The Eagles made a move with a receiver on Thursday — but not the move that the PFT Planet-influenced poll hoped to see.
The Patriots have acquired receiver Greg Lewis in a trade with Philadelphia, along with an undisclosed pick in the 2010 draft. 
In exchange, the Eagles picked up an undisclosed selection in the 2009 draft.
Lewis, who has 23 career starts and 90 total appearances, has a history with the Pats.  In Super Bowl XXIX XXXIX, Lewis caught a fourth-quarter touchdown pass, cutting the New England lead to 24-21.  It was Lewis’ first career touchdown.


  1. NICE!!!!! I’ve been waiting for them to get rid of G. Lew. He’s a solid player, and a type that will succeed in NE, but he’s choking a roster spot on our squad. Funny, he’s only ever been the receiver we hoped he could be against the Patriots.

  2. The worst receiver in all of Professional football. He was the Dhani Jones of the eagles offense.

  3. So, an insignificant player gets traded for what will most likely be an insignificant draft pick?
    The Eagles are really going all out this year!

  4. Noooooooo???
    Seriously, why would the Pats trade for Gregg Lewis? He’s, at best, a 4th receiver for the Eagles and usually just plays special teams. Far as I’m concerned, anything the Eagles got out of the Pats in excess of a ham sandwich (with mustard!) is good by me.

  5. Thank god. Watch.. he’ll be cut and the Eagles will sign him back bacause they won’t get anyone else. He is the worst member of a NFL roster.

  6. 3 of the most recent stories are of the Eagles…none of which are of any significance in the NFL. Thanks for getting my hopes up when I see the word eagle with a capital E.

  7. I am officially done with football if G-Lewis end up having a great season next year…

  8. They have to be planning something. There’s no way they’ll draft 12 guys.
    Boldin? Braylon? Crabtree?

  9. Actually… he had a touchdown in game 2 (San Fran) of the 2005 season. Nice research, dumbass.

  10. 12 picks in the 2009 draft
    hopefully they’ll package quantity to move up and draft quality

  11. Well, he has some special teams value as well.
    I’d look @ him as a replacement for K. Washington or Sam Aiken.

  12. G-LEW to the Pats means T.O. is next! All day we’ve been reading abotu reasons why different teams wouldn’t take T.O., well G-Lew is one of TO’s closest friends… when the Eagle’s locker room was against him G-Lew has his back. They will be reunited by the team that ripped their hearts out in Super Bowl XXXIX.

  13. For the Patriots, this is actually a decent move. They need to build assets for 2010, as they have a big FA class after 2009 and may have holes to fill. Even if it’s a late pick, it’s a pick nonetheless. Lewis gives them a guy that should be a decent 4th or 5th receiver for their spread sets.

  14. Huh. More than a dozen WRs who have been cut and IDK how many more available as FAs for zero draft picks – several of whom might have made for a decent #3 behind Moss/Welker – and Belchick trades for a guy.
    Nope. Zag.
    Interesting also that the Pats chose to sign TE Chris Baker for FIVE years. Not just a couple. FIVE.

  15. 12 draft pics and 40mill in cap space. at this point i wouldn’t care if you gave it all to arizona for boldin. at least we’d have something to show for it.

  16. BrownsFanMan420 says:
    March 5th, 2009 at 4:30 pm
    Pats may try to make him another sub-wes welker, he wasn’t in super bowl 29…
    You mean he actually didn’t play in Super Bowl 29 in 1995? Interesting, since he wasn’t even in the NFL in 1995 (1994 season).

  17. I dont see why a pats fan would look at this negatively… or chris baker. the pats have a history of loving tight ends…
    But i think Greg Lewis could be great even in three wideout sets with Moss and Welker. He’s speedy, and has never had an actually decent quarterback/ receivers around him. I think he definetly will have special teams significance but I think he’ll play well with Moss and Welker. Moss and Welker with Brady are better than the entire Eagles offense combined…. so Im fine with this, assuming the undisclosed pcik isn’t a high one…

  18. Lewis, who has 23 career starts and 90 total appearances, has a history with the Pats. In Super Bowl XXIX, Lewis caught a fourth-quarter touchdown pass, cutting the New England lead to 24-21. It was Lewis’ first career touchdown.
    Um Florio, XXIX (29) was the Chargers and 49ers (No one can EVER take it away… EVER! EVER!)
    Lewis played in the Super Bowl 10 years later in XXXIX (39).

  19. nice research dumbass, like it was just mentioned, the superbowl was the year before the 05 season.

  20. He definitely has a better chance to succeed catching passes from a SB champion and not a QB who is running out the clock by puking like a little bitch in the huddle or throwing the ball at his receivers feet most of the time.

  21. G-Lew for a fifth !…
    There’s a su*cker born every day !
    Good job Heckert , you may temporarily
    keep your desk .

  22. the trade is the result of a bet between andy reid and bill belichick.
    reid was talking to belichick one day and told him that no coach was good enough to keep g-lew from committing his customary every other game penalty, usually pinning the offense back inside the 20 or otherwise killing a drive. belichick, confident in his ability to coach, accepted the challenge and so the trade was made. the determination of the picks exchanged in 201o are based on how many stupid penalties per game g-lew makes under bb’s tutelage.

  23. Take it from a guy who has seen every play that G-Lew was ever involved in. He should have been cut years ago.

  24. So what does this mean? Holt? Boldin? Christ, I’d take Joey friggan Galloway right now. Someone… anyone.

  25. As a Pats fan, yeah, I think it’s basically positive. Not earth-shaking, but good.
    Lewis is probably more reliable than Gaffney and certainly more versatile. There may be a limited upside, but the downside is probably limited as well and is insurance against the unknown downside of any WRs they draft.
    Considering how many veteran WRs have been cut and are available on the open market plus all the unsigned FAs – any of whom might have been adequate #3/#4 guys – the fact that Belchick felt compelled to trade for a guy may be taken as a commentary on how much these other guys have been asking for in a contract.

  26. Yea Eagles fans I agree, Greg Lewis is TERRIBLE, probably just as big of a waste as that Jabreer Gaggney or Jabar Gaffney(?) or whatever…Eagles were wise to cut him, it’s funny but I think he had a short stint with the Pats also…I think they cut him too…Gaggney was terrible I hope he’s dead.
    Does anyone else feel like salmon for dinner? I know I do…

  27. Here’s what Belichick had to say about Lewis, per Mike Reiss:
    “Bill Belichick once described him as a tactician as a route-runner.”
    And MaineMan is correct, he’s a replacment for Gaffney. Per M.R>:
    “Because the Patriots are a base three-receiver offense, the No. 3 receiver is a starter in many ways, and Gaffney’s playing time (66 percent) last season reflected that. Lewis also is faster than Gaffney, so in theory, the idea would be that his speed could open opportunities for Randy Moss on the opposite side of the field, and for Wes Welker underneath.”

  28. “Bill Belichick once described him as a tactician as a route-runner.”
    Yeah, and he’s one hell of a punt returner…

  29. Eagles cut Gaffney 3 years ago…and he went to NE and performed very well.
    Lewis, with some good coaching, can perform well, esp on special teams…He’s cheap and signed for a while.
    This is kind of guy NE gets, and they perform well there….He’s Kelly Washington, with speed….a nice 4/5th receiver.

  30. Its simple people. Its a replacement for Kelly Washington and until we know the draft picks we have no idea what it means. What if its a 4th rounder this yr for a 5th next yr? ill take that.
    And as someone mentioned, the pats have a ton of players up for FA next yr. Although I think they lock up Wilfork & Mankins this yr. Seymour…I am interested to see where that goes. Franchise tag next yr if he stays healthy this yr?
    I can’t wait for the pats draft day moves. crafty bastards.

  31. Interesting. So Belichick wasn’t blowing smoke before the game with the Eagles in 2007 when he said he considered Lewis the Eagle’s WR they were most worried about before that game. Come to think of it, Lewis did have a good game that night.

  32. The Patriots got Moss for a Fourth Rounder-Genius Move; Greg Lewis for any pick is Brilliant! Greg Lewis blows-that’s a fact-but a draft pick at the very worst will blow too but it could also be a pro bowler. Just when I think the Eagles couldn’t stoop any lower they totally redeem themselves!

  33. Greg Lewis not only had that nice catch against New England in the Super Bowl but he also had I think two TD’s against New England one of the last games we had against NE…
    G Lewis torched the Patriots and the Packers and had the occasional big play or 3rd down catch…
    he will be a role player in NE and will take Gaffney’s spot…he is very similar to Gaffney but actually faster so he might even be better for NE than Gaffney was

  34. Some Greg Lewis Tidbits:
    He was known as GayLEW to many of us Eagles fans due to his lack of heart and alligator arms.
    In a game against the Redskins 2 years ago, he completely bailed – dropped to his knees and turned away from the ball – to avoid getting hit on a perfectly thrown deep ball. It was the most embarrassing pussy move ever.
    He was the gunner on the punt coverage team last year and had exactly 2 tackles. He had at least 2 special teams penalties on coverage, so his penalties were more than or equal to the number of his tackles.
    He never made a catch he didn’t bobble.
    I’m guessing the Eagles had to give a 5th next year for the Patriots 6th this year.

  35. “Lewis can’t hold Gaffney’s friggin jock.”
    When he tried, he bobbled it and dropped it.

  36. Scary thought: What are the Philadephia sporting goods stores going to do with all of those Greg Lewis jersey’s?

  37. The Patriots are going to miss Gaffney. This move for Lewis is not the move that does that. There is another move to come. Agree with whoever said this replaces Washington as 5th receiver/special teams player. So far, love all of the Pats moves, especially Springs and Baker.

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