost his work ethic.

  13. How soon people forget what a dominant presence Jason Taylor was just a few years back. Sure he was riddled with injuries last year, but this guy has some football left in him.
    My prediction is that he will end up with the San Diego Chargers. They are a contender who need a pass rusher. Plus it keeps him close to LA, to work on his post football aspirations. Sign him to a 2 year contract that is incentive laden, and call it a day.

  14. The Bucs should sign Taylor & bring back Brooks. That would give them 2 or 3 years to find the younger LB’s that they need, and still have a quality LB core. (Brooks/Ruud/Taylor) This will never happen though.

  15. @ssbucs: Taylor is not a 4-3 linebacker. In our defense he would be a defensive end and nothing else.
    I don’t think the Bucs will sign him. Nor do I think they should. Why would you cut ties with older veterans like Derrick Brooks and then sign…another older veteran?

  16. jason taylor is not injurry prone he was hurt last year. he deffinately doesnt want to play too much longer, but is still in excellent shape and even without offseason workouts is still better than most olbs and 4-3 de’s in thre league.

  17. pfeffers wants to play in a 3-4 and get a lot of sacks.
    that means linebacker even if he thinks otherwise.

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