Competing for the same or similar players is something that was bound to happen since New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Kansas City Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli collaborated for so many years in New England.
According to Albert Breer of, both the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs are interested in free agent cornerback Travis Daniels.
Daniels has played for the Miami Dolphins and the Cleveland Browns and played for former Dolphins coach Nick Saban at LSU. 
Plus, Daniels played for former Browns coach Romeo Crennel. And Crennel worked with Belichick and Pioli in New England.
That’s a lot of connections for Daniels to call upon as he looks for a new NFL employer.


  1. can’t be worse than deltha o’neal… i hope to god we find a corner who could at least cover a high school reciever… wilhite and wheatley could be better and will hopefully be healthy.

  2. I don’t quite understand this. I don’t recall Travis Daniels doing much of anything in his tenure with the Browns. But when they first acquired him, I do remember reading about him being a non-factor with the Dolphins.

  3. Considering the very generous deal the Pats gave the Chiefs I think the Chiefs should let the Pats have him

  4. Someone named Travis playing for the team that represents Connecticut? It’s too soon to be monkeying around with the puns that would come from that, especially if this Travis requires alot of face time with the media.

  5. clintdogg says: “um Florio, that’s only 1 connection to the Pats and Chiefs. Am I missing something? ”
    All tied to Belicheck.

  6. Hey, don’t forget that Daniels played at LSU under Saban. Saban coached with Belichick in Cleveland (I think), which is where Romeo Crennel coached. Crennel drafted Brady Quinn, whom played at Notre Dame. Notre Dame is where Charlie Weis coaches, whom also coached with both Crennel AND Belichick in New England. New England is in the AFC East where Saban used to coach, where he drafted Travis Daniels. Both Belichick was a coach with The Tuna (who is now also in Miami where Daniels and Saban used to be, in the AFC East where Belichick is, and Weis and Crennel were) in New York where Corey Webster now starts. Corey Webster played with Travis Daniels at LSU under Saban.
    When you really get down to bare bones, it’s 6 degrees of separation with Scott Pioli. And/or Travis Daniels.

  7. TD is a little better than mediocre. he was allright in miami, i didnt really pay much attention to what happened with him in cleveland, but he’s nothing special.

    I hope the Pats pick him up and EVERY fin fan in the world can laugh heartily as we watch them waste cap space and a roster spot to:
    the single worst NFL corner back I have ever seen.
    it was nuts when we got something for him in the trade to the browns

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