Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller, who six years ago rocketed up the draft board based on a college career at Cal, could be heading back to the Bay Area, as a member of the Raiders.
According to Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune, Boller recently visited the team.
Boller, a first-round pick in 2003, became the starter not long into his career, and then opted to stay once he was demoted to backup.
He missed all of the 2009 season due to a shoulder injury, and is now an unrestricted free agent.  So, after making it through the full season with Joe Flacco and Troy Smith, the Ravens have decided that they really don’t need him.
In Oakland, Boller would compete to serve as the backup to JaMarcus Russell.  Other quarterbacks on the roster are Andrew Walter and Bruce Gradkowski.

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  1. Do athletes know how stupid we think they are when they make decisions like this? I mean come on fellas. If all Boller strives for is to compete for a backup/3rd string job with the OAKLAND RAIDERS!!! Then he shouldn’t be in the league. Its too bad because he would probably be a serviceable QB if he hadn’t been drafted by the Ravens. I find it humorous that the Ravens essentially cast him aside and blamed him when they had a virtually nonexistent offense.
    WHY?!?!!!?!! why on earth would anyone go to Oakland voluntarily? The only people that should want to play for that team are their fans. I mean for Gods sake they show up to the game fully padded anyway! Let fat ass Darth Vader throw the pigskin around the yard for four quarters and call it a day.

  2. Became a starter not long into his career? Yeah I guess the first game of his career would be not long.

  3. “In Oakland, Boller would compete to serve as the backup to JaMarcus Russell. Other quarterbacks on the roster are Andrew Walter and Bruce Gradkowski.”
    Holy crap….I could walk on in Oakland and land the #2 spot on the QB depth chart.
    You’d have to be in a wheelchair to not beat out Bruce Gradkowski….and I am still reasonably sure Andrew Walter is a punter.

  4. Tui’s gone… Walter will probly be gone. Boller as #2 I assume. I remember in 12th grade when I wanted us to draft him to replace gannon…
    also, wasn’t boller the one who was known as gun-shy from getting sacked? Does he realize that Andrew Walter was sacked 70 something times in 2006?

  5. Hey Ralph Grenade, How do you say he shouldn’t be in the leauge but than go on to say he’s probably serviceable if he wasn’t drafted by the Raven’s. Sounds like a contridiction to me. I tell you why he wants to be a back up for the Raiders. It’s called a job in the NFL. Thanks for the cheap shot to the fans as well.

  6. Ralph GreNader: There’s some pretty ignorant people here but congratulations, you take top spot.

  7. Really.., given the Pepsi Challenge, I think I’d take Boller. He didn’t have great success in Baltimore, but I positive in a better situation he can be a good QB in the NFL. I’m actually suprised he’s not visiting Detroit or Tampa Bay…, or the Vikings.., or the Jets.

  8. Al Davis seems a little reactionary when it comes to QB’s (or any other position, for that matter) – how many “QB’s of the future” do you need – and how long are you going to ignore the present reaching for that future? They were going to groom Walter – then rushed him in when Culpepper didn’t work out, and then sat him again when he got pummeled when he played. Russell had the “physical tools,” but then he held out, and still hasn’t shown much more than that dreaded word – potential. If they bring in Boller for insurance or to push Russell, I’d guess Boller ends up the starter by mid-season, when they don’t start as fast as Davis thinks they should. Of course, they could play the ultimate Al Davis/maverick card – and draft Mark Sanchez.

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