The Atlanta Falcons announced several roster moves today involving players on the roster from last season.
Among the transactions executed by the Falcons’ personnel department: re-signing tight end Justin Peele, linebacker Coy Wire, defensive tackle Jason Jefferson, offensive lineman Ben Wilkerson, linebacker Tony Gilbert and safety Jamaal Fudge.
The Falcons also retained exclusive-rights free agent running back Jason Snelling, cornerback Brent Grimes and safety Antoine Harris. 
“All of  these guys are hard working, focused players who understand their roles,” Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff said in a statement. “They fit into our system and what we are  trying to accomplish as a team.”

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  1. “In other news, the Falcons’ front office stayed busy by continuing to ignore the gaping holes at defensive line, linebacker, and safety. Sources say the team plans to try the experimental 3-1-3 defense that involves playing the remaining 3 d-lineman, one linebacker, and 3 defensive backs they have left from their 2008 starters on defense.”
    The ‘good’ news is they still have the rights to Michael Vick. That’s right, they’re not interested in talking to a quality safety and native Georgian like Jermaine Phillips in order to shore up the defense, but they’re still holding on to the rights of the guy that nearly ruined the franchise. Yeah, that should help in ’09.

  2. The Falcons are also getting back Trey Lewis and Von Hutchins who missed last year. With the possibility of 3 extra 3rd round picks and more free agents still out there I think ’09 will be alright. Of course, I am just hoping to have our first back to back winning seasons ever.

  3. AtlCowboy-
    Last I checked, Dimitroff is the GM of the team and has consistently proven himself (with N.E. and now with us). WTF is your problem? But I’m sure you will say, “I told you so” when our strength of schedule leaves us 10-6 next year – oh and btw if ATL goes 10-6 next season, then they will have DEFINITELY become a better team! TD is getting our team in a position to win consistently for years to come…maybe even be considered somewhat of a “winning franchise.” Going out and signing a bunch of big names that are or will be washed up within a couple years is not the answer. We have a great young team that is only going to get better. The only player I really hated see go was Foxy, but that was him wanting to be closer to his family. TD tried to do what he could to keep him. Boley obviously didn’t fit into our new system with his lack of production last season. I am sure he will be in the pro bowl either next season or the season after, but it wasn’t going to happen with us…..Anyways, have a little faith man!

  4. AtlCowboy
    While the gaping holes you describe do exist, also at CB with the loss of Foxworth, the April draft with begin to fill those need areas. The Falcons acquired valuable players last season just before the beginning of the regular season: Justin Peelle, Jamal Fudge, and Foxworth. Dimitroff scours for players 24/7, 365, and won’t overpay for anyone.
    Michael Vick is on the roster in hopes of down the line acquiring some of the bonus money back the court decided we were entitled to in light of his off-field vocations. The money’s all gone, it’s a pipe dream, but some dumb team willing to trade a second day pick and take a risk on Vick is more than welcome.
    Jermaine Phillips is someone that was intriguing to fill Lawyer Milloy’s spot, but Dimitroff stated he’s going with the draft and younger players. He also wants interchangeable safeties, ones who can cover the pass in addition to stopping the run. Draft pick who fits the system on Day 1 in April.
    atlantafalCANS is right: have a little faith man!

  5. I have complete confidence in what TD is doing. There are some free agents I think can help us but if TD and Smitty didn’t bring them in, it’s for a reason. Foxy wasn’t worth 7 mill a year with 17 mill guranteed…..are u serious. Von will defenitely help this year along with Trey. The Falcons will be fine this year. We’ve seen what happens when TD focused on the offense, now let’s see what happens when he focus on the defense.

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