Cleveland Browns unrestricted free agent safety Sean Jones is scheduled to meet with the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday.
Jones is a big, experienced safety at 6-foot-1, 225 pounds with 44 career starts.
For his career, Jones has 286 tackles and three forced fumbles.
Jones’ 14 interceptions since the 2006 season ranks third among NFL safeties behind the Baltimore Ravens’ Ed Reed and the St. Louis Rams’ Oshiomogho Atogwe during that span.
The Browns drafted Jones in the second round out of the University of Georgia in 2004 with the 59th overall pick.

18 responses to “JONES TO VISIT EAGLES

  1. Whoah! Is this a joke? He’s not the safety named “Jones” I would have expected to be visiting Philly.

  2. I would LOVE if they signed Sean Jones… get over Brian “I didn’t leave for the moeny but I took a better contract” Dawkins and get pumped for a stronger, better and faster D.

  3. He has the perfect build to fill that spot but I hear he gambles alot which would create alot of turnovers for the Eagles along with Asante Samuel. But this still does not help out Mcnabb on the offence they need to make a move on Holt or Boldin now if they want a lock on a trip to the superbowl.

  4. HAHAHA @ PJ
    I live in Boulder, CO. It was 70 degrees out today…actually it’s been 60-70 degrees for the last few weeks. It’s hilarious how many people think colorado is a snowy place

  5. okay maybe he’ll be more known now that hes gonna be on a real defense, with those stats he should be.

  6. I think this would be a great signing for our secondary. He is a quality safety that would go a long way to filling the holes left by the Dawkins and Considine losses.

  7. Dawkins left because of the disrespect that the philly managment showed him after his tenture playing with the team. Typical eagles player managment, nothing we can do about it, but mourn a fan favorite who deserved better
    but Jones maybe the way to go to fill the vacancy

  8. I don’t know much about Jones, but I didn’t care for the thought of signing Sean Springs. If you need a safety, sign a safety. I hope it happens.

  9. Quit hating on Brian Dawkins. You can only be disrespected for so long and continue to play it out for fellow teammates and fans. The last contract we gave him was a joke, and we disrespected him again this year. Dawkins will forever be the best safety that ever came to Philly and I wish he was retiring with us, but he isn’t.. and Sean Jones would be an awesome pick up. Lets get’r done!!

  10. As an recently separated Browns fan and a newly acquired Eagles fan I would LOVE to see what Jones could do *IF HEALTHY for the Eagles D. He could be a dynamic player after losing such a main piece of the puzzle.

  11. Dawk left two holes in the Iggs, in the heart, and on the field. The first can never really be filled; the second has to be. No one can replace BDawk, he’s one of a kind – but Jones can play and he would be a solid pick-up.
    PJ is wrong, and not just about the weather in CO – Dawk is a champ, Banner is a chump. Learn the difference.
    Smush is right; the only “hole” left by Considine is on ST and can be filled easily (the “loss” usually involved Considine trailing some WR into the end zone).

  12. It’s about time they brang this dude in for a visit. I highly doubt that this guy will be leaving philly. Ink him in for the 2009 roster.

  13. this guy seems like the missing piece to the eagles secondary, come on 5, 5, and 4 interceptions in the past 3 seasons sounds like a ball hawk to me..

  14. If you think Westbrook is hurt all the time, Sean Jones will make Westbrook look like Cal Ripken.

  15. On March 5th, 2009 at 8:49 pm AlwaysSonny said:
    “HAHAHA @ PJ
    I live in Boulder, CO. It was 70 degrees out today…actually it’s been 60-70 degrees for the last few weeks. It’s hilarious how many people think colorado is a snowy place”
    Are you sure you don’t live (under a) Boulder? The average high temperature for Denver (where the Broncos are located) in March is in the mid 40’s, and the average snowfall per year is over 50 inches. I guess it’s all relative.

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