Though it’s not an official statement from the team and it doesn’t really cite any sources, we’re willing to regard the proclamation from Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune regarding the Chargers’ lack of interest in receiver Terrell Owens as sufficiently informed to allow us to add the team to the Anti-T.O. list.
Writes Acee:  “While rumors fly about where Terrell Owens will land next, rest assured he will play for the Eagles again before he plays in San Diego on a team put together by A.J. Smith.”
Acee also writes that the Chargers won’t target safety Roy Williams, who also reportedly (but not officially) has been cut.

11 responses to “CHARGERS PASSING ON T.O., TOO?

  1. I don’t blame A.J… He would never think about having a sulking superstar with declining skills on his team. Unless of course 81 puts a visor on his helmet.

  2. How about we start listing the teams that are possibilities instead?
    1. Jaguars
    2. Rams
    3. WWE

  3. Lookin’ more and more like T.O. my be standing in the unemployment line for awhile.
    Hey T.O., take yo popcorn with you.
    I’m lovin’ it!!

  4. Hey PFT, where is the running list of teams that have said “N.O. to T.O.”?? At this point, the list of teams that havent said no might be shorter…

  5. I’m far less credible than Acee but I was about to post a comment about this in another TO story.
    There is NO WAY A.J. Smith would let a cancer like that into the Chargers locker room. Combine that with the fact that we have to sign other players with our cap room and it makes no sense to sign him.
    Our WRs may not be the biggest names to the average NFL fan but the corps as a whole is one of our strongest positions

  6. This is the same reporter that suggested Antonio Cromartie was on the trading block if the Bolts grabbed Drayton Florence…right before Florence signed with the Bills.
    As NFL fans, we need T.O. to go to San Diego. Can you imagine the classic douche-offs that would occur on the sidelines between Philip Rivers and Owens? Wow. Just wow.

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