As the Buffalo Bills continue to look for a fallback option in the event that Marshawn Lynch’s driving skills or his alleged gun possession or any other potential alleged or actual transgressions prevent him from playing in the NFL, the Bills will kick the tires of veteran Kevin Jones.
Jones, a first-round pick of the Lions in 2003, will visit the Bills tomorrow.  He played last year for the Bears.
The Bills also took a look at Fred Taylor, formerly of the Jaguars, before Taylor signed in New England.


  1. It is about time that the Bills starting looking at some real positional players either as depth or as a possible starter. The Bills are in desperate need of additional talent to help them as they try to compete in the always tough AFC East. After this, they should look at Derrick Brooks from the Bucs as well for some linebacker help. L.J. Smith would also be a good pickup, as it would allow the Bills to concentrate on defensive line in a deep draft full of impact linemen.
    Love the site……you are the 1st place I visit everyday after my e-mail….keep up the good work King Florio!!

  2. There’s a connection there between former interim Lions head coach Dick Jauron and Kevin Jones. To paraphrase Denny Green, “Jones isn’t what we thought he was.”

  3. I don’t know why the Eagles don’t scoop this guy up. He’s from Philly and has said in the past he wants to play in Philly. The Eagles need another RB at the least, why not at least check him out? If he stays healthy he’s been pretty good.

  4. if the Bears don’t re-sign this guy (even if they have Garret Wolfe)it will be another sign that they have their heads in the sand.

  5. The problem with Kevin Jones is that he can’t stay healthy. He’s never played an entire 16 game season.

  6. We all know Lynch isn’t the brightest, so this just had to be told… I have said before that Buffalo Bills have been known to reside in my part of town so with that said Beastmode was looking to head out downtown to paint the town beast, so he felt the need to pick up a bottle or two of vodka (he has been known to bring his own booze into the local establishments, order just the mixer and make his own drinks). When he walked into the liquor store he had his faced covered. Well being in an upper middle class neighborhood the proprietor pressed the silent alarm. Well if a 6+, 250+, black man with dreads walked into your place of business with his face covered what would you do? The police swarmed the place, he said he had his face covered because he didn’t want anyone to notice who he was.
    Something this stupid just couldn’t be made-up. It didn’t make the paper some how, which makes me think it may have happened while the hit and run thing was going on. I’m really not sure what it happened.

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