We implemented the permanent (for now) server solution on Wednesday night.
Just in time to avoid another crash.
With free agency still whirring and the T.O. news creating a spike in interest, we’re on track for what could very well be the record day we would have had on Friday if the hamsters hadn’t gone Jim Jones on us.
So come on in, make yourself comfortable, and hit F5.  We’re back, baby — just like Costanza after gulping down a mango.


  1. another way to up the hits. More hits mean more $$$.
    If you want, I could write a program to hit the f5 every 10 seconds…

  2. Make sure to make it Shift+F5. F5 just reloads the cached version, so no additional page hit on most of the F5’s.

  3. You website is still slow painting the screen. I have a very fast (20/5M) internet connection so the issue is not on my end. Maybe some of your advertisement websites are slowing you down.
    Still the best NFL info on the net.

  4. From Merriam-Webster On Line:
    Any of a subfamily (Cricetinae) of Old World rodents having very large cheek pouches.

  5. or do what CBSsportsline does, I swear on my aol browser, I must hit the left banner add on their site completely by accident when trying to scroll up and down on site at least 5 times a day during fantasy season. It seems like every year they make that add more sensitive and closer to the edge, and get more and more false clicks out of me. I feel bad for Bud-light and sprint and the other poor advertisers that must pay for millions of false clicks, at least 500 a season from me. I am just waiting for Florio to catch on to this, so far, not to many false clicks, but in seems like those side banners are getting closer and closer to the edge everyday and more and more sensitive. I guess there are some good things about a WIndows 95 website…lol

  6. lol,I spoke to soon, I false clicked the sprint add by accident two minutes after my last post, Florio, I guess I should give you more credit……you are already on to this scam…lets see if you can improve the add numbers now, with some extra adjustments in sensitive and width..

  7. Your talking about Jim Jones the rapper, right?
    Dip Set! What up Killa! Crime Pays coming soon.

  8. Yeah, nerdbully here again. You still have some work to do to get over the hump Florio. Pass this info along to your nerds and they might be able to figure it out. Your google ads stuff is killing your page load.
    In particular the largest hit on your page comes from the same google ad, 3 separate times. You’re duplicating the heaviest hit 3 times for a single page request. This was on refresh. These 3 calls take up around half of your total page load. You have some other duplicate loads as well. Tell your nerds to throw up a sniffer and have a gander. You probably need to rewrite your markup slightly. My guess is your sluttish use of several ajax libraries is the cause.

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