Various media reports are indicating the balance of the deal that sent receiver Greg Lewis to New England from Philadelphia.
As it turns out, the Eagles get the Pats’ fifth-round pick in 2009, and the Pats get the Eagles’ seventh-round pick in 2010.
The transaction gives the Eagles twelve picks in the upcoming draft.


  1. That fifth round pick is exactly the kind of weapon McNabb has been pining for this entire offseason. Your Philadelphia Eagles, 2010 Superbowl Champs!

  2. If they gave up 1 pick and gained 1 pick the net difference is 0. So they had 12 before the transaction too.

  3. They must be just warming up to trade mcnabb for boldin and a 2nd Florio…
    You must have been all hocked up on your yahoo drink when you seriously suggested that… both times.

  4. no… they gave a 2010 pick and gained a 2009 … therefore they had 11 before, now have 12

  5. commoncents, the Eagles are giving up their 2010 7th round pick. So they are gaining a pick this year and losing one next year. So it’s not the same number after this trade.

  6. They get a 5th round pick this year, they give up Greg Lewis and a 7th round pick next year, so they go from 11 to 12 picks this year.

  7. @ commoncents & pack-in-brazil
    They gave a 2010, and got a 2009 pick. This brings them to 12 for 2009.

  8. commonsense…..such an odd name for someone who needs some. They traded a 2010 pick for a 2009 pick, so guess what? they had 11 picks before the trade.

  9. The Eagles HAD 11 and now HAVE 12.
    They traded a 2010 pick, and got a new 2009 pick.
    So I would love to know what they are up to, there is no way they pick 12 in the draft. As it is they look like they are getting much younger as a team, but 12 draft picks? C’mon. Something is in the works.

  10. eagles are 1-2 great players away from a superbowl; though it is great to have many picks in a draft for the future, i dont understand why not try to get the best talents available through FA or a draft especially with a great qb that has few years left.

  11. no, the eagles gave a 2010 pick and received a 2009 pick; so they had 11, now have 12 this year.

  12. Um, they had 11 picks before this trade.
    If anyone actually reads the story, the 7th round pick is for NEXT year…
    Not 2009…

  13. how does it keep them with 12? The eagles gave up a 2010 seventh round pick or a 2009 5th round pick. They gained a pick this year

  14. I would explain how the Eagles NOW have 12 picks rather than 11, but I’m sure there’s a queue of those posts already waiting for approval.

  15. People should read the posts properly. They had 11 picks, and now have 12 because of the 5th they received. They gave a future 7th in next year’s draft.

  16. pack-in-brazil says:
    March 5th, 2009 at 9:31 pm
    I guess it KEEPS the Eagles with 12 picks…
    well no because the draft pick the eagles gave up is in 2010 not this year.

  17. Idiots
    2009 5th round pick for a 2010 7th.
    The Patriots are already stockpiling picks for 2010

  18. Keeps them at 12 picks??? It says right in this article that the Eagles gave the patriots a 2010 draft pick. Wouldn’t that be two drafts from now?? Oh yes. So that means the Eagles had 11 picks and now have 12. Good observation though.

  19. I really don’t get what the Eagles are doing here. McNabb wants to see them do something in free agency, so they poke a bunch of holes in the lineup??? Dawkins, Considine, Lewis, Lito Sheppard Tra Thomas, and Jon Runyan all gone (or close to it) and all they have to show for it is some tackle from Cincy whose coming off knee surgery? 12 picks is a lot, but really how many of those picks will exit training camp? Thank god theyre making a play for sean jones or id be seriously worried about mcnabb making a trade request…still they should bring galloway or try to trade reggie brown and a ton of picks for boldin or if the falcons are dumb enough, roddy white

  20. to all the people above me:
    read the article., the birds get a pick in 09 while giving on up in 2010. idiots.

  21. No, it gives the eagles 12 picks this year guys… the 7th rounder to the Pats is next year. My question is WTF are they doing with 12 picks? I know it’s not the exciting news everyone is looking for, but I honestly believe that they like a few of the offensive lineman towards the top of the draft, and that’s where they’re going to use the picks to go.

  22. Pack in brazil – How does it KEEP the Eagles with 12 picks when they just acquired a pick this year and gave up one next year? They must have begun the day with 11. The Patriots are going to trade more picks. They already have four picks on the first day.

  23. “I guess it KEEPS the Eagles with 12 picks… ”
    Well actually the pick the eagles gave away is for the 2010 draft, so they went from 11 picks to 12 picks in this years draft….

  24. @ commoncents: No, the Birds had 11 picks in 2009, recieved a 5th rounder in 2009, and traded a 7th in 2010. Time to change your username, hahahaha.

  25. No, it gives the Eagles 12 picks this year guys. The 7th to New England is next year, therefore, the Eagles are +1 this year. I just want to know what the hell they’re doing with 12 picks. Big Andy loves those offensive linemen at the top of the draft…

  26. Read it, people. We get a 5th in 2009 and give the Pats a 7th in 2010.
    Also, it’s sad but McNabb should have more confidence in an unproven rookie WR picked in the 5th round then he did in Greg Lewis.

  27. Every year the Eagles have tons of cap space and draft picks. It seems like they’ll be big players in the draft by trading up and finally landing that big talent that will put them over the top. Then they trade back and stockpile even more draft picks that they won’t actually use.

  28. Read closer guys…added pick is THIS year, traded pick is NEXT year, so it INCREASES them to 12.

  29. common and brazil … reread that. the pick coming back is for NEXT draft. They’re +1 for this year. +4 if you factor in Lewis

  30. >>>commoncents says:
    March 5th, 2009 at 9:18 pm
    If they gave up 1 pick and gained 1 pick the net difference is 0. So they had 12 before the transaction too. <<<<
    They gave up a 2010 pick in exchange for a 2009 pick….They had 11 picks this year before the trade…..

  31. I wouldn’t have minded the Eagles only giving up a pick to get Lewis off the team. In my eyes they got a free 5th round pick this year!

  32. I love when people don’t read then try to rip on Florio because they are so smart. If the Eagles gave up a pick in 2010, WHICH IS NEXT YEAR, and got a pick in 2009, WHICH IS THIS YEAR… they GAIN a pick, they don’t STAY THE SAME.
    I’m not much for a flame war, but if you’re going to try to correct someone, get your facts straight, commoncents and pack-in-brazil.

  33. Is there anyone here that can explain how the Eagles ended up with 12 picks after this trade?

  34. Chrizeit:
    Are you really that upset that Greg Lewis, Lito Sheppard, and Sean Considine are gone?

  35. Hey Nelson… the only difference between this and the Wes Welker player is that Wes Welker is a football player… not a ballerina that G. Lewis is.

  36. Eagles_win_SB is the only person who said something worthwhile out of 40 posts. Greg Lewis is HORRIBLE. The Pats just gave us a free 5th rounder. Lewis wasn’t going to make the team anyway. The one Mongo who asked if this trade reminds anyone of the Welker deal had me laughing my balls off. Wes Welker is good at football. Lewis blows muskrat sack.

  37. simon sez says:
    March 5th, 2009 at 9:40 pm
    eagles are 1-2 great players away from a superbowl;
    Was that before or after they bailed on the heart of the team, Brian Dawkins. I hate the Birds, but felt bad for B-Dawk!!

  38. As an Eagle phan, i’m embarrased to read 2 pages worth of “is it 11 or 12 draft picks in the 2009 draft” posts. Please do the math on your own and get an answer.

  39. Lewis was a numbers game, good while he lasted, but was the 5th best receiver on the team. With that said, we seem to have extra 1,3, and 5 at the moment. Might be time for a trade…

  40. I agree with alwaysaneagle20, we are trading up in the draft and getting a stud lineman. We have the cap room, so we can give a nice signing bonus as well. A first and a few other picks might get us to where andy wants…

  41. And with that 7th round pick in 2010, the Patriots will probably take some obscure QB and build him up for a year or two and trade him for a high pick. Definitely a steal.

  42. I heard a rumor that the Eagles gave up a pick in 2010 and added one for 2009, I believe giving them 12 for 2009. Can anyone verify this groundbreaking info? Thanks so much

  43. why not for 2012, that way once the asteroid hits they wont have to pay them anything

  44. Pettigrew (or Beanie if he’s still there), Britten, hope Britt falls to them in the 3rd. all the while offering Arizona the kitchen sink for Quan….
    the fact that the Iggles got anything for GLew is staggering, and to be applauded by all of us in green. Most fans have been shocked each year when he makes it through camp on the roster and assume he has incriminating photos of Lurie hidden somewhere.
    seriously, though…. the more the Eagles draft in that sweet spot from late 1st to end 3rd, the better the team will be. You can sign a slew of talented rooks in that range for the price of 1 #8 selection. Look for the Birds to use their arsenal of picks to get young very quickly. If you doubt AR, at least look at Belicheat, he’s doing the same thing (KC’s early second, might be a great player or a bust, but he definitely won’t eat huge hunks of salary like their 1st rounder. NE did not get snookered, they got one of the best values in the NFL…. a 30 something pick.)
    The other (somewhat mindboggling) part is that the Birds might get compensatory picks for the free agent train out of town (Dawk, Considine, Buck, Tra?, Runyan?).

  45. How many different people are going to explain the number of picks this year and next year? Its bad enough ONE person HAD to explain it, but if those fellas didnt get it by then… they are never getting it.
    With that said, I dont see why they dont just trade Donovan and B West, if they are trying to get young, they may as well get really young and trade the top talent for some younger players or future draft picks. I cant wait to see what they are planning to do… it better be big.

  46. I guess I’m not that sad about Greg Lewis, he could show out flashes sometimes, but at least with the departed FAs i knew what i had…also sean jones better sign, because quintin demps looked horrendous in coverage during the NFC championship game and i wouldnt trust him w/ a startinmg job

  47. Dont be surprised if the Eagles continue to trade next years picks. Lurie and Banner have already calculated how many compensatory picks the team will get next year having lost Dawk, LJ, Considine, Buck, and possibly Runyan and Thomas. Not sure if trading guys counts towards compensatory picks or not, Im pretty sure it doesnt. Lito and Greg probably wont affect this. But no team will have nearly as many as the Eagles do and these picks are not tradable. Naturally, any picks they trade next year must be their own….

  48. Is there a bigger collection of imbeciles than the Eagles fan base? If there is, please let me know.

  49. How many Eagles fans does it take to change a light bulb? Same amount as it did to explain the the compensation of this trade…

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