The Dallas Cowboys cut star wide receiver Terrell Owens tonight, according to Michael Smith of
ESPN has posted a breaking news item on the front page of its Web site.
The report cites two sources, per the Cowboys blog on the Dallas Morning News.
In late February, Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones issued this comment when asked about Owens’ possible release: “That [Cowboys vice president and Jones’ son] Stephen [Jones] and I were debating about Terrell, that’s just misinformation.  That’s just not accurate.  I don’t know where that comes from.  That’s just total misinformation.”
The Cowboys’ official Web site still lists Owens on the roster, but has posted a blog referencing the ESPN report.  Per the blog, the Cowboys have not confirmed that Owens is off the team.
The headline on states: “Looks Like T.O. Gone,” with a subheading that says, “Reports Claim Owens Released; Cowboys Mum.”
As of 1:00 a.m. EST, no Cowboys official would confirm the report to the official Web site or issue a comment.
According to, Owens had 69 receptions for 1,052 yards and 10 touchdowns last season.
UPDATE:  Citing sources, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has confirmed ESPN’s report that the Cowboys have released Owens.
Per the Star-Telegram, Owens, 35, was paid a $12 million signing bonus last year.  It was a portion of his four-year, $34 million contract.
Updating the newspaper’s initial report, Clarence Hill and Mac Engel of the Star-Telegram wrote that “petulant and controversial receiver Terrell Owens is no longer a member of the Dallas Cowboys.”
The article references Owens’ run-ins last season with quarterback Tony Romo, tight end Jason Witten, and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.  Sources told the newspaper: “[T]he decision to drop Owens had everything to do with his age, and the fact he is no longer regarded as a legit No. 1 receiver.”
Jones reportedly had spent weeks seeking input throughout the organization about Owens before reaching a conclusion that “Owens had become a distraction” and needed to be released prior to the launch of the offseason conditioning program scheduled to start in a few weeks.
On June 1, Owens was due a $3.1 million roster bonus.
UPDATE II: Now, Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News has confirmed that Owens has been cut, citing a source.
Watkins reports that team officials told Owens tonight that they “had decided to go in a different direction,” adding that “multiple sources” said that Owens’ potential exit had been under discussion for several days.
Apparently, the final decision to take this action wasn’t made until Wednesday night.
Watkins reports that agent Drew Rosenhaus, who represents Owens, and Owens didn’t return telephone calls.
Writing on the Morning News’ Cowboys blog, Tim MacMahon points out that Jery Jones issued a telling quote to Dallas television reporter Steve Dennis in a recent interview where Jones discussed wide receiver Roy Williams’ role for next season.
“We all understand and maybe, maybe need to think through, is there enough balls?” Jones said.  “Can there be enough balls to go around here?  I think that’s very, very important here.  And we want Roy Williams to have a lot of balls.”
UPDATE III: Jay Glazer of has also confirmed the reports, citing Cowboys sources, and writes that the transaction “seems to fit with the Cowboys’ plan to have a more harmonious locker room for 2009.”
Glazer pointed out that Owens told the Dallas Morning News in May last year that he wanted to conclude his career with the Cowboys.
UPDATE IV: Per the Associated Press, a spokesman for the wide receiver said that Owens “hadn’t heard the news,” adding that Owens was traveling and couldn’t be reached for comment.


  1. Wow. I respect Jerry Jones for making the decision, but what does this do for the Cowboys cap situation?

  2. Holy shit!
    Use your limited insider knowledge and tell us where he is going to go! Or just keep talking about the NFLPA president. And WVU. And agents talking improperly to teams/players.

  3. i hope this it true! (even though i HATE the COWGURLS) T.O is not worth that hassle he brings to a locker room… a true primadonna

  4. Well of course, the worldwide leader couldn’t possibly have it wrong. Jon Kitna to Roy Williams worked out great for the Lions last year; they oughta be able to put the ‘Boys over the top.
    You think TO would return to the San Francisco Bay? No no, I mean the Raiders. I’m sure they can find $100M between the couch cushions to bring TO in.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  5. First thought is, “Show me a source.”
    But it’s not Ed the hack this time. Micheal Smith is usually one of ESPiNs more credible guys.

  6. I wonder how long it’ll take for ESPN to pull that report down, saying it’s a fluke created by agent Drew Rosenhaus to try to get T.O. a new place to live.

  7. first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brady to owens i can hear it now they got the money so why not??

  8. Hey Vox where you at? Not trying to be juvenile here but I really want to know your opinion on this, its the biggest news for the cowboys since they signed him.

  9. Call me crazy, but what would it take for the Eagles to sign T.O and Marvin Harrison…..and reverse age them about 5 years?

  10. haakakaka good to see someone up late patrolling the news while Florio gently slumbers next to his sprint phone and empty pepsi max bottles

  11. Lets see … who needs a receiver: Philly …. oops. Miami (Parcells) …. oops. San Francisco … oops. Odds on favorite could be BAL or TEN. Sneaky play … New England. How sick would that be?

  12. I really don’t get this. He is one of the best players in the league, and always plays hard. Who cares about “locker room drama”? Just play the game.
    Maybe the Giants can sign him.

  13. Vox knows nothing about the Cowboys. Probably because the Texans are his home team. Either way this was the right decision in the long run. For next year however, they will be lucky to be 6-10 and not finish last in the NFC East.

  14. This is a Florio fantasy. It involves problems with the Cowboys, and problems with TO. Both were obviously going to happen one way or another.

  15. The mess that is to keeps getting better and better – Philly is laughing at him right now –
    Oh no… they wouldn’t think about it…I am dreading the first dick head that says TO to philly…

  16. YES!!!!!!
    I’ve learned to play football watching Tom Landry, Dorsett, Pearson, and Too Tall. T.O. is a talented WR for certain, but there’s just too much drama associated with him. Deserved or not, controversy always follows him.
    I would rather see Dallas go 0-16 without him, than to have him on the team and further disrupt team chemistry.
    My hope is that JJ will now try and resign Miles Austin and/or Sam Hurd.

  17. I’m not sure how this makes sense on the field. But for his childish antics off the field, I hope the door hits him on the way out, and again as often as possible.

  18. He will only go to an elite offense, or a team with a good Wr corps.
    He could go to San Diego, Pittsburgh, Detroit, or possibly Seattle.
    I think he could go to Detroit and be the best mentor to Calvin Johnson.
    If Holt ends up getting cut, he could go to Detroit if Owens doesn’t, to reunite with Linehan, who is now the lions OC.
    Either way, I think the lions actually have a legitimate shot at getting one of those players.

  19. Wow. This is nuts. The cowboys are gonna suck without him. I wanna see T.O. get a ring . He deserves it. For all the flak the guy gets for being who he is, he still one of the best WR ever to play the game. And the next team that takes a flier on him should be very happy with what they get in return. I personally hope the Bucs make a play for him.

  20. HAHAHAHA. To all those “Cowboys FANS” who ran their mouth at the Eagles fans about how stupid they were, how T.O. would “thrive” under Jerry Jones and in the Cowboys system. Wow. Must feel like some azzes now huh?? He was CERTAINLY worth that $12 million last year for you, know getting you a Super Bowl…oops, I mean atleast getting you into the playoffs…oops! Thats right, he didnt get you ANYWHERE. AND your taking a CAP HIT. Haha, the genius of Jerry Jones. So both Hitman Jones and T.O. were going to “change” in Dallas? To the surprise of NOONE, besides the oblivious “fans” of the Girls, they both FLOPPED and cost you $$. This is TOO great. Good luck with Roy Williams as your #1 next year. He certainly made a HUGE impact last year after you gave up the draft, AND paid him Larry Fitz $$, haha, I’d take the Eagles WR core over yours ANYDAY!!

  21. That’s a shame. Really enjoyed watching cowboys fail this year and I believe TO was a big reason for that.

  22. Too bad TO! They are saying on ESPN right now that he’s “devestated, feeling betrayed and never saw this coming.” Haha. Watch TO sign with the Redskins, then he can go against the ‘Boys and Iggles a combined four times a year. Plus, Dan Snyder is just crazy enough to do it. No way the Giants would want TO — Coughlin would never have it. But I could definitely see Owens in our nation’s capital.

  23. wow, i truly did not think this was actually going to go down, but there you have it folks; the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team.
    Weird that it comes out at this time of night though, as opposed to being leaked earlier in the day or in the morning.

  24. Hey Wilf, send that private jet to Dallas. I’ll take those stats; attitude or not. He would improve your offense. Get er dun!

  25. What else will Jerry Jones say will turn around on him?
    Lets see… There was the trade talks with WR Roy Williams before he was a Cowboy and Jones said that they wouldn’t trade for a WR.
    Then there was the one about keeping all coaches on staff, and then he cut loose a few of them.
    And now T.O., said T.O. was going to return, but that turned around.
    And I can’t remember if Jones said anything about Ray Lewis possibly coming to the team, because I think that’s a lost cause without T.O. just because Ray-Ray loved him soooo much.

  26. Get your Pop Corn Ready Again! It’s funny how history repeats itself. Too bad for Cincinnati since they just signed Coles. TO seems more like their kind of player. He probably won’t end up with the Giants or Washington due to cap space. I’m gonna guess that he ends up in either Oakland or the Jets. Any takers?

  27. I’m not starting rumors here, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if TO signed a 2-yr deal in Philly?

  28. Now, the real question: Which team feels like poisoning its locker room next season?

  29. Hopefully Owens still has a few million of those reasons to live left over from last year.

  30. what??? we landed on the moon????
    wow espn beat you guys to this story…..i thought you guys were so much better???

  31. As an Eagles fan, I see him going to the Giants, and Plaxico going to the Cowboys. So regardless, we’ll still have to play both of them twice a year.

  32. Now if only the rest of the NFL would just not sign him and then it’d be perfect.

  33. sporkdevil says:
    Use your limited insider knowledge and tell us where he is going to go! Or just keep talking about the NFLPA president. And WVU. And agents talking improperly to teams/players.
    You just summed up 90 percent of PFT
    now all your missing is the Steelers; Patriots> SpyGate storiess and comments

  34. I’d prefer TO stayed on the cowboys.. all this means is they will run more and I bet they are going to try to be all noble and try to turn themselves into a classy organization. Won’t happen but they will try.
    Jason witten gets injured and misses and significant time its safe to say the cowboys will fail. I think martellus bennet could be solid but hes nowhere near witten. Plus the guy is dumb, like seriously, hes stupid.

  35. The cowturds are finally getting smart. It takes a team to win it all. Not a few selfish superstars.

  36. There is no way that TO ends up with the Skins, they ran out of money a few days ago. He’s got the Raiders or Jets written all over him. Perhaps he can meet up with Plaxico and Lito in the big apple and paint the town.

  37. good thing espn will have this story to beat to death and offer endless speculation from experts like mark shlereth. their knight in shining armor brett farve has been keeping surprisingly quiet so far…

  38. Giant’s don’t have any cap left either. I think Bernard and Brown was it.

  39. Take Your popcorn maker and pics of Tony Romo spread out on the floor after he Fainted with yeah.
    T.O.”Ima Kill me Some Me”

  40. I know you didnt break this story, but now you can work on breaking where he will go! He should go to Minnesota. Childress used to be his OC right?

  41. I like the “Brady to Owens” remark. Who the hell would you double cover? Moss, Welker, Owens, Faulk, Chris Baker, etc.????
    If there was a locker-room that could whip his personality into shape, it’s there in Foxboro. But I highly doubt BB will take that chance. Although, it would be something special to watch every weekend.

  42. Good News, Good news! He is a GREAT player when he wants but I am tired of him being the goto guy for information on the Cowboys. Coach Killer, Coach Killer!

  43. Air10–
    Torry Holt I get, but what on earth makes you think the Lions would be in play for TO? He’d be a perfect complement to Megatron, sure, but the Lions just traded away a talented mouth–you know, to the Cowboys, to make TO expendable? My question would be if he thinks Duante Culpepper is good enough to get him the ball; I sure as hell don’t.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  44. jerseyguy says:
    March 5th, 2009 at 1:04 am
    sporkdevil says:
    Use your limited insider knowledge and tell us where he is going to go! Or just keep talking about the NFLPA president. And WVU. And agents talking improperly to teams/players.
    You just summed up 90 percent of PFT
    now all your missing is the Steelers; Patriots> SpyGate storiess and comments
    Don’t forget Brett Farve!

  45. UFB!!! UFB!!! Wonder how Drew “Super Agent” Rosenhaus is gonna handle this????

  46. Just when I thought (hoped) Jerry Jones didn’t have a brain in his head, he goes and does something smart. Now they just need to replace Santa Claus at head coach and maybe they have a shot. SO, now do the Cowboys fans admit that Werder didn’t make up stories about team discord and locker room drama centered around T.O. this past season? T.O. is a P.O.S. always has been always will be.

  47. Brady to Owens TD and Brady to Moss TD would be nice but as a Pats fan i would be shock if we sign TO. I want Jason Taylor in a Pats uniform next year.

  48. All eyes will be on mr Tony Romo and the other buttkissers, we shall see how they’ll fare without Owens. Jerry Jones just made a big mistake.

  49. Not going to Washington. They had to cut Jason Taylor to make room for Hall’s contract. Although I think they could sign him after cutting Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas and Fred Davis. Those guys are miserably bad at football.

  50. You got scooped on this Florio cause u were too busy attacking Warner for his faith…..KARMA! 10 other sites had this story B4 u

  51. I can’t complain about this. Either way the Cowboys have huge concerns in ’09. This is the cleaner approach. I can however see remaining in the NFC East….looking at you Dan Snyder.

  52. I cant even fathom this, im sick to my stomach. TO may not have been perfect, but his behavior was pretty solid in his 3 yrs with Dallas, and he has never had any legal troubles (that i know of). After averaging abt 78 rec, 1200 yds, and 13 TD’s a season with the Cowboys they cut him? Im extremely disappointed. The man can flat out play the WR position, and the worst part is the Cowboys arent even attempting to fill needs (DB, DB, DB, DB, OL, now WR). We were pretty disappointing all around last yr (except front 7 on D) and now we lose an amazing WR to Jerry Jones’ ignorance. Im just, appalled.

  53. sporkdevil says:
    Use your limited insider knowledge and tell us where he is going to go! Or just keep talking about the NFLPA president. And WVU. And agents talking improperly to teams/players.
    jerseyguy says:
    You just summed up 90 percent of PFT
    now all your missing is the Steelers; Patriots> SpyGate storiess and comments
    Between you guys, I think that Florio does a HELL of a job here, getting us football news when we need it. NFLPA, tampering, SpyGate, Steelers, it’s all part of the NFL world, and keep in mind that he’s been posting around the clock free agency updates, so give him a bone once in a while.
    Now, where the hell is the ‘Brett Favre sold his truck on eBay’ topic at? I just wanted to point out that Brett Favre is going poor!

  54. Just because nobody has said this yet, I will let you all know that T.O. was on the Eagles when Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress was their Offensive Coordinator. Vikings just missed out on T.J. Douchebag-osama on a high priced contract. How much higher could it be to sign T.O.?

  55. Bucs seem like a logical landing point. They need all the help they can get if Luke McCown is their starting QB, and they love bringing assholes to town.

  56. I think Jerry Jones just had it dawn on him that T.O. was the faulty spot on the team. He’s blown up two teams, in Philly & the 49ers. He may have blown up the Cowboys this last season. He is a distraction & will always be a malcontent. His time in the NFL is numbered; he’s not getting younger.
    This release of him, equates to me, he pissed someone off & was fired. He wasn’t offered for trade? That blows me away. This news is a blind side & I am sure the top experts are scratching their heads but as the story plays out, I am sure there will be a logical explanation; not that the Cowboys got rid of him but the manner in which it was done….
    I must say though, the Cowboys don’t need Owens. They have a great receiver corps already & the main reason they weren’t allowed to prosper as they could, is because of Owens’s insecurity (remember the Witten & Romo conspiracy against Terrell?). The receiver that should be watched on the Cowboys is Miles Austin. He is probably the most under rated receiver on the team. I believe Crayton’s numbers will improve, along with the overall cohesiveness on the team. Do I need to mention Roy Williams? He won’t have the pressure of having Owens around, so he’ll be better off…

  57. it was painful listening to stephen a smith try to blame this on anything but TO being an a$$shole on sportscenter
    how great will it be if no one picks him up? (wishful thinking, i know, some gm unfortunately will be that stupid)

  58. People talk crap on t.o. but alot of people want him on their team. I think the Cowboys just took a step back. T.O. had 38 TD’s in the years I think, the most out of anybody. Everybody else should just man up and play

  59. I so hope that Mangini is calling TO – that would almost assure a 0-16 season and Eric the Rat’s exodus from the coaching ranks.

  60. Vikings are too pussy to pick up T.O. and his drama but damn that would work. Sage to owens what a great combination lol

  61. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME! the million dollar question– how big of a DOUCHE-BAG do you have to be to get sent packing by the CowGirls? answer: a T.O sized one! the cowboys can usually put up with any loser as long as he produces on the field @ game time. this is simply amazing! and my birthday isn’t even until September! T.O. gets canned, again, and simultaneously makes the cowboys suck a little harder at the same time! SWEET! dear Jesus; now that I’m certain of your existence, i would like to thank you for all of the wonderful things that you do! and P.S. please, whatever happens, don’t let him join my beloved N.Y. Football Giants. we already have to deal with one possibly retarded wide-out. and for the record,any team, other than the Oakland Raiders, that are dumb enough to sign this Clown should be banned from the league. i give them a pass only because they are horrible, and have the dumbest owner in the history of professional sports.hey, come on lets face it, the Raiders would sign a tap-dancing monkey if it can help that mess out by catching touch downs. hmmmm? wait a second! i know just such a primate! see you in Oakland Terrell!

  62. Nothing better than watching a millionaire cry because he’s the victim, today is a good day!

  63. I saw the following posted on another website and find it odd how heavily ESPN and media in general has backpedaled on this to give the “sob story” of how T.O. was done wrong. —
    hahaha. CONGRATS ESPN.
    you win.
    Congrats DMN and the media.
    you win.
    just don’t disappear on me now. Keyshawn on ESPN just called T.O. a “terrific receiver”.
    Steve Young called him the “only guy who challenged Jerry Rice in work ethic”.
    Stephen A. Smith said “he was betrayed by the liar Jerry Jones”.
    And now you see, you so very stupid Dallas fans how the betrayal begins. Setup and run by the media and now they back off their comments and we are officially the “media’s” team.
    The rumors are Indy, Giants and NE. I’m gonna laugh my butt off this year. All I know is, we should now win the superbowl according to many of you. Congrats Hansen, Galloway. We are now winners according to you.
    Congrats J. Garrett, I look forward to excellent play calling and congrats Witten, I look forward to another 100 catch season.
    for the record, I never really liked T.O…. but I just hate to see a guy railroaded, and this stinks of it.
    BUT, again congrats media and Dallas fans and media. You win again. Superbowl here we come according to you.

  64. they should make him play for the lions, and actually throw him the ball every play and when they still lose every game maybe he’ll realize its not all about him.

  65. I’m suprised there were no trade rumors.
    Think Jones tried and got no interest?
    I guess rather than put up with all the hype and try to max the value you might get, just cut him and move forward quietly!?

  66. Owens is a dickhead (much like his #1 fan, Vox) so the next team that signs him is just asking for a distraction. Meanwhile, Vox can save some money himself since he doesn’t need to buy those economy sized jars of KY jelly for his idol, TO.

  67. Is Belechik arrogant enough to think he can pull it off? He may think that he can get one good, productive and cohesive year out of T.O.

  68. Now let us go over the team(s) he mey or may not go to.
    Eagles, Giants, cowboys, Vikings, Carolina, Saints, Falcons, Rams, Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals, Patriots, Jets, Dolphins, Bills, Jaguars, Titans, Colts, Texans, Ravens, Steelers, Bengals, Browns, Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos, Bears, Lions, Packers – these are all teams who either have no need for Owens, have already cut him or just won’t have anything to do with the bastard.
    I can see the Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders being the only three teams who will grant owens an opportunity.

  69. Awesome news. My biggest hope would be that no one picks him up and hes forced to either retire or play in the CFL. Since thats not going to happen, id like to see him finish out his days with some doormat team like the Lions or Raiders.

  70. COME to B-MORE.. Flacco throws a nice deep ball …Come on Ray pull for TO to come here . He wanted you in Dallas ..

  71. Owens to the Eagles…yeah that went well the last time 😉 And by all means try to line him up in New England, I’m sure he won’t complain about the lack of ball thrown his way, otherwise Randy would start cryin’…think of the exiting locker room drama! 😀 No, he will go to the Raiders and he will fail BIG TIME…

  72. Now we’ve got about 15mil total in dead money against the cap. The Cowboys talk about rewarding players who produce, yet you get rid of your most productive receiver since Irvin? Im lost

  73. And BTW if the ‘skin can afford to pay him after they spendingspree…something is horribly wrong! I see four team posssible: Tampa Bay, Oakland, Detroit, or somehow the Bengals…(then he and Chad could have a sleep-over while debating heatedly who should have the ball the most, and then we could air it as a apecial TV-Show and make millions I tell you!)…ok cross the Bengals of that list…

  74. I guess Jones watched last nights 49ers-Packers rerun. Owens from back then and now is just not the same man.

  75. this makes the bucs signing clayton a even more idiotic move than it was,they signed a good blocker though lol, it wouldve been nice to get another reciever that can stretch the field

  76. imagine how bad having this dude around must be, for the boys to cut him loose. it had to outweigh
    1) the 10 Million cap hit
    2) the loss of the most productive offensive player (statistically)
    3) not getting anything for him by doing it this way
    4) getting nothing out of forgetting about disrespecting the star, and heaviest of all,
    4) the extreme huevos valley rancheros on the face of Jerrah Skelator Jones. In his heart JJ knows parcells was right and just like with jimmy johnson, Skelator let his ego run another good head coach out of town to replace him with a figurehead.
    on the brighter side, though, hold on to this thought cowboy fans; now you will join the ranks of those laughing at the next bunch of stargazers that believe that they and only they know how to get this guy to operate as a normal human.

  77. Whoever signs him gets what they deserve – how many teams cutting him for bad attitude does it take? What a piece of garbage….

  78. Teams that might be calling him:
    OAK (kinda obvious)
    MIN (ditto)
    CLE (Mangini)
    CIN (because they don’t seem all that bright)
    I seriously doubt that Denver would make a play for TO, although him versus Cutler through the media if (when) things went south would be double-buttered popcorn worthy.
    Waaay outside chance that NE could offer TO a one-year “prove to us that you can STFU and just play football” contract with a provision that he’s instantly cut if he even thinks about talking to the media.
    Pioli could offer a similar deal in KC, I suppose.
    Or, there’s always the CFL.

  79. No one hates T.O. as much as I, but we’re fooling ourselves if we think he won’t be picked up by some team. Don’t forget that most coaches & QBs are arrogant and over-confident by nature. Therefore, there surely will be at least a handful of teams that think they can succeed where others have failed with this jerk. I doubt, however, that any GM worth his salt would pair up Owens with a rookie coach.
    Here’s the short list of teams:
    1) NYG (yeah, I know. But if you’re the NYG, then your #1 receiver is already a turd + he’s looking at a minimum 3 year sentence..could T.O. be worse than Burress?)
    2) Redskins (Daniel Snyder won’t be able to help himself)
    3) Raiders (obviously)
    4) Patriots (could T.O. keep it together for one season and in return have his best chance at a SB ring?)
    5) The Colts (rookie head coach makes it very risky, but Payton Manning may be the ONLY QB who could, gulp, humble T.O. and make it work for a season or two)
    Am I missing anyone?

  80. the tumor has been surgicly removed from the cowboys lockeroom…. gutsy move by Jones to treat the illness of his football team


  82. This reminds me of the scene from Patton.
    Cowboys: We’ve released TO
    TO: Damn!
    Cowboys fans: Damn!
    Eagles fans: Damn, damn damn!!!!
    Having TO on the Cowboys was the best thing that could happen for the Eagles – someone for the fans to rally against as well as being a disruptive element for the other team. I only hope he goes to the Redskins so Danny boy continues to ignore his interior O-line problems.

  83. rotflmao
    seen this coming since the balto loss. i bet a lot of cowboys players are relieved.
    he wont go to balto. he stiffed them already.
    he wont be a viking. childress wont pick up this d-bag.
    mentor calvin? bullshit. calvin knows what to do and how to carry himself. she-ho is a team imploder.
    popcorn? looks more like a bag full of duds. no pop.
    congratulations for growing a pair, jer.
    i agree with tampa or oakland. tampa turds or oakland oddballs.

  84. MAN, I hope he joins the team of people who have been trashing him in Dallas for years.

  85. Lots of misinformation out there. First, its a no go to Minnesota. Childress and Owens hated each other in Philly. Second, “mix pix” has been using Meth apparently. The Cowboys receivers are terrible. That jagoff said they were great. If Hank Baskett went there he would be the #1. Third, Dallas is looking at a 4-12 season. Fourth, Vox said TO would never be cut and that Florio made it all up. Fifth, I was told to “get my popcorn ready” many times but this is the only time I have been justified in making some.

  86. I’m still waiting for Vox to apologize to Ed Werder and place his order for a serving of crow.

  87. so i had to read through 7 pages of comment to see that vox did not have the balls to come on here and post his thoughts. that spineless jellyfish should be banned from this site. POST YOUR THOUGHTS, DICK!
    you’re so damn quick to post a snide comment about someone else’s team, but when your precious team reaches back and bitch-slaps you in the face, you got nothing to say. come on, grow a pair.
    as far as turd owens goes, i see either denver, with josh mcdaniels seeing how to work with moss in new england, or kc, and peoli there. maybe baltimore so ike taylor could shut him down twice a year instead of just once every 2 or 3 years.
    ok shauneypoo, since you apparently don’t have a real job, start the spell check you f’in moron.

  88. Why is anyone surprised that Vox is displaying his true colors? He can talk big because its a blog, he hides his indentity and sits at a computer and tries to talk smack but he sometimes overlooks the fact that his beloved Cowgirls haven’t won a playoff game in decades. Much like Vox hasn’t had sex in decades, that is if you don’t count blow up dolls, midnight tyrsts down at local truckstop with a guy named Jose and not to forget his weekly Saturday night date with Rosy Palm and her five lovely fingers.
    Vox is a tool, always was, always will be. Just leave it at that.

  89. not balto, he stiffed them before because they had traded for him and then got screwed. the balto front office and their coach from philly wont get him.
    not denver, why totally ruin champagne and royal.
    not the pats. they arent stupid and they dont need him unless he plays linebacker.
    she-ho is going to get a pay cut.

  90. andyreid says: “Second, “mix pix” has been using Meth apparently. The Cowboys receivers are terrible. That jagoff said they were great. ”
    andyreid says: “Second, “mix pix” has been using Meth apparently. The Cowboys receivers are terrible. That jagoff said they were great. ”
    First off Andy, before you start calling people names or accusing them of using drugs; you better get proof. Don’t be putting words in their mouth; your hero Bush is gone; just like your hero T.O.
    I said the receiving corps on Dallas is good enough without Owens. He had more dropped balls & more balls thrown to him than any other two receivers put together. I am saying Miles Austin is an under rated receiver & didn’t get the field time because Owens was always crying he didn’t get the ball enough. People get tired of hearing it & remember he was on the 49ers first. The 49ers are the team I grew up with because I was born in San Francisco so that is my team; so there…. Crayton is a good receiver; I bet he’ll get close to 1000 yards this up coming year. This is going to be a re grouping year for Roy Williams. He will start the season out slow but later on in the year, he’ll be the clutch. I see Tony Romo throwing a lot & Dallas will be in the playoffs. Dallas will dominate the ground & air game…
    My prediction is Barber & Jones in their combined ground attack, is going to put 2,500-3,000 yards under their combined belts. I think they need to run Jones just a little bit more & they will both get more yards. I see Tony Romo numbers of being well into the 4,000 yard range.
    When Owens San Francisco, he was able to get Mariucci & Garcia ran off. The 49ers sided with Owens & got rid of the two people instrumental in their previous year’s playoff runs. Owens then wants the trade to Philly because there is no one left in SF to make his game. I am not saying Owens isn’t a good receiver; he just has too many side show mental problems that make babysitting the priority, when there are so many other players on the team that don’t need the same attention.
    I know Owens can land on any of five teams that he could make a fit for. They’re not going to be good teams but he could make them good. He’ll try real hard & take acting lessons so he can fake being a team player. He will more than likely get picked up by a team who needs to sell tickets along with the need of receiver help. Normally, a good team won’t take a chance on a player of Owens nature & past history but if there is money to have him around as a side show, then I can see him in Detroit….

  91. To all you willing to give Coach Jason Garrett a FREE PASS on this whole thing; You’re a sad deluded bunch of following SHEEP. Garrett got the job of offensive coordinator because his best friend and playing days roommate(sound familiar) Troy Aikman lobbied forcefully and openly for him to get the job even though his coaching credentials in no way indicated that he had nearly enough experience. We’re not talking about just X’s & O’s, we’re talking about management of all kinds of personalities. Most of you have never stepped on a sideline let alone a locker room above junior high school level so let me assure you. Knowing when and how to coach an individual, whether he be a scrub or a star, while managing a group of individuals to become a team is a learned talent. Jason Garrett does not have this talent yet. He came off as weak a leader and motivator of men as I have ever seen. Aikman NEVER wanted TO in Dallas. He openly scoffed at the possibility. In fact check the tape. When calling games in which TO played Aikman has historically been an open critic of TO’s play..ON THE FIELD!!! I know TO is Nuts and can be a huge distraction. But he has been a Hall of Fame caliber player on the field. You almost have to look for things on the field to criticize him for in terms of effort and production. So Jones has decided to help his ‘Head Coach in Waiting’ save face. Jerry and his front office of Arkansas toothless wonders along with his advisers(AIKMAN)have jettisoned one of the most dangerous and productive players who also happens to be one of the biggest draws(love him or hate him) that the league has ever seen.
    But this is nothing new. We’ve seen this repeated time and time again. Both Muhammad Ali and Jack Johnson had the entire sport of boxing and the US Government come against them when they became a nuisance. The Brooklyn Dodgers deposited Jackie Robinson on the sidewalks of Flatbush on their way to L.A. Curt Flood was made to wander the entire world alone and is the sacrificial Lamb that all of baseball still owes amends to. The Boston Celtics and the city of Boston still considers Larry Bird, John Havlicek and Bob Cousy more ‘real Celtics’ than they do Bill Russell. All these guys were labeled ‘troublemakers’ in their day. But time has way of allowing the truth to be written.

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