Denver Broncos free agent cornerback Karl Paymah is expected to visit the Minnesota Vikings next week, according to Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press.
Paymah visited the Baltimore Ravens’ training complex today, meeting with team officials and coach John Harbaugh.
Drafted in the third round in 2005 out of Washington State, Paymah has five career starts in four NFL seasons.
He started twice at cornerback in place of an injured Champ Bailey (groin injury) last season, but didn’t draw high grades and was replaced by rookie Josh Bell.
Regarded as a special-teams ace, Paymah is considered capable of operating as a reliable reserve cornerback.

11 responses to “PAYMAH TO VISIT VIKINGS

  1. The Vikings need all the help they can get as far as pass defense is concerned. They are terrible.

  2. Despite saying I was going to take a couple weeks off… That was the Screwdrivers speaking… Now that I have had a chance to cool off and rationalize not resigning Birk….. I still say fire Childress.. And Whoopteedoo They are bringing in someone who was out played by a rookie.. Honestly they misewell just trade Adrian Peterson.. Their not going anywhere with the way the Coach treats people.. Get Rid Of Childress……………..You realize that he didnt want Birk back. The only reason they gave him an offer to begin with is to avoid as much back lash as possible. That way they can say “We gave it a shot” But they did’nt give it a real shot. They didnt even give him an offer until just before the Combine..Shows you what kind of coach this is……..No Im not drunk…yet..

  3. Idiot_Bob_Nelson says:
    March 5th, 2009 at 7:05 pm
    “The Vikings need all the help they can get as far as pass defense is concerned. They are terrible.”
    I think the Packers pass defense is worse. I mean, didn’t you all scream for Bob Sanders head?
    Hey Florio – please come up with some kind of Packers post so Bob Nelson AKA “Miss Informed” has something to pass his time and quit posting Vikings comments. How about an update on Johnny Jolly’s legal situation?

  4. Paymah is the ultimate “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane” player. In Denver he was given every opportunity to beat out Dre Bly and couldn’t do it. Then both rookie 4th round draft choice Jack Williams (all 5′8″ 160 lbs of him) and undrafted rookie free agent Josh Bell passed him by on the depth chart. He can not play the slot, he can not play in the dime. He’s stiff, he gets twisted like a pretzel and he can’t play the ball. He’s not a NFL corner, and will never be a NFL corner. He’s really a good tackling free saftey with no instinctiveness and very limited football intelligence. Oh, and really bad hands too. The Broncos twice tried to convert him to safety and he was completely lost and could never figure it out. If all you need is a gunner on punt and kicks, then he’s just the ticket. He’s got legit 4.4 speed and very good size and can hunt down returners with the best of them. But put him into any type of read and react situation and he just doesn’t get it as his 3 INTs in four years attest.

  5. hey florio,
    howabouts after you update us on jolly’s legal troubles, you update us on the wi**liams walls’ legal troubles.

  6. zygimilf-
    what does us screaming for bob sanders head have to do with anthing? he was a terrible DC. so your point is….????

  7. Sign Paymah already, the average Viking fan only needs a single FA signing to begin the off season rant about how this one is going to put them over the top and into the Superbowl.
    the MN Vikings, the off season paper champs for 40 years running.

  8. This has to be strictly for special teams, assuming they are gong to lose out on Heath Farwell. They could use the depth as a DB, but should very well do better with their late round picks. I for one am thinking they must take a CB early, rnds 1-3.

  9. hahahaha zigi milf, what a name…. im pretty sure marcus mcuseless could beat out Paymah bills with my crappy skills

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