We’re getting ready to call it a night after an unexpectedly busy day, which generated more than 1.2 million page views thanks to the sudden availability of Terrell Eldorado Owens.
If Aaron Wilson is still up and if any other big-name players get bumped in the middle of the night, we’ll have something posted.
Meanwhile, we’ll leave you with two more teams to be added to the Anti-T.O. list.
First, though Texans owner Bob McNair hasn’t reiterated his position from more than three years ago, his words were sufficiently strong to require no elaboration.
“He’s almost dismantled the Eagles; why would you wish that on us?” McNair said as Owens’ grievance against the Eagles was pending.  “I’ve already got enough problems.”  (Thanks to Stephanie Stradley of the Houston Chronicle for pointing that one out.)
Another AFC South team took the same position.
No interest,” Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith said.
The only remaining AFC South team that hasn’t joined the Anti-T.O. list is the Colts, and they potentially could be interested.  Primarily because Peyton Manning might be able to control Owens.
Especially based on this clip, which we think was filmed by Brodie as he was eating an entire bag of candy.


30 responses to “TWO MORE FOR THE ANTI-T.O. ROAD

  1. “Spend time with your kids, so Peyton Manning doesn’t.”
    I love it. He would so own T.O.’s ass, and we all know it.

  2. I’m suprised my Lions haven’t publicly said no yet. With that said, let the Lions jokes comence.

  3. That United Way bit was freaking Hilarious. It elevated Peyton from a Frankenstinian level to actuatlly being human. I love Peyton. I hate Eli. BTW, nobody can control TO. Not Young, not Mcnabb. Andy Reid, Bill Parcells. What did they say about being completly FNG stupid? Doing the same thing over and over again? He has not learned, nor will he. Also look at his #’s over the last 30 games. 3 games of 6 catches or more and the high was 8. Also, drop three games and he is averaging 50 yards per game. Thats a little low for the headache he brings with him.

  4. Should it be implied that the Pats have no interest or should we assume that they have/entertained the possibility. I realize that T.O. would probably never join the Pats however if he did I am confident that New England would explode in wide receiver ego.

  5. Is this even relevant? It seems kind of petty to make a list like you did for pac man, especially since TO has never committed a crime. Or is it the ever-favorite ambiguous “doesn’t get it.” Outspoken black men don’t get much love around here, though.
    I’m still waiting for a post where you lambaste those players that drown for associating with bad weather.

  6. Wait I want to elaborate a little more on the notion of T.O. coming to the Pats. Personally if I were the Pats, out of sheer comedy I would host T.O. for a visit. The media would go nuts. ESPN would explode, the roided hampsters here at PFT would need their roid booster shot, Dan Shaunessey (probably spelled wrong but I dont care) would make out with Bob Ryan, Pete Sheppard and Fred Smerlas of WEEI would eat salads, I cant even think of anything creative that Ron Borges would do, and I would probably eat my own fecal matter (how do you know it tastes bad?).
    It would be a circus with all of its members are on PCP.

  7. May as well add Green Bay to the list. GM Thompson will never come out and say it (he never says anything) but the team is already stacked at WR and the organization never has any interest in guys like Owens.

  8. I dont see him in Indianapolis. The fact that Polian has not commented on it is not surprising.
    The Bill Polian era Colts dont deal with this sort of player (dramaqueen/trouble maker) ever. And guys on the squad who make negative headlines, eventually find themselves off the team.
    Also Indy is relatively tight under the cap. And Indy just let go of a far superior wide receiver from the same draft class.
    And if all of these points are dismissed, the Colts already have a moderate speed, big, physical specimen, strong(er) receiver that drops passes (Roy Hall).

  9. Florio, now that you’re mainstream you’re going to have to stop referencing articles with youtube videos obviously taped by preteens.

  10. Still say the colts need a RB more, dont give me the crap about addai, he’s pretty bad and would be a backup on alot of other teams. That said I think TO could work, just worry that he wouldnt get enough balls. Then again if he gets open and plays as good as he thinks he is manning will make sure to get him the ball.
    Doing this would allow them to go defense for sure in the draft. This draft does have some quality WR though, I think the predictions of Hakeem nicks the #5 wr in the draft are a joke. I’d probably take him over crabtree and definately over harvin. Colts look to be pretty solid offensively, I personally dont think there is a RB in this draft worth a 1st round pick so I’d wait if I were the colts. Pick up TO and go defense in the draft.

  11. when his value is perceived to be at its lowest, some dumb team will sign him up for a penny.

  12. why don’t we ask T.O. where he would want to go. hopefully he chooses canadian football.

  13. Don’t see him in Indy, though Indy and NE are the two kinda teams that could keep the dude on a leash.
    If he goes to NE and Tom Brady is 100 percent…game over.

  14. Its 6:15am est Florio! Nobody has taken a HUGE dump in the last 8 hours? your reporting is slackin!

  15. I hope he ends up in the UFL – His name could be “I love me” or “I am insane”. But I still think the Raiders or Lions could do this. Jacksonville might think Del Rio could handle him. Not sure they have any Ray Lewis types to smack him with a newspaper when he misbehaves. No, Mike Vick is next year. Probably . . . UFL Headlines . . .Vick to TO TUCHDOWN!

  16. Anyone who regularly reads this sight knows how “official” your reporting is. So I guess I’m as good a source as any to make it “official” that the Kansas City Chiefs have no interest in Terrell Owens. Todd Haley, when asked about Owens, won’t comment. But given your penchant for die casting logical speculation into malformed facts, I suppose you could probably make it official, er as official as official gets on this sight without verification from a REAL source.

  17. I’m thinking The Bengals will take him. I can see it now: TOcho-Uno-Cinco “The 8:15” train is always on time! It practically wrote itself. I should have went into marketing…

  18. still thinking raiders/bucs. mostly raiders.
    owens is declining. maybe one more decent year.
    i am a little surprised jax pulled the plug so quick but…
    she-ho is a different problem than pacman. punkman cant keep himself out of legal trouble. no one in their right mind wants an employee like that. also, the nfl is a public enterprise, and they sure desire to be one. so P.R. is a huge issue, and bad P.R. affects profits, and punkman is the kind of bad P.R. that underscores limbaugh’s comment that some games look like bloods/crips battles.
    does anyone think that a bunch of black players didnt tell jj to go get tank and punkman (and she-ho)? seems like jj is repudiating such guidance daily nowadays. if most fans dont like these guys and they are more trouble than they are worth… dallas can go 9-7 without them.
    she-ho thinks it’s all about him. what has he ever contributed to winning with his media antics, alligator arms, and demands that he basically call the plays?

  19. Not a huge Peyton fan here. I hated when a couple years ago, after blowing another post season, he threw his O-line under the bus. Thought it was kinda b*tch. I cant stand guys in his position who wont take personal responsibility for screwin up.
    That said…. this is probably the funniest NFL-ish commercial ever. Even with my disdain for Peyton, you cant not laugh at this commercial. Like someone else said, it sure shows another side of Peyton… a human side. He’s pretty funny. Actually most of his commercials are. I like him more as an advertiser than NFL-star.

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