And another one joins the “we don’t want T.O.” parade.
The latest team to join the Anti-T.O. list, per our own John Taylor of CFT, is the Cleveland Browns.
J.T. also writes for The Orange and Brown Report, and regularly covers the Browns.
To thank him for helping us advance the ball, check out his work at  It’s actually very good.  Possibly even better than the stuff you see here.

22 responses to “BROWNS ARE OUT OF THE T.O. CHASE

  1. CFT would be better than here, but the Mobile version of it sucks. Anytime you try to comment, the screen goes to shit.

  2. Probably not Seattle, either, since Greg Knapp is the OC and probably remembers TO from the 49’ers days and blow up on the sideline of a game.
    How many bridges has TO burnt over his career?

  3. Oh come on now the Jets and Mike Tannenbaum have to be
    interested. Tannenbaum is a freak for over indulgent
    self promoting type older guys who love attention.
    Well he looks for narcissistic behavior in the players
    he brings in.

  4. Well let’s see how many of BB’s former assistants and associates learned enough from the master to steer clear of the ultimate anti-team player?

  5. Isn’t this all academic anyway? I mean, if he hasn’t officially be released, aren’t teams prohibited from expressing interest? Come on man, think before you act.

  6. Flouride, enough with who doesn’t want him, just tell us if any one does want him. Its either Oakland or Detriot.

  7. I’ll check that site out once college football matters, once they have a champion…which will be, probably, never.

  8. TO to Philly – here it comes – RD 2 of the Big Baby vs the Big Crazy –
    Only TO could be misquoted in his autobiography / Only Donovan can throw his teammates under the bus, and then pretend it didn’t happen –
    These two are meant for each other – they should be forced to spend every second together until the just start making out –

  9. I can’t believe none of you has said it yet. T.O. will end up being a Cincinnati Bengal. It is perfect. He and Chris Henry will be regular ol’ Fric and Frac.

  10. Florio:
    Long time reader, first time poster. Let me start by apologizing in advance for any typos that I mght make due to fact that I am posting from my iPhone.
    This is the way that I see the Owens situation playing out. Terrell “Getcha popcorn ready” Owens will be blackballed by the league. I think teams have seen what good team chemistry ( i.e. NY Giants) can do for the overall success of a team. Owens thinks that his talent supersedes any lockeroom controversy he creates – it doesn’t. I think teams were willing to give him the benefit of doubt when he left San Francisco, but after Philly and Dallas I’m just not sure anyone can turn the other cheek anymore. The guy kills teams. He is a cancer.
    I think he has 4 possible options to play this year, if that:
    Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Chicago, and of course undead Al.
    But then ask yourself, does Tampa want to dedicate more money at the wr position after having locked up Clayton and paying Bryant 9 million this year? Is TO a Jeff Fisher type of guy? Will Angelo bring in a headache like Owens? And Al Davis? Well there is no telling what he’ll do.
    Owens is on the decline. He can still produce but at what cost? The Giants got there popcorn ready and served him an extra helping of butter because all he seems to do is drop balls. He might end up having to play for the vet minimum and even then I wouldn’t want him on my team…

  11. I’m pretty sure Florio tries to put a CFT pimp into every Browns story possible because I’m the most vocal against CFT pimping.
    U B A D BAG, FLO

  12. ProMichael — give us some examples…you’re crazy if you think the Jets are interested in TO.

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