The New Orleans Saints announced today that they’ve signed New England Patriots unrestricted free agent fullback Heath Evans to a two-year contract.
It’s a development that coincides with Pat Yasinskas of reporting that the Saints will cut starting fullback Mike Karney. Karney has been with the Saints since 2004.
Evans is a former Auburn standout entering his ninth NFL season who has started 121 career games.
Although he’s primarily a blocking back, Evans has 561 career rushing yards and three touchdowns with one touchdown catch on 40 career receptions.
Evans has been active for all but three games during his first eight seasons in the league.
“Heath is a versatile and fundamentally sound fullback who can help our offense in a variety of roles, whether it be as a lead blocker, as a runner or receiving option out of the backfield as well as on special teams,” Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis said in a statement. “He has played in a few different offensive systems and has adapted quickly and been a contributor to all of them.”
Added Saints coach Sean Payton: “Heath is a tireless worker and someone we were very impressed with after spending time with him. He’s very excited about the various things we do from an offensive perspective and is a well-rounded and versatile player. In addition he has played quite a bit on various special teams units throughout his career and been a reliable and dependable player in many different situations.”


  1. i dont mean to be the asshole but man you need to get some new adjectives… you always say players are whatever schools standout… youre talking about a FB standing out at a big ass school, no he didnt and even if he did, try something new for a change

  2. jhem is a big bag o’ douche. Evans actually was a standout at Auburn. He wasn’t a FB- he was a running back at a running school.
    War Eagle.

  3. While Evans did a great job when the Pats needed him to step up, I don’t see how less than 1,000 rushing & receiving yards total in 3 years is considered a standout for a “running back on a running team”…DeAngelo Williams had more rushing yards in his 3 best games than Evans had in 3 full seasons and while the disparity between the SEC and Conference USA is large so is the 30 game difference…put another way, Williams rushed for more yards in his best game than Evans did in his best season

  4. Mike Karney was always a fine blocker, but they add Heath to be a runner/receiver option? Maybe their two leftover RB’s, the French guy and the Steve Slaton wannabe, ain’t all they’re cracked up to be. WILDBIRD to Jerious, first down.

  5. flimflam you would make a good liberal… you missed the point so you could instead run your mouth…
    as I stated in my comment for all we know he could have been a standout but I hate reading in every single Aaron Wilson post that a college is mentioned he calls that player the standout.. get a better vocabulary. if you write for money you should write good!

  6. He is a good Patriots type of guy.
    I think they’ll miss having him, but Bill just didn’t use him very much.

  7. As much as it pains me to say this, SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK is right. The Saints are doubling down on last season’s gambit to eliminate the power running game from their offense. I like Evans fine, but he isn’t the blocker Karney is, and his signing only makes sense if someone thinks Brees needs a sixth option on a pass play.
    Third down and three is going to be an awfully gut-wrenching position for the Saints to be in next season.

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