Tampa Bay Buccaneers free agent strong safety Jermaine Phillips is scheduled to visit the San Diego Chargers and the Seattle Seahawks, a league source told Albert Breer of
According to, Phillips recorded 59 tackles and three interceptions last season with one forced fumble.
In seven NFL seasons, the former University of Georgia player has 406 tackles and 11 interceptions.
Phillips is regarded as a big safety at 6-foot-2, 220 pounds.


  1. I heard a local rumor that Phillips wasn’t as happy as other Bucs that Raheem was becoming D coordinator (a buddy talked to him). Maybe him leaving would bring some credibility to what I heard months ago.

  2. The Hawks NEED a big safety when they play the Cards! They should LOCK him up in a NY minute.

  3. This guy would be a monster on the Eagles. I wish they’d make it happen. Unfortunately, he’ll definitely sign for much more than the usual chump change the Eagles throw to people, so I doubt we get him.

  4. I’ve watched J-Phillips turn into an adequate replacement for John Lynch after the last time the Bucs flushed part of a quasi defensive dynasty out of town. At this point however if he can get a good deal outside of Tampa I’m all for him taking it. In the last 4 years he has broken both arms. Yes he his a big hitter but damn he’s prone to broken bones.

  5. Flip is a monster when he’s not KO’ing himself with his kamikaze style of play. Whomever gets him is getting a seriously underrated but also top-notch SS.

  6. No idea why the Bucs are not making him or Philip Buchanon a priority to resign. It’s not like they’ve found someone better to replace them.

  7. Get those free agents while you can Falcons.
    Without Vicks salary theyare in great shape.
    His cap hit will hit hard…..if there is a cap when it hits.

  8. Bucco Brewski is totally wrong — Flip loves Morris (and vice versa;) the only reason he hasn’t resigned with the Bucs at this point is that his asking price is too high for the Bucs and for Flip the Bucs aren’t offering the cash upfront as a signing bonus. Then again the Bucs have no cash to spend at the moment so we need Flip and P-buc to figure out they aren’t going to get all that much more money or be in all that better of a situation elsewhere for them to resign with us. Make no mistake though, both men love Morris and want to remain Bucs

  9. there’s no other FA safety left that is better than this guy. the chargers need safety help and they slept on all the others that were taken earlier. all afc west teams have made moves except for da bolts… nows the time to start.

  10. From what I understand, the Bucs and Phillips and Buchanon have different numbers in mind. The team is hoping they’ll go and find out what their market value is and give the Bucs a chance to compete with any offers they get. Dominik isn’t one to overspend, except when it comes to Ward and Clayton. LOL I do like the Ward signing though.

  11. Totally agree with brooks07. Flip should be a priority. Everytime he gets hurt, the defense suffers badly. The Bucs D broke down those last 4 games because crappy Sabby was missing too many assignments. Then again it might be the new defensive scheme…I’m still not over Brooks being cut….stupid Bucs.

  12. We need a stud replacement for the worst starter in the league…Brian Russell.

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