OK, we’re kind of getting bored with this — sort of like the “hello” voice.  But now that we’ve started it, we can’t stop.
And, actually, this T.O.-related nugget might be the most significant one yet.
Dave Mason of KHTK in Sacramento tells us that he called Raiders exec John Herrera regarding the team’s potential interest in Terrell Owens.
Said Herrera: “We’re as happy as can be right now.”
While it’s not a “yes,” it really isn’t a “no,” either.
And we wonder whether Herrera would still feel as happy as he can be if Tim Kawakami were to put his “f–king hand” on Herrera.
UPDATE:  Dave has advised us that Herrera was referring to the Javon Walker restructuring, and not addressing Owens.

34 responses to “RAIDERS NOT INTERESTED IN T.O.?

  1. And the way they announce signings is through updating the transactions board. Davis likes to be shocking and have some surprise value to what he does. Quietly signing T.O. then making a grand announcement would be right up his alley.

  2. Like this Herrera guy you speak of has ANY decision making ability. When King Al says it, I’ll believe it.

  3. IMHO, this probably means the retirement of Terrell Owens is coming very soon. I’d give him a very low risk 1 year deal in NE if I was GM, but he’d be gone next year and he’d know it. I see this being the end of TO.
    Sadly this guy has GREAT numbers. He has been TERRIBLE for team chemistry.

  4. “We’re as happy as can be right now.” as in “We’re as happy as can be right now, because T.O. is about to become a free agent and we’re gonna sign his ass.”

  5. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Florio are you going to post every single teams status on T.O.?? You realized its too early for any team to make a statement of interest anyways! Welcome to the Hell that is Sportscenter and PFT for the next two months till T.O. is signed…

  6. ok, enough is enough! You’re telling me the RAIDERS won’t take the guy?!?! BULLS***! I have to assume this has to be a strategy by some teams to see if they can low-ball the guy.

  7. Herrera just knows that Al is probably still sleeping, hasnt heard the TO news and that, while everyone else in the organization knows what a trainwreck move it would be, theres a good chance Al will be on it like flies on sh-t.

  8. How about this headline?
    “PFT Readers no longer giving a shit about T.O. articles?”

  9. And you guys think some team is going to sign Michael “The Dog Killer” Vick when no one wants T.O.?

  10. Seriously, who is going to come right out and say “Yeah, we’re interested.” Then Florio would be busting on them for giving up negotiating leverage.
    Jerry Jones said he wasn’t going to cut T.O. and now someone is probably lying about not wanting to sign him. He will be in a NFL uni this year because while he might be a world class turd, the dude can flat out play. And that’s all NFL teams care about.

  11. It’s only a matter of time now before Rosenhaus starts screaming about Collusion.

  12. can’t teach an old dog new tricks. the raiders will be all over TO like yellow on Als teeth.

  13. she-ho needs to go commit a crime with con-vick so they can both play in the virginia penal league. or is that penile league?

  14. I’ll bet it all that the Raiders never sniff at T.O.
    Despite you trying to perpetuate the myth Florio, the Raiders do not sign this type of player. Name me 2 in the past 10 years?

  15. Herreras ambiguos answer all but guarantees Owens will be in Oakland. Randy took plays off, TO doesnt. As far as I’m concerned Florio start TO watch like Lord Favre watch. If he wasn’t good nobody would be talking right now.

  16. I remember when the Raiders announced Norv Turner at HC and then announced K-F-C as QB.
    I can feel that same feeling of hopelessness coming on, but this time its for for totally different reasons. Last time, I knew those two knuckleheads would screw up and lose… this time, the locker room will be eaten alive as soon as the loosing starts and/or JR looks a little nervous or indecisive in the pocket and misses a wide open Owens.

  17. Despite you trying to perpetuate the myth Florio, the Raiders do not sign this type of player. Name me 2 in the past 10 years?
    Randy Moss, DeAngelo Hall, JAvon Walker, JErry Porter (drafted), Warren Sapp, Bill Romanowski….
    All of those guys I just listed were cancers at some point in their careers. That never stopped the Raiders from signing them.

  18. Despite you trying to perpetuate the myth Florio, the Raiders do not sign this type of player. Name me 2 in the past 10 years?
    Easy. Meangelo Hall, Javon Walker, Jerry Porter (even though he was drafted, they still put up with him well after knowing he was no good for the locker room, I mean cmon who cheers when their qb gets sacked.) Warren Sapp, Jeff George, Gibril Wilson (who wasn’t bad I admit, just was too bad he didn’t have the mentality to stick it out), Rob Johnson (we all remember him), Romo/Stubblefield/Everyone else in BALCO, etc etc. IMO TO is up our alley.

  19. I simply find this hard to believe. I bet ‘ol Al has a boner that Viagra could not match over T.O. Being on the market.

  20. nebakanezer, you obviously know nothing about the raiders organization. Herrera is Mr. Davis’ right hand man, he’s one of two people Mr. Davis confides in and if Mr. Davis allowed him to speak to the media and be quoted, than that’s exactly what Mr. Davis wanted. Mr. Davis wants to go young, he spoke specifically about the emergence of Schilens and Higgins and wanting to see what they can do in his most recent press conference when he announced Cable as the head coach and TO is not young.

  21. “Herrera just knows that Al is probably still sleeping, hasnt heard the TO news
    You’re right. There’s still daylight outside. Al Davis can’t emerge from his crypt until the sun has gone down. He feeds at night.

  22. Javon must have heard me! At the Patriots game last year I laid into Javon for 3 full quarters. I sit in Sec 114 in the 10th row. I had seen enough crappy football to last a lifetime, and to see Javon on the sideline in sweats and a big jacket, i had it. I was yelling at him all kinds of things about working for a paycheck, and how expensive it was to sit in my seat, and offered for him to pay for my seats since one of us was actually WORKING to be there! I know he was injured, but the lack of effort all along just killed me. I went on and on. When I thought I had gone too far, and was annoying the people around me, I asked my section of they would sing to Javon with me. I said “na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, and about 90% of my section and the neighboring sections joined in with “GOODBYE”!!! haha. It was great. I dont mind him staying, especially for the drastically lower price, but he better WORK to be there. I will. If he doesn’t, he will hear singing again! Javon, if you read this, it’s all in good fun, but if you really want to pay for my tickets, I have 4 in the 114 section! haha. See you next year!

  23. it is 1900et so al’s coffin should pop open in about 30 minutes.
    she-ho to the raiders. it is ordained. not even the lions want her.

  24. Raiders are 7 million under the cap and have the 7th pick in the draft. There is no money to sign TO
    The only Cowboy the Raiders need to sign is Burnett.

  25. they can get him. cut a few more nonstars. sign rookies to squat.
    and she-ho doesnt have to get $7M or the $5.5M he is getting now.
    think lower. much lower.


  27. These is no doubt that at one time Al Davis would have jumped at the chance to bring in TO. I believe that the time is not now. Many peoplemust not be watching because Tom Cable has expressed an emphasis on changing the culture in Oakland. Players like Owens are no longer wanted on the team. And one glaring fact that many folks seem to forget. Owens in not a #1 receiver any more! If he can’t play…. Davis has no use for him.

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