After a mini-version of a free-agent tour, safety Jermaine Phillips decided that the best place for him to go was the place from which he came.
The Buccaneers have announced that Phillips has re-signed with the team.
Phillips has spent all seven seasons of his NFL career in Tampa, with 94 game appearances and 72 starts.
The fifth-round pick in the 2002 draft appeared in every game as a rookie, including the team’s victory in Super Bowl XXXVII.
Phillips first cracked the starting lineup in his second season (2003), starting eight games in 14 appearances.
Last season, he missed five games due to injury.
The Bucs also announced that tight end Jerramy Stevens and receiver Cortez Hankton have been re-signed.  Hankton likely will be camp fodder and we’ve got nothing good to say about Stevens, so for a change we’ll say nothing.


  1. Stevens had been out of problems since he joined Tampa, he has been very productive and looks like is a changed man, give the man a brake, …well until he does something stupid.

  2. “we’ve got nothing good to say about Stevens, so for a change we’ll say nothing”
    where’s the fun in that?

  3. “we’ve got nothing good to say about Stevens, so for a change we’ll say nothing.”
    How Warneresque of you, Mr. Florio.

  4. Good job DOM on keeping phillips!
    He is solid and was someone I thought
    the Bucs needed to keep. As for Stevens,
    after reading that article from his
    days at UW I think the guys is a a$$ and
    especially now that windslow in in tampa
    someone we can do without! Now lets gets
    Some LB’s to replace the two starters they
    let go!

  5. the bucs now have the best tight end tantum in the nfl……… luke has plenty of targets this season, a bucs offensive player might actually get drafted in the first 5 rounds for once in fantasy football

  6. Good move to keep Phillips. Though I’m sure Sabby Piscatelli is somewhat disappointed.
    Don’t worry, Sabby. Phillips will break his forearms again soon enough.
    Stevens? Why keep him? We just traded for Kellen Winslow. We already have Alex Smith. How many pass-catching tight ends does a team need? Will we have anyone that blocks?

  7. Awesome…good signing Dominick…I would have given up on the Bucs if Flip wasn’t resigned. Now we have to be hopeful the LBs(everyone other than Ruud) aren’t gonna be missing assignments. Still can’t believe they cut “My favorite player…Mr Derrick Brooks”

  8. I’ll say it for you, Florio…
    Jerramy Stevens should be breaking rocks with a pick axe, and his ankle chained to guy named Duke.
    Not earning a paycheck from ANY team in the NFL.

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