The list continues to grow.
The New Orleans Saints have joined the list of teams that don’t want Terrell Owens.
“I’m hearing all this talk about T.O., I want to put a stop to that business,” coach Sean Payton said in an interview with WWL radio in New Orleans.
Though acknowledging that Owens can be “explosive,” Payton pointed out a certain unwelcome statistical category in which Owens is among the league leaders.
“He was second in the league in dropped passes last year with 33,” Payton said, “and a lot of those came at critical moments.”
It doesn’t help Owens’ cause that Payton is a Bill Parcells protege, and that Parcells despises the player.

10 responses to “SAINTS JOIN THE NO-T.O. CHORUS

  1. well that’s a relief! now they just need to get rid of Shockey and get a good TE, I like the sound of Brees to Tony Gonzales

  2. “that Parcells despises the player.” Is that a subtle joke?
    Instead of writing “despises him,” Florio wrote, “despises the player.”

  3. He should switch to non-buttered pop corn. You know, cause he drops the ball so much?

  4. Bill Parcells is the Capo of NFL Head coaches, he has
    so many cronies, associates, and dons around the league,
    that he probably put in such a bad word for “The Player”,
    that “The Player’s” best chance for a WR job is probably
    the CFL. “The Player” has been erased by the “big Tuna”

  5. Guess you don’t have to be able to count to be a head coach. Owens was 4th in the league with 10 dropped passes. Let’s not be ridiculous about it, Owens is still an awesome player.
    1 Braylon Edwards Cle 16
    2 Dwayne Bowe KC 13
    3 Brandon Marshall Den 12
    4 Terrell Owens Dal 10
    5t Calvin Johnson Det 9
    5t Roddy White Atl 9
    7t Laveranues Coles NYJ 8
    7t Marques Colston NO 8
    7t Greg Jennings GB 8
    7t Marcedes Lewis Jac 8
    7t Marshawn Lynch Buf 8
    7t Santana Moss Was 8
    7t Muhsin Muhammad Car 8
    14t Bernard Berrian Min 7
    14t Dallas Clark Ind 7
    14t Rashied Davis Chi 7
    14t Anthony Gonzalez Ind 7
    14t Hines Ward Pit 7
    19t Donald Driver GB 6
    19t Warrick Dunn TB 6
    19t Bobby Engram Sea 6
    19t Jabar Gaffney NE 6
    19t Justin Gage Ten 6
    19t Ted Ginn Jr. Mia 6
    19t Madison Hedgecock NYG 6
    19t Santonio Holmes Pit 6
    19t DeSean Jackson Phi 6
    19t Steven Jackson StL 6
    19t Chad Johnson Cin 6
    19t Zach Miller Oak 6
    19t Randy Moss NE 6
    19t Koren Robinson Sea 6
    19t Robert Royal Buf 6
    19t L.J. Smith Phi 6
    19t Steve Smith Car 6
    19t Amani Toomer NYG 6
    19t Bobby Wade Min 6

  6. YOu can pretty much count out any and all of teams run by people with the Parcells connection… Pats, Chiefs, Browns, as well as teams with pushover or rookie head coaches: Chargers, Bucs, Colts, Lions, etc.
    Again, that leaves the Raiders and Jaguars. Al is liable to do anything, TO is a Raider deep down anyways and then in Jax, Del Rio is on the outs if he doesn’t produce big this season and the Jags need a WR badly.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you…… now give Lance Moore a long-term deal. We already have Henderson to drop passes in key moments.

  8. It would appear that T.O finally has recieved the comeuppance he has long deserved. It seems as if not team wants this guy after all the S he put his former teams through. What a waste of a talent. He could have been one of the best ever if not for his brash me first mentality.

  9. Please stop rooting for T.O. to not catch on with a team, people! You do realize that we would only have to hear him running his mouth even more because one of the football networks would likely be stupid enough to put him on the air as a talking head.
    Don’t worry. Even if he is unable to catch on, the moment a receiver gets hurt during the first meaningless preseason game, T.O. will find a team.

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