Remember those reports that the Raiders were poised to cut receiver Javon Walker?
As it turns out, they were wr-wr-wr-wr-premature.
According to David White of the San Francisco Chronicle, Walker has agreed to a major restructuring of his contract, giving up a $5 million roster bonus that was due this week and reducing his base salaries dramatically.
In return, his new base salaries for 2009 and 2010 are fully guaranteed.
The move creates nearly $8 million in cap space for the Raiders.
His 2009 base salary has been cut from $4 million to $2 million, and his base salary for 2010 has been reduced from $6 million to 2.6 million next season.
Walked also agreed to reduce his base salary in 2011 from $8 million to $3.2 million.  His 2012 base drops from $10 million to $3.8 million.  And his 2013 base falls from $10 million to $4.4 million.
That is a lot of sprayed champagne.
But while it’s easy to focus on what Walker gave up, the reality is that, absent the restructuring, he would have gotten not another dime from the team.  It’s also a sign that Walker didn’t feel all that strongly about a potential injury grievance aimed at collecting the $5 million injury-guaranteed roster bonus, to which he arguably would have been entitled since he finished the 2008 season on injured reserve.
Our guess is that Walker’s agent gauged the market, and determined that the offer that the Raiders put on the table was better than anything Walker would get from another team.
So, in some cases, tampering actually strengthens the relationship between the player and his current team.


  1. Raiders are going for she-ho. hello old timey afc west bidding war.
    it wont matter. he is slipping. walker blows.
    and russell is inexperienced/fragile so it will break down soon.
    raiders better get a tough old bird backup qb.

  2. There is the money they need to sign T.O. I am telling you that is where he is going to wind up and I know I run the risk of looking like an idiot if he doesn’t but I am sure it will happen.

  3. What, a player’s contract w/ reasonable numbers in the later years?! He clearly signed the contract w/ enormous salaries in later years that were unlikely to be reached because the team will have to cut him to save costs. Why do players sign those kinds of deals? Is it just that agents want to have those 4+ year deals even if they know the probability of getting to the last years intact is nearly nill?

  4. This was the Best case scenario for the Raiders considering the situation. At least now there’s some cap space and Walker may be able to contribute rather than lose all that cap space for nothing. It’s been a good offseason so far for the Raiders. Hopefully it’s not ruined with a T.O. signing. Which contrary to all you parrots, I don’t believe will happen.

  5. TO sees none of this money, it will be used to shore up the OL and a DT/DE would be nice too.

  6. Keeping Walker at a reduced rate is a reasonable decision for both sides. Oakland has some decent young prospects at WR, but it’s good to have a veteran in the mix, even if it’s a douchebag veteran. Hell, he might even care about his image enough to go out and try to prove he’s not the overrated assbag everyone says he is.

  7. what happened to this guy, ever since he left green bay hes been wack, n e ways i think raiders go after harrison i mean he did shoot someone and i mean thats the type of players raiders want, T.O. maybe but i thought they said they didnt want him, maybe they are getting ready to trade for vick lol another raider type of player.

  8. Really? A champagne spraying referance? Am I the only one that finds that in-appropriate? To so blithely refer to an incident that most likely led to the death of Darrent Williams (R.I.P.) is beneath Florio, and the PFT website. I am a long time fan, and daily viewer and I’ve never had occasion to make a comment like this. Come on Florio, save that finite supply of wit for something that is actually laughable.

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