Last month, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that former Giants coach Jim Fassel would become the first coach hired by the UFL.
Fassel tells our pal Todd Wright of Sporting News Radio in an interview to be aired during Thursday night’s show that, while not a done deal, things are moving in that direction.  (Todd’s show can be heard right here.)
“I have not signed a contract yet, but I anticipate to signing a contract,” Fassel tells Wright.  “And I would be excited about it.”
Fassel generally believes that the UFL will succeed.
“I think it is going to work,”  he says.  “There are good financial people involved with this and they have a sound plan.  There are good football people running it from the league office and I like the concept.”
The league has announced that its inaugural season will feature four teams and a six-game season.


  1. I like how they are trying to tap into the football market during football season. Who would want football during the not football season? So let’s pick those months where all we have is college and pro football, and well do it on Thursdays, to compliment espn’s Thursday night football. Anything to assure no one will be watching, which is why it can’t happen during the summer. Too many people would be interested. Ooooooookkkkkkkk.

  2. Poor Fassel, Billick screwed you bad .. Don’t worry, i know who was really calling the plays in B-more and his initials are Brian Billick.

  3. I guess the team cam build a marketing plan around his “Were all in” presser statement

  4. Better go with a 2 team league with a 1 game season.
    ya know, start small, right in the middle of this new depression.
    Yeah, that’ll work.

  5. Vick, T.O., and L.T.’S momma can play O-line for the new leauge! Hopefully they dont serve crumbs, we dont want these superstars to starve like they did in the NFL!

  6. I’ve got a great idea. Let’s start a new football league in the middle of a severe recession.
    “Good Financial People”

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