It’s a known fact that the Dallas Cowboys tried to trade safety Roy Williams before cutting him, calling multiple teams and getting no interest.
This time around, could it be that the Cowboys have delayed announcing the decision to cut the player in order to try to finagle a trade market?
By waiting to announce the move, the Cowboys might be hoping that a team that would like to acquire his services will call up and make an offer.
Though he’s going to be released in any event, in some cases a team will make a trade in order to get the contract.  With Owens owed only $5.77 million in compensation this year  (which is roughly half the amount of the franchise tender at the receiver position) maybe someone would offer a draft pick in order to secure T.O. without having to write a big bonus check.
And although we’re listing the various teams who have said, on the record or otherwise, that they’re not interested in Owens, we’ve been saying for years that 31 teams can say no — and that it only takes one to say yes.
In the case of conjuring a trade market, it only takes two to say maybe.
So who might actually be interested?  Some readers have suggested that Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli could give Owens the same “one-strike” arrangement that Randy Moss received in New England two years ago.  The only problem?  Todd Haley is the head coach, and like so many other coaches throughout the league Haley has a history with Owens that would prompt Haley to prefer pounding nails with his foreheard to having Owens on the team.
The Broncos make some sense, if Brandon Marshall ends up missing a big chunk of the year as a result of his most recent arrest. 
The Raiders will continue to loom as a possibility until owner Al Davis says otherwise. 
The Jets continue to intrigue us, given the need to replace Laveranues Coles — and the importance of selling popcorn and PSLs. 
The Colts have one of the only quarterbacks who would tell T.O. to shut the f–k up when he whines for the ball.
The Pats would make sense for the guy who likes to wear No. 81, but only if there already wasn’t a pretty good receiver there who wears that jersey.
The Bucs could be in play, if/when they get a quarterback whom Owens deems worthy of dropping his passes.
Speaking of dropped passes, the Jaguars are always looking for a few capable receivers.
Finally, Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith might be sufficiently desperate to punch through to the Super Bowl to give Owens a shot, especially if Smith thinks he might land in Oakland or Denver.
We’re probably missing a good possibility — and it’s probably the team that will sign him.
At least we can count on PFT Planet to point that and other stuff out in the comments.


  1. TO should sign a cheap one-year deal with the Pats and try to cement his legacy (and Hall of Fame credentials) with a ring. The Pats with TO, Moss, and Welker would be unstoppable. The only question would be if TO could handle not getting the ball as much as he’d like.

  2. chiefs – i think they would take shot because they are so bad.
    broncos – she-ho would ruin marshall and royal. i think mgmt knows that.
    colts – i doubt it. they havent made THAT many bad personnel moves.
    pats – #18 wouldnt go for it.
    chargers – they surpisingly have good chemistry and i think picking she-ho up would be counterproductive (torching yer own roster so she-ho wont make the broncos or raiders better?)
    saints dont need him. they outscored dallas by 100 points without she-ho. saints need D and a real running back.
    i am thinking bears, lions (altho he would ruin calvin), raiders, buccos, seattle, st. loo (because they are bad and will lose holt, despite what spags wants), jests, cleveland, jax.

  3. i dont think the $ other teams could “save” by trading for the “lower” contract matter. there was only a bidding war last time in that jones bid against jones. everyone else saw how well that worke out.
    and owens is even older now. this should invoke the ray lewis situation. he had to sign for less than he wanted and he isnt the divisive locker room figure she-ho is.
    nobody wants a pain in the neck she-ho for a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$.
    a bunch of the big spenders have already begged off.
    i bet he takes a nice pay cut.

  4. Why have the Titans not been mentioned? They handled Big Albert’s attitude. T.O. could put that team over the top

  5. The Titans & the Jags seem the most logical places for him to wind up. Both play close to Atlanta, neither has a WR that would start for any other team in the league, & the Jags need to sell tickets.

  6. when did PFT become PFTO? did the rest of the league take the day off because dallaas dumped TO?

  7. I would love Terrell Owens to end up in Denver… Karma is a b*tch Dawkins! I would love for Brian “I didn’t leave for the money” Dawkins to be slapped in the face with the man he despises, Terrell Owens.
    I am a HUGE Eagle’s fan… I hate guys who leave and whine that it wasn’t for the money when it clearly was. B-dawk is no more, his new name is B-$.

  8. Seahawks could be a possibility. WC Offense, no #1 WR (TJ and Branch seem better suited to be the #2 and Slot)

    You are a douche. And idiots like you are why most philly fans are considered douches. Have fun missing out again next year…Dawkins has 10x the leadership skills your “franchise qb” or anyone else on that roster has.

  10. “we’ve been saying for years that 31 teams can say no — and that it only takes one to say yes.”
    In this case i think you mean 30 teams…

  11. I still like the vikes here but San Diego that is a serious possibility that I didn’t thimk about great idea and they are desperate to get over the hump

  12. I’m holding out hope he comes to New England, especially if it only costs a 3rd or 4th round pick. That passing attack would be downright dominant. That said, I think Carolina or Tennessee would be good landing spots. Imagine a Steve Smith T.O. 1a-1b punch?

  13. I’m not a Pats for or anything, but could you imagine Owens in New England? One of the best QBs in the league (assuming he’s healthy) throwing to Owens, Moss, and Welker? That passing attack could go up against the NFC Pro Bowl secondary every week and still make it look silly.

  14. Here I get sucked into a thread that looks to be
    a story on Roy Williams………….. and Noooooooo!
    Another frickin TO shit bag.

  15. PJ from Philly’s comment about T.O. is only a back-handed slap against former Eagles elder statesman Brian Dawkins.
    How’d PJ get from here to there, and why?
    Wow. That’s gratitude for ya. Isn’t it..?

  16. Don’t forget about the Browns. It was already rumored they were looking to deal Edwards. And it’s not like TO could make them any worse.

  17. dawkins didnt leave for money – read the article that was posted here days ago… the nfl needs players like dawkins who are dedicated to the game and have been for years… not whiners like TO.
    The pats dont want or need him – i dont want him there – Moss is twice as good and has a team captain attitude.
    The titans look like the best place, but New Orleans throws enough to keep him quiet.
    I just don’t want him in Green and White playing for the Jets….
    I would like seeing the Titans have a go-to reciever to help Chris Johnson and Lendale “loser” White.

  18. I think San Diego makes a lot of sense, bringing back LT and bringing in Owens for one last big run before rebuilding. Jets need an offensive playmaker and a big personality, and have a coach who could maybe handle him, but might be too young at QB. What about a return to Tennessee for TO and a one year deal with the Titans?

  19. Florio,
    Get the idea of Owens going to the Chargers out of your pretty little head. He isn’t going to go there. Don’t you remember the experience the Chargers had when they brought in David Boston?
    The Chargers don’t have a strong enough coaching staff and locker room to be able to deal with Owens, not to mention the fact that the Chargers don’t have the cap room.
    I suppose Owens could end up in Denver. They seem to be bringing in a lot of old dudes.

  20. I’d also look for a team that has coaches on the hotseat…
    1. Marvin Lewis – Ocho wanted to play with TO (how ironic)… Palmer is an above-average QB… the Coles signing doesn’t help this case… but Palmer/TO/Ocho would be fun to watch
    2. Lovie Smith – They’ve needed a WR since Willie Gault left… this one seems like a stretch too… but never underestimate a coach that needs to win NOW.

  21. Florio you must be a genius… I was thinking SD and Jax have the best combination of management on the hot seat with a need at receiver…and I’m a genius.

  22. Popcorn gone stale.
    Maybe Florio meant that non only would Manning tell him to S-T-F-U, but he would also bitch slap him when he didn’t.

  23. TO is garbage! he ruined more organizations than helping them win playoff games! Chargers would NEVER pick him up and thats good! the only team that he would fit in is the Oakland FAIDERS! there organization is already horrible. Committment to Failure!

  24. Mike,
    As few thoughts on where TO could land. I think it’s important to keep in mind, this guy wants two things.
    1. His touches
    2. Wins
    So teams that could be a good fit, because of the QB’s wouldn’t really work, e.g. the Bengals. He would really need a strong player, such as a Ray Lewis or a strong coach to keep him in “Time Out” mode.
    Good Possibilities:
    Ravens: How ironic huh!
    Giants: Only if they move Plax
    Interesting Options
    Vikings: He would turn this team into super bowl material
    Bears: With TO, the team could win, but could he get his touches?
    Being a Charger fan, his ability would be a major upgrade since Chambers has faded away and Jackson has a drinking problem. I don’t know that it would be good for Rivers though. As most around the league have noted, he’s a fiery guy, a talker of sorts. I think one good talking to from TO could really get in his head and could create some major issues.

  25. I dont see him in Indianapolis.
    The Bill Polian era Colts dont deal with this sort of player (dramaqueen/trouble maker) ever. And guys on the squad who make negative headlines, eventually find themselves off the team.
    Also Indy is relatively tight under the cap. And Indy just let go of a far superior wide receiver from the same draft class.
    And if all of these points are dismissed, the Colts already have a moderate speed, big, physical specimen, strong(er) receiver that drops passes (Roy Hall).

  26. “The Raiders might be the only team willing to take him.”
    (Shudder) Oh God please no…. enough is enough!

  27. empty13 says: pats – #18 wouldnt go for it.
    I wasn’t aware that Matthew Slater (#18 for the Pats) had so much pull in the organization. He must be the guy who rips the neck out of Belichick’s sweatshirts for gameday, or perhaps the new camera man???

  28. In my Madden season the Chargers always pick up T.O. and they always go 14-2 with him.
    L.T. also averages 234 yrds/game too tho…

  29. no one has mentioned the bills….. i wasn’t going to jinx it, but i think i rather not have him, although a big wide receiver to go over the middle would be nice

  30. If you are an Eagles fan you should listen to the Eskin/Banner interview from yesterday. Its posted up on the WIP webpage. In it Banner says that the team really wanted him back and left their contract talks open for debate on things like guaranteed money and on field bonuses. Most of the blame should be on Dawkins’ agent who poorly translated the message from one party to the other. Its sad that neither party just picked up the phone and spoke directly to the other and Joe Banner said it was his biggest regret in the whole process. Very interesting interview, Banner didnt hold much back.
    As far as TO, I hate to say it but the Eagles could be a possibility. If both sides can bury the hatchet it provides McNabb for the receiver hes been wanting and TO already knows the system. If I were the FO I would at least talk to McNabb and see if he wants to see TO back and hinge the decision on Mcnabb’s response. Flame away.

  31. Seattle will NOT be an option. Jim Mora Jr and Greg Knapp pretty much loathe Owens. And I think the feeling is mutual.

  32. There is NO WAY IN HAIL that Turdell signs with the Vikings.
    In case you forgot (and, evidently, many of you have):
    Chilli was the Eagles’ OC during the Turdell era. According to several accounts, Turdell informed Chilli that Chilli was not to speak to Turdell unless Turdell spoke to Chilli first.
    Yeah, that Turdell is a real winner. He’s just the kind of player who can “push a team over the top”.
    Over the edge is more like it.

  33. I HATE, (read: physically can’t stand)), HATE! T.O. but as a Colts fan, the….”what-ifs” of having Reggie on one side and TO on the other do bring a little smiling curl to the lips…

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