In an interview with KTAR in Phoenix (via SportsRadioInterviews.com) conducted before he met with the media to discuss his new contract, Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner claimed that he “definitely” was interested in joining the San Francisco 49ers.
During the interview, Warner said that the 49ers weren’t the best fit “football wise.”
Warner also explained that he was considering the possibility of retirement “coming down the stretch,” even though his agent, Mark Bartelstein, previously had said that Warner already had decided to play in 2009.
Meanwhile, Warner continued to harp on the notion of receiving “fair market value” for his services, still ignoring the fact that the lack of a market for his services was necessarily determining his value.
Interestingly, he justified his quest for top dollar from the team by saying, “I need to have a number from a contract standpoint that I’m comfortable with.  [It] doesn’t have to be the top dollar, doesn’t have to be, you know, whatever.  It just has to be something that I go in and say, ‘I can come to work, I’m comfortable with this number,’ you know, I’m not gonna be mad because somebody’s making more than me, I’m good right there.”  (Emphasis added.)
Whoa.  Hang on a second.  If we didn’t know better, we’d think that the Kurt Warner who operates on a moral plane that doesn’t recognize the time-honored reality of business leverage remains in the moral gutter with the rest of us who are periodically disturbed by time-honored feelings of envy.
Frankly, Warner unintentionally has given us a glimpse behind the facade.  If Warner was the real thing spiritually, he wouldn’t be “mad” about anyone else’s compensation.
He’d be worried only about his own business.
But Kurt’s modus operandi is to make us all think that he’s better than the rest of us when it comes to matters of the divine.  Indeed, he made sure to remind the world during his press conference that God was still on speed dial while Kurt was attempting to determine whether to take more than $20 million for two year’s work from the 49ers or more than $20 million for two year’s work from the Cardinals.
“As you guys know, our faith is the most important thing, so we went into it with the idea, ‘Where does God want us?  That’s where we’re going to be,'” Warner said.  “No matter what the money is or the situation, that’s where we want to be.  Very early in the process in San Francisco, as many good things that are out there and what they’re building and coach [Mike] Singletary — I had a great time with him and I like what they’re building — I just knew very quickly, this [Arizona] is where I was supposed to be.
“I told my wife probably 45 minutes into it that I just felt God say, ‘You’re supposed to be in Arizona.’  And I told her that.  She tried to tell me to stay open [minded] but He just continued to confirm it and that’s why on the way back, I called Mark and said, ‘Hey, let’s get this thing done.'”
This is precisely the point we tried to make two weeks ago, when we asked whether God would tell Kurt to leave Arizona after the team opted to apply the franchise tag to Karlos Dansby.
At the time, Warner supposedly was waiting for God to tell him to play for the Cardinals or retire.   The issue of playing for another team only came up when Warner feared that the two-year, $20 million offer from the Cardinals might cause him to have feelings that fall squarely within the confines of one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
So here’s the question.  If Warner’s ultimate motivation was driven in part by the possibility that he would be jealous of others making more than his multiple millions, would God really be all that concerned about aiding and abetting desires that are, at their very core, motivated by sinful objectives?
Look, we’re not saying that Warner should be villified.  We just think, after years of watching and listening to him, that he’s not much different than the Pharisees with whom Jesus constantly squabbled, and we continue to suspect that Warner has allowed his faith to become inextricably intertwined with his own ego.


  1. “I told my wife probably 45 minutes into it that I just felt God say, ‘You’re supposed to be in Arizona’
    Go out into the desert? He must think he’s Moses.

  2. I do not begrudge a man his faith. But it gets to be a little much with this guy. I am sure that God is sitting up there on pins and niddles worrying about Kurt and his millions, give me a break already.

  3. Well, I guess when Kurt consulted with Mary Magdalene about the 49ers’ offensive scheme, she reported back to him in a vision he had that she doesn’t like it when the 49ers go into their 3-wide sets.
    The Apostles then came to Kurt and said, “Kurt….taketh the $23 million, and also asketh for a $15 million signing bonus….and you shall receive… oh, and also asketh for a $4 million base salary in 2009 to maketh your 2009 total take home salary $19 million.”
    I think I read that Kurt was set to sign with the 49ers, but when he saw the outline of the Virgin Mary in meatball sub he was eating, he knew he could better serve his signing bonus in Arizona.

  4. Go Mikey Go. He’s back. He’s good. Deal with it there Mr. Attorney. Once again….you were wrong.

  5. Warner is a fake. Bringing God into these matters is ridiculous. For Warner to suggest that God cares about where he plays football is even more ridiculous and to add insult to injury, to think that we are all dumb enough to believe that he is above everybody else and that his main motivation is not the money, is even more ridiculous. I am so over these people that bring God into everything and then do not lead by some sort of example. Honestly, there are very few I think that actually lead by example. I know a few people that are religious but they dont go around telling everyone about it and how God has so much favor on them. Instead they lead by example. On the clip Florio had Warner was telling how his family buys meals for people in restaurants. In my view, people that do those types of things for the right reasons, do not go around telling others about. Instead they do it anonymously and without recognition. A few of those guys that live humbly and lead by example in my opinion are guys like Art Monk or Darrell Green. I know I know the “Hail to the Redskins” guy can only think of redskins that do that but in actuality there are quite a few football players and other people out there like that, its just that Warner is not one of them.

  6. So, then, of the 7 deadly sins, Warner has shown himself guilty of 3: greed, envy and pride. That’s not a bad completion percentage.
    Personally, I’m partial to gluttony and sloth, with lust thrown in from time to time.

  7. I enjoy the ongoing criticism of Kurt Warner. He’s self-righteous and should be put in his place.

  8. Whoa…why is Warner’s faith such a thorn? Maybe you should check out Matthew 7:1-5 where we’re given a lesson in judging others and leave the mans faith alone. This is a site about football. Sure, guys with whatever degree of faith they have may comment on it because it’s a part of their life but, you write about football. Stick with what you’re good at. If you want to talk religion, start up proreligiontalk.com and talk all the religion you want.

  9. I’m sure if Jesus Christ already had millions to live on and just signed a contract to make another 20 million that money would be given to the poor within a day.

  10. I think Kurt has seen Oh, God! one too many times and is drawn to one of the highest concentrations of geriatric living in the country. I’ve got news for you, Kurt. You’re no John Denver.

  11. Florio, you make good posts, then occasionally you get on to these soap opera’ish, personal vendetta type rants due to being a liberal anti religion hater.
    Obviously there was a market for Warner’s service or you wouldn’t have had at least two teams bidding for him.
    I like insight, but man I hate when this site goes down this path of pure douchery.
    He took less money to stay in Arizona. This will likely be his last contract. That’s the bottom line. Learn it. Know it. Live it, Spicoli.

  12. Does this guy NOT have permission to be human, Florio? You, literally, are scrutinizing EVERYTHING he says. Stop with the hate mongering and targeting individual palyers.
    What next? Warrick Dunn is NOT a good guy because he gives away houses to disadvantaged single moms and the news reports it and he made a benign comment about how it makes him feel like he is giving back?
    This is beneath you Florio and its sad.

  13. Why do you feel the need to take shots at Warner’s faith.Are you jealous of his contract, what about his elite quarterback status, or are you really just jealous of his relationship with God. By claiming Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior(which he does), he is able to have a personal relationship with God. So if he wants to talk it over with God, or allow God to guide him in his life, who are any of you to judge.

  14. For those insinuating the criticism of Kurt is because he is Christian, on most cases, I’d disagree. If people were being criticized for being faithful, that would be one thing. Kurt is being criticized not because he is Christian, but because in almost any instance, he’s constantly talking about God, Faith, and Christianity, but in the next breath, he seemingly contradicts some basic tenets of Christianity.
    It’s more the suspected hypocrisy than it is his beliefs.
    But really, even the most faithful people will (or should) admit they’re not perfect and they can never be able to be as Christ-like as they would like. And in that case, Kurt suffers from the same temptations and emotions we all do.
    In the end, it’s between him and the Big Guy, not him and us. We’re just here for the fun of it.
    Now, I feel dirty. All this seriousness has detracted from my posting of tidbits that people misconstrue and get really p*ssed off about.
    So now, back to that.

  15. Cross says:
    March 4th, 2009 at 9:53 pm
    “He took less money to stay in Arizona.”
    Says who? There have been no reports that he received a bigger offer anywhere else. Do you just make stuff up when you don’t know the answer? Hey, come to think of it, that sounds like organized religion!

  16. 4 Don’t imagine us leaders to be something we aren’t. We are servants of Christ, not his masters. We are guides into God’s most sublime secrets, not security guards posted to protect them. The requirements for a good guide are reliability and accurate knowledge. It matters very little to me what you think of me, even less where I rank in popular opinion. I don’t even rank myself. Comparisons in these matters are pointless. I’m not aware of anything that would disqualify me from being a good guide for you, but that doesn’t mean much. The Master makes that judgment.
    5 So don’t get ahead of the Master and jump to conclusions with your judgments before all the evidence is in. When he comes, he will bring out in the open and place in evidence all kinds of things we never even dreamed of—inner motives and purposes and prayers. Only then will any one of us get to hear the “Well done!” of God.
    1 Corinthians 4:4-5
    Not sure how writing a football column gives anyone the right to rip a guy on morality. Why don’t we stick to football, Mikey and leave the judging to God.

  17. The Bible says that those who follow Jesus will be seen as mad. I’m a Christian and so are more than 60% of my friends and all of us believe the Holy Spirit guides us. This is all over the Bible. Mike wants to criticize Kurt for his believing that prayer can be communication between God and man but also wants to criticize Kurt for showing his human side, explaining that he still struggles with envy or anger towards injustice. Mike wants it both ways.
    Mike never posts self-righteous quotes of Kurt’s but repeatedly attributes to him a quote from his agent. Kurt is so self-righteous he immediately give credit to Jesus upon winning the NFC Championship game, then said they couldn’t have done it without the fans.

  18. Florio isn’t the one who pretends that God guides his football decisions. We can only hope that Warner banks enough cash during his playing career to fund his humanitarian efforts once he hangs up his cleats.

  19. A bit of perspective from a former evangelical – what Warner said is typical of how they teach people to talk in thousands of churches across the country. Like many pro athletes, he doesn’t appreciate how the same words are so different coming from a multi-millionaire instead of, say, some missionary who has to choose which country he is going to live in to make less than minimum wage.

  20. Posted my first comment of the day and something came on my screen and told me “Slow down, you’re posting too many comments”…what gives with that?

  21. Indy Pride,
    What do we talk about Warner’s faith instead of football?? Because people like Warner and Tim Tebow keep shoving their beliefs down our throats every chance they get. They bring religion into the equation, so now they have to live with the scorn.
    You guys are border line cult like. You believe in God because you had to be told he exists and brought to church at an early age. If you ever wanted to be your own person and believe what you wanted, you’d be disowned by your parents.
    You want to talk to down to the rest of us because you have “faith” in a fairytale made up by man fine. Just don’t shove it in our face in a condescending way like you tend to do. Move to Waco, Texas and talk to EACH OTHER about how God speaks to you.
    We don’t care.

  22. Where in the Bible does it say that people who profess to believe in it are immune to mistakes (sin)? That’s right, nowhere. The whole point of the Bible is redemption by the only One who could live that life of those who can’t. IT’S NOT ABOUT LIVING ON A CERTAIN “MORAL PLANE”.
    I’m not sure what is gained by pointing out anything you perceive to be Warner’s flaws. Apparently you are the one who thinks you are on the higher moral plane, and that you have been appointed judge. I’m glad you are without sin, and are casting that stone. I think I’ll hold off myself. You might be better served to focus on the fact that even people like Warner who try to do the right thing deceive themselves and are in need of that Savior whom they believe in.

  23. florio, ur on fire w/your take on warner, way to go dude…warner is such a hypocrit & fraud…& another thing, everyone makes a big deal out of him picking up someone else’s tabs at restaurants, but these aren’t the people that need help, it’s the people out on the streets that can’t even go to restaurants that need help, geesh!!!

  24. Singletary: I had to come to a point of brokenness. The way I was going about things wasn’t working. I realized I couldn’t be the great husband and man of God I wanted to be unless I started serving God for the right reasons: reasons that had less to do with my own needs and more to do with His will for my life. From that point onwards, my life totally changed.

  25. There is nothing wrong with a man trying to get as much money as he can in his last NFL contract. Florio Stop hating on the man. There is nothing wrong with what the guy did. Let it go, bro.

  26. Well now, it seems like this blog is not for me. I enjoy reading and talking football, but I see that you’d rather trash a man about his faith. Every man is tempted and nowhere did Kurt say he did wrong, yet it seems like you’re trying to catch him at something.
    I respect Warner for his accomplishments on and off the field and don’t begrudge him earning all the millions that he can get as a free agent. I have more confidence that he will put it to good use than 99% of the other atheletes I read about. His humility is quite refreshing in the “me” world of sports. Sounds like you’re jealous of what he obviously has.
    I started reading this post recently and stuck with you through your online problems, but this will be my last visit. Thanks for showing me something about your character to which I’ll say “no, thanks, not interested”. Bye…

  27. Like I sated before but it wasn’t posted… Like most pro athletes that played out their first contract, Kurt’s God is money… and GOd (money) told him 23 million times to stay with Arizona, which is probably 13 million more times than it told him to go anywhere else.

  28. Hey, Mr Florio? Why don’t you read the 4 Gospels, “again”. You may find out that “YOU”, sir, are much closer to the Pharisees and Warner, in this instance, much closer to Jesus CHrist than it is the way you are judgmentally trying to paint it.
    I suggest you repent from you hateful, jealous, and “Pharisaical” hypocrisies….on top of you ignorance and lack of knowledge of the Bible before you get in too deep. You don’t want to get a war against God and His anointed. Just because Kurt Warner has a much “closer” relationship with Christ Jesus than you do, doesn’t justify you hating on him just like the Pharisees did in Jesus’ day.
    A statement right out of the Gospels was the Pharisees accusing Jesus saying, “exactly” YOUR words: “So what? Do you think that ‘we’ don’t know God? And is it only to you that God speaks to?” – the gospel according to Matthew. Um…that was a Pharisee speaking. Sound familiar???

  29. Come on guys! I’m SUPER cereal!! Why won’t anybody listen to me?! The San Francisco 49ers are a real team! I’m not making this up!

  30. mike, you clearly have a personal vendetta against kurt warner and Christianity, i’d like to hear about football, not how much you hate the very thing you don’t understand…

  31. Kurt is a delusional idiot or a con-man,
    Will someone please ask Kurt, why the egyptian stories have a virgin birth, 3 wise nerds, a public crucifix, and a resurection?
    Wait!!! just so you uneducated bible thumps wonder why I say this….
    the eguyptian books were written 1,000 years before the christians robbed the egyptian stories….
    Or how al Christians murdered and burned the pagans, or how folowers of God killed Jesus……..
    But all and all, why did the Egyptians have this story first, then teh pagans, then christians last…..
    you see, the christian are thieves,,,
    It is kind of like, Florio produces a story here first of breaking news, then some moran on espn tries to take credit for the story and being hte first to post it…
    Florio = the egytian with a 1,000 years before chistnerds
    ESPN = Christnerds stealing someone else story to make money

  32. Let’s set the facts straight:
    1) The Pharisees were self-righteous believing that their man-made rules and ceremonies were required to be close to God. Warner does not such thing he is open about how his relationship with God impacts his life. I disagree with his subjective Christianity since it is not based on Scripture but on the self which is no difference than the rest of our selfish culture. However, this does not make him like the Pharisees because a) he is not exalting his religiosity to condemn others. b) He is not saying others need to be like him.
    2) Having mammon is not sinful in itself. The love of money and wealth is sinful because it breaks the 1st Commandment. His salary requests is not sinful, to suggest that it is absurd and gross misunderstanding of God’s Word. Mr. Warner is a sinful being, as we all are. Thus, we are in the same boat in need of a lifeguard. God has not left us in despair, but gave his only Son to die for our sins. To those who believe in Him, He has made them children of God. From the goodness we serve our neighbor not out of demand or coercion, but out of joy that flows from God’s mercy. The Christian Church is reserved for sinners which includes the rich see Zacchaeus (Luke 19). If anyone is being like the Pharisees it would be Florio, because he is casting himself as the sanctimonious judge and jury of Mr. Warner’s heart not his actions or words. Has Mr. Warner sinned by hallowing the name of God in his life or earning a living? No! Where did you learn such casuistry?

  33. BOOHOOHOO you christian whiners!!!
    why on earth is it okay for you to force feed us wth your myths but not okay for someone to speak reality…..
    Why did Zeus, I mean mickey mouse, sorry I mean Pegasus or god whatever,,,not tel him and his wife at the same time to stay in arizona????
    cuz these two are two more delusional con artists!!!!!

  34. I hate religion, and I find Florio’s comments very interesting, but I have to defend Warner on one point.
    It is not “anti-spiritual” to want to receive fair value for what you do. When you receive fair value for what you do, you feel good about yourself and radiate enthusiasm. Warner wants to receive the number that makes him feel good about what he’s doing, ie not mad because he’s not receiving fair value and feeling taken advantage of.

  35. I always believe people who always talk about god commit the biggest sins.
    But also believe Kurt Warner is the only person I have ever seen that actually lives his life the way he thinks god intended him to.
    The criticism is perhaps deserved, but I respect the man and politely disagree with Mr Florio’s sentiments. His intentions were good, but of course he also understood he loves on Earth and not heaven so he had to at least explore going to San Fran(boy imagine all the “filth” he would have an opportunity to clean up there… Damn holier than thou religious fanatics. Yeah so everything they do they justify because if they did it god must want it that way. But I do it, it’s their job to save me…)
    But I digress
    Kurt does it the way he feels and he is special for that. I admire that.
    Like Tupac Shakur said,
    “I believe that everything you do bad comes back to you. So everything that I do that’s bad, I am going to suffer for it. But in my heart, I believe what I’m doing is right. So I feel like I’m going to heaven.”
    God is who you are when you follow your heart. Kurt has found god, he just lets religion taught to him by a man just like you and me get in between
    Bottom line, god bless Kurt. I just he’s humble enough to recognize him. As for everyone else, going to church is great, but build your own relationship with god, instead of letting someone else tell you who he is.
    -eddie- with my own direct line to god.
    (born Hindu, so let the bashing begin$

  36. all u people who say your tired of how he brings god into this should really check your selves.. he’s not saying god wants him to play football in arizona but that community and team as well.. he does more for the communities he’s involved in then any other player in the NFL hands down… he wasn’t voted man of the year for no reason.. and of course money is an issue.. it would be the same with you and i and it wouldn’t be fair for anyone else to judge our faith with god no matter how often or little we talked about it.. and if you think that he’s not goin to put a lot of money in his faith whether it be through the church or community then your crazy!

  37. Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless.
    Ecclesiastes 5:10
    I think Kurt missed a page in the Bible.

  38. to trippen:
    i don’t go to church and was never force fed any type of religion.. i believe in god and every man has the right to choose his own belief but its not tebow and warner forcing it down our throats.. its them letting people know how important faith is to them and helps to make their decisions (which usually is asked by a reporter on how they came to that decision). There not telling you what or who to believe in. So your remarks only make you look scared and very un-intelligent.

  39. ======”Whoa. Hang on a second. If we didn’t know better, we’d think that the Kurt Warner who operates on a moral plane that doesn’t recognize the time-honored reality of business leverage remains in the moral gutter with the rest of us who are periodically disturbed by time-honored feelings of envy.
    Frankly, Warner unintentionally has given us a glimpse behind the facade. If Warner was the real thing spiritually, he wouldn’t be “mad” about anyone else’s compensation.
    But Kurt’s modus operandi is to make us all think that he’s better than the rest of us when it comes to matters of the divine. Indeed, he made sure to remind the world during his press conference that God was still on speed dial”======
    Florio, you’re quite possibly the biggest idiot I know.
    The fact that you somehow have some kind of internet pulpit from which to spew your stupidity, and the fact that you actually have developed a sort of cult following for yourself, frightens the bejeesus out of me and makes me wonder where all the intelligent people have gone.

  40. So let me get this straight.
    I am trying to get a job at two companies. I check both of them out, discuss philosophies of both companies with management and both of them make me an offer. I pray about it and go where I feel God is leading me.
    This makes me a ‘holier than thou’ worshiper of money?
    So all people of faith should live in huts and eat dirt to prove how faithful they are?

  41. Let’s compare here:
    a.) Kurt Warner – A man with a legendary rags-to-riches success story (by the way, do you think his faith in God maybe had something to do with keeping him going during those lean years? Me thinks yes). From grocery boy to 2-time MVP and Super Bowl champion, 3 Super Bowl appearances, etc. Respected by his peers and by his community. Family man, with a long record of charity work and all in all a reputation for being a decent man.
    b.) Florio – some pencil neck dweeb who probably never played a single sport at a high level, probably never achieved ANYTHING at a high level (uh, West Virgina University?? LOL. Are you kidding me?), and can’t even run a website without it running out of Nodes every 20 hours.
    I think we know who’s the winner in the game of LIFE here.
    By the way, I’m glad Kurt is getting good money as a free agent. He will probably do more good with those $20 million than most other people.
    And “trippen” – I don’t see Warner or Tebow “shoving their religion down anyone’s throat”. If that’s what you think when you hear them speak, then that’s just a reflection of your own self-consciousness and your weak little brain. That’s on you, not on them.

  42. 2 things from the comments
    1) From EddieDryCleaner- “I always believe people who always talk about god commit the biggest sins.”
    I guess because you believe it that makes it true? Wow! So by you not talking about God means that you don’t commit big sins? I see how your logic flows? Your assumption is that sins are only committed but not omitted or thought of. When I think about it Hilter didn’t talk much about God nor did Stalin and they only murdered what 17 + million people. Love your logic though?
    2) east96st- great quote, but let’s put it in its full context:
    v. 19-20 of the same chapter (5 of Ecclesiastes):
    Furthermore, as for every man to whom God has given riches and wealth, He has also empowered him to eat from them and to receive his reward and rejoice in his labor; this is the gift of God.
    For he will not often consider the years of his life, because God keeps him occupied with the gladness of his heart.
    The keyword in your quote is love of money. Your assumption is obvious that people cannot have money without loving it. That is like saying that people cannot eat without enjoying it or people cannot have a job without loving it. The text tells us those who “love” it. This was the problem with the Rich young man, but not of Zacchaeus who was rich. King David too was rich, but he along with Zacchaeus are esteemed in Scripture. Why? They acknowledged their sin and clung to God’s forgiveness in Christ.
    Scripture tell us that the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil, but not having money itself. Keep in mind what was rich in Jesus time, the poor here have surpassed in richness. Really what I see so much envy, which is a SIN (7th, 9th and 10th Commandment, Catholic enumeration).

  43. “It is easier for a man to become rich for passing a ball into the hands of Fitzgerald, than a rich man to enter the kingdom.”
    – Jesus
    Warner is overrated as is his own perception of his relationship with a sky-god. If evolution, dinosaurs, AIDS, cancer and the blatantly man-made stories of the religion Warner follows weren’t enough proof that his god does not exist, then surely his wife is all the evidence that the rest of us need.

  44. first of all these comments are awesome. simply awesome.
    I do have to point out that it really isn’t Florio’s place to criticize someone’s faith, no matter how off-base Mike thinks it is. If Kurt’s God promotes greed and wants Kurt to have that fat check that he “needs” to “take care” of his family and be happy when he goes to “work”, then so be it.
    All I know is, I wish my God, who gave us all free will, and guides us but doesn’t direct us in the hopes that we will lead good lives and not give into the lesser temptations, was standing on my shoulder telling me that a check that’s cashed in Arizona has more religious value than a check cashed in San Fransisco. It would make everything so much easier.
    He who is without sin Michael Florio… and without a $15 million signing bonus…… but more importantly, sin.

  45. “But Kurt’s modus operandi is to make us all think that he’s better than the rest of us when it comes to matters of the divine.”
    Why, because he mentions about God in his life. That’s more your insecurities Florio.
    “Meanwhile, Warner continued to harp on the notion of receiving “fair market value” for his services,”
    How dare Kurt Warner, as a Christian man, think he’s entitle to be paid what he’s worth. Who cares if his playing deserves it. Who cares that he brought his team to a SB three times. He’s a Christian, he should accept less, only the punks in society should be paid their market value. Also, what is he doing with human frailties.
    Get off your Christian bashing, if Warner wasn’t an outspoken Christian you wouldn’t be trying to knock him. If you feel guilty about the sin in your life, then do something about, but bashing Warner isn’t going to relieve that guilt.

  46. Florio – you are either losing it – or getting very wise in the ways of generating web traffic. What the heck is your issue. If it is Kurt Warner is a phony then what about Tom Brady – he has accepted three super bowl rings he did not earn – they were the direct result of coach belicheat’s actions – not his skill – now to me THAT is hypocrisy!!!

  47. K-Rock, good point/post (and many others btw).
    Why is Kurt a hypocrite for wanting to get the best salary? He’d be an idiot to *not* try and see what the market is like.
    Let’s see, it was okay (and smart btw) for Hainesworth to shop around and get a $115 million deal, but it’s the end of the world that Kurt waited and then finally got a $23 million deal.
    So where’s the bashing of Hainesworth? Ooops, there isn’t any…

  48. Trey says:
    “Your assumption is obvious that people cannot have money without loving it.”
    That was not my “assumption” at all. That was YOU twisting the Bible’s words to accommodate YOUR beliefs. AGAIN, here’s is Warner’s quote, “It just has to be something that I go in and say, ‘I can come to work, I’m comfortable with this number,’ you know, I’m not gonna be mad because somebody’s making more than me, I’m good right there.”
    That’s basically a walking definition of envy. I can’t help but wonder if you would utter ONE word in Warner’s defense if he spoke of Allah, Buddha, and/or any other of the world’s faiths instead of Jesus. Based on your comments, I strongly doubt it.

  49. I can’t believe the Cards gave that much money to a guy who needs to spend a couple weeks in a psych ward…having conversations with nothing and hearing voices in his head. This guy is a whack-job!

  50. It truly is amazing. Because Kurt believes in God, he is more criticized than if he was a consistent member of the All-Turd team. People of faith are not perfect, no one is. But all this anger is directed at him because he is a well-know Christian. People of faith do make mistakes. Give the guy a break, at least he’s trying to do the right thing. Is being led by God a bad thing? Just because some might not understand his beliefs, it doesn’t give them the right to judge.

  51. Detroiter says:
    “So where’s the bashing of Hainesworth? Ooops, there isn’t any…”
    When, exactly, did Haynesworth claim that God speaks directly to him, tells him where to play football, and when did he state that he is too moral to engage in using one team against another for contract leverage? Warner did ALL that, Hayneswoth did none of it. That’s why no one is bashing Haynesworth as being a hypocrite (although he is being bashed, rightfully so, for being a dirtbag). Sorry that’s so hard for you to follow.

  52. I didn’t realize that Christian athletes are supposed to make less money than other athletes. When did that rule come into place? Geez, Florio, did you expect him to sign for the league minimum after taking his team to a Super Bowl because you think that’s a sign of being a good Christian?
    Gotta love the double standard, Fat Albert can stomp on player’s faces and cuss out his coach, and it’s perfectly OK for him to get a $100 million deal, but Warner, who couldn’t get into an on or off-field incident if he tried, is blasted because he’s a Christian.

  53. I love how a site allegedly devoted to football talk spends so much time criticizing someone about his religion.

  54. Florio,
    Please stick to football instead of making “bashing Warner’s faith” your new religion. You’ve obviously got some converts to your new religion judging from the posts, but let’s get back to football and Seinfeld quotes, Mike. That’s really what you’re good at. You’re losing more people than you know. You’ll be losing me soon as well. Let it go, dude.

  55. east96st says “Sorry that’s so hard for you to follow.”
    [sigh] Actually, it’s really easy to follow. He went out and surveyed the open market just like anyone else would in his position. The only difference is that he mentions God in the process. Wow…big deal…whoopee…
    Is the guy perfect? No, and he’d be the 1st to admit it. My goodness, why do we have to tear down a decent guy?
    I just don’t get why this is such an issue.

  56. ===”So where’s the bashing of Hainesworth? Ooops, there isn’t any…”===
    The reason Douchio doesn’t bash Haynesworth is because he doesn’t feel threatened by him. It is easy to just fit Haynesworth into the role of big lumbering black brute who stomps on peoples’ faces, and be done with it.
    Warner, on the other hand, excels at the most cerebral and most marquee position of all. He has led two laughingstock franchises to heights they had never known before. He’s making millions and millions of dollars and playing at a high level even as he nears 40. He performs many acts of charity and gives money to various groups.
    And he does it all while constantly praising God.
    Hence, it is all just too much for little Douchio to handle. Douchio is, simply put, a HATER.
    Hey Mike, just stick to what you do best, pal. Namely, writing sci-fi books about quarterbacks who get abducted by aliens and get sent to play in a football league on Mars, or whatever the hell your silly little book is about.

  57. florio, while i disagree with you, i can see where you are coming from on this. i have been an advocate of kurt warner & displaying his faith for all to see from the beginning. i talk to the God of the Bible everyday & take every opportunity i have to tell everyone i can about my faith in Jesus Christ. honestly, i wish i had the platform that warner does to share my faith & would proudly do so. it isn’t “craming anything down anyones throat” because it’s not taking away your opportunity to accept it or reject it.
    that said, i do believe that because of the extent of what warner has said about his faith, he can easily be perceived as a “fraud” by going after the money to the degree in which he did. while i believe that kurts self worth is found in Christ, his comments make it seem like they are found in how much money he gets on his contract. by taking the stance he has about God, he has to be very careful what he says. just like lebron james is a role model to NBA fans who relate to him (whether he likes it or not), kurt warner is a role model to NFL fans who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ & probably others. as a Christian, i know that kurt warner is not the man i follow, but i follow Jesus Christ. many people do not understand this & put to much emphasis on warners mistakes. nevertheless, he is held to a higher standard just like lebron james. it comes with the job.

  58. St Florio on the very same day he showboats his own spirituality by begging us to pray for drowned fisherman, has judged Warner. And Warner has been found wanting. “No more prayers for you” says the Saint, “Next”.

  59. Detroiter says:
    “My goodness, why do we have to tear down a decent guy?”
    {sigh} I don’t believe he is being “torn down”, just called to account. How is it that you know for a fact that he’s “decent”? Are you a close friend? Do have access to his financial records to verify that he has given freely to church and charity? Or, is he automatically decent because his beliefs are the same as yours? While treating folks to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory is a very nice gesture, it’s not really being all that charitable when you are earning millions. As Ted Turner said of Bill Gates when Gates gave a million dollars to charity, don’t look at the number, look at the percentage. A million dollars for Gates is basically the equivalent of you or me giving a dime. Warner picking up the tab at the Cheesecake Factory is like you or me giving a someone a buck. It appears you are willing to crown him a wonderful guy solely because his religious beliefs coincide with yours. Would you defend him so vigorously if he was Muslim or Hindu? I would bet the answer to that is “NO”. Warner has routinely praised himself for his morality and claims to operate on higher moral plane than the rest of us. It is Warner, not Florio, that makes proclamations that he is too moral to use another team for leverage in contract negotiations and then goes out and does EXACTLY what he claimed he would not. That was his choice. All Florio is doing is pointing out when he has been hypocritical. As for why this is “such an issue”, it’s not. Florio wrote one column about it today. He’s written about ten regarding T.O. and he’s probably not done with the T.O. stories yet. It’s YOU that is making it an issue because you clearly are incredibly offended whenever anyone who shares your beliefs receives even minimal criticism. If Warner doesn’t want to be criticized, all he needs to do is leave God out of his contract negotiations and say that he, the man, wants to paid fairly for his work. It’s an honest statement and no one would begrudge him that right.

  60. “It’s YOU that is making it an issue because you clearly are incredibly offended whenever anyone who shares your beliefs receives even minimal criticism.”
    Nope, not making it an issue…just commenting on what is ultimately a mole hill and mystified why it’s a big deal…look at my posts

  61. the problem here is whether or not warner (already having lots of money) who was looking to get as much money as possible, makes him morally wrong. i have long debated my personal feelings about this with any football player taking $80 million from a team he doesn’t really want to be on, because his current team is only offering $70 million. it is hard for me to understand as a FAN, & not a player but i have to believe it is ok for any player to make as much money as they can while they can. i don’t know kurt warner personally so it’s easy to judge him, but if you look at his life up to this point you can assume that he will give away a large amount of what he just received. if that turns out to be the case. how can you fault him for asking for more money to give away. i realize that at this point that’s just a guess. let’s wait & see.

  62. Why didn’t God tell Warner not to throw the ball into the flat near the goal line when James Harrison was there? Where was he when he really needed him? My guess is that God was heating up his Chicken Fingers in preparation to watching the Springsteen halftime show.

  63. “As Ted Turner said of Bill Gates when Gates gave a million dollars to charity, don’t look at the number, look at the percentage. A million dollars for Gates is basically the equivalent of you or me giving a dime. Warner picking up the tab at the Cheesecake Factory is like you or me giving a someone a buck”
    No, it’s not, you moron. Stop thinking like a child.
    The million dollars that Gates gives is not the equivalent of you giving a dime, because your dime couldn’t build an entire gymnasium in some poor country or help put 50 kids through college.
    Yeah, it might be a low percentage of his wealth, but it’s still a very large amount of money that can be used in very, very productive ways. At the same time, it would be a shame for it to be wasted by being spent inefficiently.
    Hence, the effort many of these guys go to to make sure their money is being spent wisely, even if it’s being given away.

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