Bills running back Marshawn Lynch has copped his second plea in less than a year.
The first time around, he ducked hit-and-run charges with what essentially amounted to a traffic ticket.
This time, he has pleaded guilty as charged, to misdemeanor charges in California arising from the possession of a firearm.
His agent, Doug Hendrickson, informed us of the plea.  Hendrickson tells us that Lynch will serve no jail time.
“Today I pled guilty to a misdemeanor violation of having a firearm in a vehicle,” Lynch said in a statement e-mailed to PFT.  “I am embarrassed by my recent arrest and conviction.  I deeply regret that I placed myself in this situation.
“I have made mistakes in the past.  Although I have learned many lessons over recent years, I obviously have not learned enough.
“I apologize to my family, the Buffalo Bills organization, my teammates, the Buffalo community, and Commissioner Goodell.  I have already learned from this recent mistake and am sincerely committed to being a more responsible citizen and better representative of the NFL.”
Lynch’s case will now be reviewed by the league under the Personal Conduct Policy, given that the legal process is concluded.  Though he wasn’t disciplined for last year’s guilty plea, the fact that he has run afoul of the law twice in less than a year could result in a stiffer punishment.
Frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised by a four-game suspension, reduced on appeal to two.


  1. When someone says this:
    “I am embarrassed by my recent arrest and conviction.”
    RECENT. That’s funny.

  2. From all accounts, he’s a humble and decent human being. Like so many others in the league, he suffers from bad judgment and bad decision making. As a Bills fan, I want him to play in every game, but a suspension should be, and probably will be coming.

  3. This tale is getting really old. Goodell is obviously never going to get tough with these players who continue to defy the law. When Goodell talks of the “integrity” of the NFL….it has long since become a joke. This statement is way out of Lynches verbal capacity and was no doubt send to PFT by his lawyer or someone else.

  4. A one or two game suspension would be fair, considering that the league would keep him on sort of an indefinite probationary period, during which any future trouble would lead to harsher treatment by the league. Hopefully he will learn is lesson and this will be the end of is bad behavior, because Lynch is basically one of the good guys. He is very generous toward children and the poor, both in California where he was raised and in the Buffalo area.

  5. Lynch is my favorite player in the league right now, but I think 2-4 games is fair. I’m hoping for two.
    He just better stay out of trouble after this.

  6. Gotta love the cops. They don’t even try to pretend to be fair or honest.

  7. Considering Brandon Marshall ultimately got a game suspension for beating-up his woman a dozen times, Lynch shouldn’t be suspended at all.

  8. Florio,
    I love the fact that you won’t let his “hit and run” plea, go.
    The facts of that case, like this one, were wildly blown out of proportion by the media. A drunk woman illegally crossing the street (against the light and signal) walking into a moving vehicle, is not a hit and run. Sorry to break it to you, but the LAW didn’t seem to think so.
    This gun possession charge, is due to a lack of maturity on Lynch’s part. Nothing more. He wasn’t carrying and unregistered fire arm across state lines, into a night club, where he shot himself. He wasn’t stock piling assault rifles in his home. He didn’t kill his girlfriend, or run her over in his driveway, or stab someone after a super bowl (sorry, witness a stabbing and not tell the police). He is a dumb kid, that grew up around guns, still thinks he needs one, and got busted by some cops who were, in all fairness, unjustly searching his car.
    Let it go Florio. The more you write about Lynch, the more you sound like a guy who has an agenda, not an unbiased sports blogger.

  9. His 2nd Amendment Rights were violated.
    There is nothing wrong with having a firearm in a vehicle.

  10. @Bob Nelson: “There is nothing wrong with have a gun in a vehicle,” unless its loaded and not registered and sitting next to a fat blunt.
    @moonbeam: It was like 4am in the busiest bar district in Buffalo, I doubt there was any sobriety involved.
    I am a Bills fan and a Lynch fan, but I do kind of hope they give him a substantial suspension. He needs to learn a lesson and theres no better way to teach him, plus this way he’ll still have fresh legs come December.

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