Lest anyone think that our position regarding free-agent quarterback Kurt Warner arises from some sort of homerish tendencies toward the team with a red parakeet on its helmet, think again.
We’ve been saying for weeks that the Cardinals’ blind-squirrel-on-acorn trip to the Super Bowl doesn’t make a bad organization into a good one.
And, yeah, the Cardinals are still a bad organization.
Multiple league sources tell us that assistant coaches who left the team after the season ended have been stiffed out of Super Bowl bonuses.
Though we’re not sure whether the individual employment contracts call for the payments or whether these are amounts that teams pay as a matter of policy or practice, the point is that these men didn’t get paid money arising from the Super Bowl appearance that was paid to guys who are still employed.
Frugality is not a new dynamic in the desert.  As former Cardinals safety Robert Griffith told Michael Silver, then of, in 2007, “They’re all show.  They’re a facade.  They say, ‘We’ve got the nicest stadium in North America’ — and they do.  But everything else is to the penny.”
Griffith provided two examples to Silver.  “When we’re not there on Tuesdays,” Griffith said, “they put a lock on the Gatorade fridge in the locker room.”
The other example came from what was in Griffith’s signing bonus check.  Or, more accurately, what wasn’t in it.
“The Fed Ex [to send him the contract] cost $14.11 or something, and when I got my check, they’d deducted it — the check was for like $499,985.89, or whatever.  That’s how they do sh-t in Arizona.  That’s how they run their business!”
Our advice to Cardinals fans?  Enjoy the climate-controlled temperature of the stadium and the video screens and the sound system and whatever food they sell there, because if you show up on Sundays suddenly expecting to see a winning team, you’re going to be disappointed.
Unless you’re rooting for the visitors.


  1. Phoenix, errrrr, Arizona Cardinals=cheap.
    Michael Bidwill=cheapest. And just like Florio and Harvey Levin, a real attorney!
    Yeah, that’s the way to ingratiate your players: charge them for the postage.
    What douch*bags they are. Won’t sniff a Super Bowl again for 30 years, though I
    do like Wisenhunt.

  2. The Cardinals have always been a cheap, penny-pinching, classless organization. That will not change just because they took their once every 60 years trip to a championship game.

  3. Hey, can you blame them? Kurt Warner’s asking for an extra 2 million to give to Boldin to make himself feel better about the throw that nearly resulted in Boldin’s head being at a permanent right angle from his body.

  4. Does anybody really believe this? What exactly since Michael Bidwill took over operations could you point out as “same old Cardinals”.

  5. If they are truly a “coach” the Cardinals are required by league rules to give them a bonus equal to a player’s full playoff share. By “coach,” that means that they have to have a coaches contract on file with the league office.
    All other employees are compensated at the team owner’s discression. That would include anyone else who might be employed on the coaching staff as a coaches aide, or quality control, or trainer, or any other such position.
    If they are truly a coach by title and contract, the Cardinals will have to pay them a full bonus. If they were interns, or “GAs”, they are probably out of luck.

  6. Man that’s crazy. Charging for the Fedex? Locking the freakin’ Gatorade cooler?
    Ross Tucker at SI said that when he left the Cowboys he wanted to take his helmet as a momento and they charged him $200.

  7. soooooo…..jaymondstiles is a moron. you’re completely missing the point you schmuck. they refused to extend far beyond the salary floor for years because it was just as lucrative for the owners to stay low on payroll. there was no need to compete for a championship because they weren’t LOSING money.
    I thought about blaming the fans for the problem because they sell out stadiums every sunday. but the lions proved the exception to the rule perfectly. they may have had games blacked out locally but other cities were getting the game and that just kept the ratings well above acceptable. which meant money in the pockets of the owners and upper management. think about this…if william ford was losing money he would have fired millen the second he dipped into the red. but his concern was so non existent that he put up a new stadium.
    the nfl is huge and always will be. owners don’t have to field a competitive team to make money because the fans will always be talking about their team especially when theyre awful. I would know im a browns fan and nothing gets more sickening than knowing you may never see a championship team. that may seem extreme but really….CLEVELAND BROWNS FANS MAY NEVER SEE A CHAMPIONSHIP.
    so quit whining cardinals fans. if you don’t like it pick a new favorite team because I know and the nfl knows you won’t quit being a fan of the nfl altogether.

  8. I wonder how many Obama supporters are appalled that the Cards took the $14.11 out of his check yet think it is perfectly OK for the government to rape your check to pay for lazy bums who don’t pay their bills.

  9. Bidwell is the west coast version of Mike Brown. Those two probably spend hours on the phone each night, brainstorming of ways to nickle and dime their players and employees.
    On second thought, scratch that. They probably just mail each other letters – helps conserve cell phone minutes.

  10. can’t say i am surprised, makes the loss the eagles suffered even worst to those cheap a-holes. I can see them stiffing the players on their NFC Championship rings as well, who needs rings when you come in second place?

  11. If you were given a check for $500,000 would you really care about the subtraction of $15? I, personally, would care more about the ~$175,000 that the government is going to stake its claim to.

  12. Maybe Mike can verify this given his connections, but I’d like to see the coaches’ contracts (I imagine they’re not accessible like the NFL players’ contracts). Many employment contracts have clauses mandating employment at the end of the pertinent year or contract term to ensure bonuses are collected. If these guys had clauses mandating employment at the end of the league year a week or so ago, they’d then be SOL. In many instances if commissions or bonuses are “earned” before employment termination (for any reason), prevailing law permits recovery. You’d think a coach that was with the team through the Super Bowl earned the bonus from the very game he coached in and up to. Either way, the Cards are cheap and classless for screwing the coaches. If not for this site, this crap would never get publicized.

  13. These are the Cardinals that everybody was missing, welcome back you cheap bastard of a Organization!

  14. Wow I was hoping I could go longer than a month after SB43 to say this but…
    Same Old Cardinals.

  15. Guess, the Cardinals are making the full 500.000$ tax deductable from their profits and on top of that, the 15$ too.

  16. We need the Bidwills elected to run the country. Maybe then the country wouldn’t be Trillions and Trillions in the hole.
    If the Fed Ex is ONLY $15, then why is he complaining about it?
    Oh, that’s right. If it’s YOUR $15 it’s chump change, when it’s mine I cry like a millionaire athlete.

  17. Even when the Cardinals were in St. Louis his nickname was Dollar Bill Bidwill. Some things never change.

  18. djslybry… real classy. I just want to say on behalf of everyone out there struggling to make ends meet(and to do so may be on welfare)… congratulations on not having any issues to deal with. those of us who wake up everyday and wonder how the hell were going to handle our problems just want to tell you how proud of you we are. you’re the wind beneath our wings…thank you so much for pointing out the flaws we can’t control. cuz I was thinking how proud I was when I was on welfare…man I sure do miss the embarrassment of handing over the food stamp card to the judgmental teenage prick behind the counter who felt she needed to page someone to help her ring the card through. theres nothing like a line of judgmental people behind you scowling because you have to put half your groceries back because the job and family services office didn’t notify you that you made 250 too much last month and they wouldn’t approve your request. yah…those were the best days of my life.
    djSlyBry on behalf of everyone whose ever struggled… you’re an idiot.

  19. Nice! They screw their former coaches and Kurt Warner and their fans by not resigning him. Why not trade Boldin, let Warner go and then you can suck again. Whats next they screwed the hotdog and beer guy!

  20. Can’t wait until I see the 2009 Cards ticket prices! I’m surprised that the Cards haven’t sent out their season ticket renewals yet!

  21. Great piece of “journalism” here PFT hacks! The Robert Griffith claims were thouroughly debunked a long time ago. Superbowl Bonuses are paid by the league and if the team has other bonuses offered to employed personnel then they get the bonus.
    If I quit my job one day before the quater ended I would not still be paid the bonus I earned during said quarter. There is almost no company in the country that would pay a bonus to a non-employee.
    You media hacks bashed the team all the way to the Superbowl and now you want to throw in past crap as evidence to backup why the Cards are being “cheap” with Warner.
    Warner is 38 years old and there is not a team in the league that would not have hesitation at guaranteeing 20 million dollars to a QB that old despite how the previous season ended.
    Anyone here need a reminder how much Randall Cunningham declined after his magical season at about the same age as Warner?

  22. Ha you PFT hacks get PWNED! Do some research before you spew you junk Florio! Its time to go back to Journ101
    Kent Somers Playoff sharesA source is denying a report by that assistants who left the team after the season were not paid Super Bowl bonuses.
    The position coaches who left each received $117,000, the full share for the playoffs, the source said. In question, however, might be the two coordinators, Todd Haley and Clancy Pendergast, who each had bonus clauses in their contracts for playoff performances.
    Included in those contracts was a specific clause saying the coaches couldn’t collect both the full playoff bonuses spelled out in their contracts and the full share payable to all assistants One would offset the other. So Haley, the offensive coordinator, and Pendergast, the defensive coordinator, each received a total of $190,000 in bonuses, according to the source.

  23. So many folks out here who have damn near been in physical pain while waiting for the chance to bring out the no longer relevant phrase, “Same old Cards,” which doesn’t have the same meaning it once did thanks to a division championship, a conference championship, and a Super Bowl appearance. Keep searching for negative things to report on the Cardinals, that’s fine…I know it’s a hard pill for many to swallow that we’re now formidable, but you’ll get accustomed to it soon enough.

  24. Hey Ralph GreNader, don’t wrory about DJSlyBri, he’s one of those right-wing “all that matters is muh guns and muh munny and muh white race and my country bein all about this here capitalizzim concept so that we dunt look like the commies! Ooh, look the commies are out ta get us agin! “sort of retards… Just ignore him and let him go visit his White Power message board or whatever so he can go spew his hate for everyone who’s not like him or doesn’t agree with structuring this country so that we’re all working for the best interests of the top 0.001%….

  25. Are these the sameloser Cards fans that are quotingthe press that had the whole Steeler coahing staff going to Arizona next year? Also, you get one taste at a championship, and think you did something right????????? The Cardinals will not even win their division next year, Super bowl loser curse personificated

  26. This coming from the owner of a website that won’t fork out enough cash to keep his site up and stable. I hope your provider is cutting you a hell of a deal to make your readers have to chase your articles through 3 different sites during one of the most busy traffic events in your history.
    I agree the Cards owners are historically cheap, but seriously, something comes to mind about rocks and glass houses here…

  27. At least all you people dumb enough to come here (AZ) are getting fleeced for that stadium as hotel and car rental is what pays for that marvel.
    How much money do the Bid-need-not-and-keep-our-money-wills need? They’ve been screwing this state for 22 years and it’s still not enough???
    At least Buddy Ryan was smart enough to change the name to Arizona so they could rob the whole state instead of just the phoenix metro area.
    I almost want to see this team to burn to the ground and go back to being the same old cardinals. I honestly wouldn’t mind if we went 4-12 next year. That’s how jaded I am. My friends and customers have been telling me for weeks that I was wrong and a cynic and the Cardinals have changed. Hah! I’m never wrong when it comes to the Cardinals.
    Now a clarification is required. I love the players, and I always will till the day I die, but equally I loathe the entire management from the owners on down. May god have mercy on their souls, because I don’t.

  28. after doing my taxes, I am wondering if Arizona claimed the fed-ex as a business expense then turned around and charges it to the players. That is no no. Of course the IRS won’t get into it for $15, but I have seen some businesses do the exact thing.

  29. Ralph GreNader… I also spent a small amount of time on welfare. I also was very embarrassed by the experience. Im glad i was embarassed by that experience it helped me make sure i didnt get myself into that kind of position again. I hope that it did the same for you, but to many times i see people abuse the welfare system. Which makes hard working tax paying citizens like me upset when my goverment takes money from my family to give to these people.

  30. Not a big deal. I’m sure the cardinals have their reasons to do so. The better to the Bidwells if they can get away with it.

  31. “How come Rod Tidwell made so much dough?”
    Maybe Warner would have gotten the money if he had danced, too.

  32. @Ralph GreNader
    Am I supposed to pity you for being embarassed about being on welfare? Oh you poor, mistreated guy… how dare everyone put you down for being a bum that couldn’t support himself or his family.
    My daughter was born just months after my 18th birthday, less than a year after I graduated from HS. I didn’t bum one single cent from the government, family, friends, or anyone else… I busted my ass and provided for my wife and kid myself. I put myself through college all the while working 45-50 hours a week… all the while not getting a single grant or loan. I made and have done pretty well because I busted my ass. It wasn’t easy but being self-sufficient made me fully independant and spared me the “mistreatment” that you went through. I don’t pity you for your suffering just like I don’t pity my neighbor for struggling after fighting for disability (and winning) for a non-existent disability.
    The problem with this country is that too many of the hard working middle-class folks are having to fork over portions of their pay to folks who just don’t want to work. For you to get welfare is one thing, to need it is another… but for you to bitch about how people looked down on you is ridiculous. And for the few that have no other choice I’m sorry but I see too much abuse, including members of my own family and friends, to see that the good of welfare outweighs the bad.

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