And there’s another.
Again, it’s not a surprise.  But now it’s official.
A league source tells us that it’s “very safe to say” that the Minnesota Vikings aren’t interested in receiver Terrell Owens.
The Vikings recently made a run at T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and T.O. has experience in the West Coast Offense.  So, on the surface, a possible fit existed.
But Owens and Vikings coach Brad Childress had a verbal squabble during T.O.’s campaign to be cut by the Eagles.  Owens at one point told Childress not to talk to Owens.
As we recall it, Childress eventually testified in T.O.’s grievance hearing and shared some unflattering opinions about Owens.


  1. All 53 Vikings are jealous, they wish they could tell Childress not to talk to them either.
    It must be great to have enough talent on your football team to win a divisional title basically on auto pilot. But its even greater when all the talent goes one and done in the playoffs and the clown is still coaching the next year. The Vikings will never challenge with Childress at the helm.

  2. interesting. she-ho told childress not to talk to him.
    and some maroon on another post said childress was happy with she-ho.
    why sure he is. as long as he doesnt play in minnehaha.

  3. Specifically, Childress implied that T.O. is an asshole. (As in, “we don’t want assholes on our team.”)

  4. This is one of the very few times that I find myself glad the Vikes have Chilly for a coach. No Way In Hell Owens ends up in Minny.

  5. JimmySmith, your posts are boring, repetitive and unoriginal.
    Do you cut and paste the same two or three thoughts whenever there is something about the Vikings? You say the same thing every day.
    I bet your are just as annoying and socially ignored in person as you are on this web site.

  6. Well it doesnt really matter what Childress wants because it’s up to Zygi Wilf. Wouldn’t that be funny if Wilf brings him in anyway and tells Chilly to deal with it, cuz he’s out anyways next year. LOL! Just saying.. it could happen.

  7. Geez Bgman, you cut me to the bone with those insults. Here’s the best part, doesn’t matter what you or I say, the Vikings will have Childress back as the head coach next year.
    I know that makes me feel better because it completely neutralizes the money Wilf has spent on this high price talent. Petersen will mirror the carrer of Barry Sanders, best back in the NFL and never really competed for a championship because his franchise sucks.

  8. Pack your bags Chilly and get the Fu78k of town for letting Birk go…………St.Paul has spoken!!!!!!!

  9. On the surface this would seem like an easy answer… Get rid of Childress…………….
    But I also feel that T.O. is a Cancer and would do more harm than good………………..
    So I propose that we Fire Childress…… And tell T.O. to take a Hike.. And Im not talking Football

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