Kicker Matt Stover, a fixture in Baltimore since the inception of the franchise (note that we no longer say that the team is actually the first edition of the Cleveland Browns . . . oops), will no longer be doing his thing for the Ravens.
Stover tells our own Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times that the Ravens have informed the man who joined the Ravens/Browns via Plan B free agency in 1991 that it is “going in a different direction.”
The issue came to a head when Stover told the Ravens that he had received an offer to sign with the Jets.
“That answer made it very clear that they are not looking to keep me because they told me to go ahead and sign the contract with the Jets,” Stover told Wilson.  “It was a real offer from the Jets.  The Ravens are going in a different direction now.”
The Jets ended up re-signing Jay Feely, leaving Stover to look for other opportunities.
“The big thing for me is I realize the privilege I’ve had to play this game and the opportunities that it has given me as a person and economically,” Stover said.  “I have no regrets from the past.  I’m excited about my future.”
As for the Ravens, the job could fall to Steve Hauschka, who handled kickoffs and the occasional long field goal as a rookie.


  1. The only game I ever attended at old Cleveland Browns Stadium was lost because of Matt Stover. Bernie Kosar drove the team down to the two yard line and Stover missed the game-tying chipshot.
    Finally, I feel like retribution has been served.
    Not really.

  2. WOW Plan B free agency. I forgot all about that. I didnt think there were any players left in the leage who where playin when that system was in place. Man that guy has been around.

  3. Sad to see him go. Given the frequently inept offense, that guy carried a huge chunk of the scoring for the team for as long as I can remember.

  4. The Ravens are going to regret that decision. There were many times in a game time situation that Stover came through. Matt doesn’t have the range he once had but from the 35 yard line in, he’s automatic. Matt Stover is the reason the Ravens made it to the Superbowl.
    He can win games for a team. Detroit should pick him up. That team needs all the points it can get.
    Matt Stover gone. One less thing for the Steelers to worry about.

  5. Ya gotta love Matt Stover. This year, he said something to the effect of “he will always be a Cleveland Brown at heart” and that he still receives the Cleveland Browns alumni newsletter. Many on here probably also know that Stover and Phil Dawson attended the same high school. I can only hope that Dawson has as long of a career as Stover.

  6. Matt was a huge part of keeping the Ravens in some tight games and was key to their success throughout the years. I love the guy however…….when he told the Ravens he had the Jets offer, seems like he was playing one employer against the other. If you want to leave then leave. Bisciotti is not going to put up with disloyal employees…..unless your name is Lewis. Ray Ray essentially did the same thing with the whole Ware/Cowboys thing. It will be interesting to see how the fans react to him the first time out of the tunnel.

  7. The Ravens will always be the Browns.
    Once a Brown Stain – always a Brown Stain.

  8. Thanks, Matt. you are a class act,
    regularly signing for kids after practice when
    the Over priced,aging line backer had long left
    the field at Westminster training camp.
    True Ravens fans really appreciate
    your time in Baltimore, on and off
    the field!

  9. As a Steelers fan, I’m glad to see him go.
    Good moves by the Ravens so far this offseason. Let the younger LB go to an AFC team, sign the aging LB and let the guy go who won countless games for a team that never has had an offense.
    Good job Ravens.

  10. What’s your hard-on with describing the Ravens as the former Browns? Seems really odd, and not terribly funny.

  11. Sign with the Giants – Old kickers flourish there!!!
    Anyway, he is still a solid kicker. He will get signed.

  12. Good luck to you Matt – its time to retire. You were the offense for many years. See you in the ROH. But it is time to move on. His leg is no longer reliable past 40 yards and having to keep a kickoff specialist sucks up a valuable spot on the roster.
    @ The Blast Furnace – screw you

  13. Matt Stover is the 3rd greatest Raven of all time! (RLewis, JOgden)
    However, although he kicked alot of feild goals when we couldnt score points, the defense was just as much responsible for those wins as he was.
    I will certainly miss Stover, but I am looking forward to a having the kickoff go past the 15 yard line.

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