A week into free agency, cornerback Bryant McFadden still doesn’t have a new home.
Per a league source, McFadden hopes to make a decision soon.
Four teams are in the running:  the Steelers, Cardinals, Dolphins, and Eagles.
McFadden, a four-year veteran, appeared in ten regular-season games and started eight of them in 2008.  He also started all three postseason games, including Super Bowl XLIII.


  1. Good player trying to get his deserved salary, probably end up with the Eagles or Dolphins.

  2. If he signs in Philly, look for Philly to go after Bolden in Arizona hard. Say Sheldon Brown, and a 1st & 3rd…

  3. hey bryant, it sure might be worth taking a little less money in exchange for multiple rings on your hands, just ask fanaca. stay in the black and gold bro.
    plus, i’d like to get more than 2 seasons out of the authentic jersey i bought too.

  4. Florio….This is an ongoing problem with your reporting. McFadden started eight games last year. PLEASE tell the uninformed what team he played for. And thanks for the hint, reducing it down to two teams.

  5. The eagles bringing in another good CB is just as non-sensible as trading Mcnabb for Boldin and a 2nd rd. pick. What do you think Florio?

  6. The league source being his agent Rosenhaus is probably trying to put out fires. With the other teams paying their own corners to stay with their teams(i.e. Webster, Hall, Nsamdua(however u spell it) and Foxworth,Bartell,Goodman and Greer signing from 5.5 to 7.0 per he is having to save face. And all of a sudden during free agency, T.O. gets released and you know he needs the attn on him; McFadden is probably pissed. The market is not paying him what Rosenhaus probably promised him and he will most likely end up crawling back to Pittsburgh because the other three teams mentioned are not going to pay any more than 4.5 per.

  7. The Eagles goal is to spend 70% of their payroll on the secondary even though they play in the same division with Brandon Jacobs, Clinton Portis, and Tashard Choice.

  8. Honestly at this point I thought he would’ve signed with a team. With all of the other CB’s coming of the board he should sign a 2 year deal with Steelers and try free agency again with a possible 3 Super Bowl rign.

  9. McFadden would be a stellar addition by the Dolphins. With Andre Goodman signing in Denver, CB is far and away the weakest position on the team. It’s basically Will Allen (who’s a mediocre #1 to begin with) and then a bunch of scrubs (including Jason Allen, who’s done nothing to dispel the bust label.)
    Regardless, CB has to be addressed on draft day, probably with one of the two 2nd round picks the Dolphins own. McFadden would solidify one CB spot, allowing the draft pick to play nickelback, most likely a better fit for a rookie CB.

  10. Dukekit says:
    “Florio….This is an ongoing problem with your reporting. McFadden started eight games last year. PLEASE tell the uninformed what team he played for. And thanks for the hint, reducing it down to two teams.”
    I might say, you had me with “uniformed.”
    But since you are simply begging for an insult, suffice it to say that two-time Super Bowl Champion cornerbacks generally need no formal introduction.

  11. McFadden talking with 4 teams.
    Come on Florio, I’m sure everyone is thinking it’s Bryant Mcfadden!
    Lazy writing!
    Of course, We’re all tinking it must be Bryant McFadden he’s referring t because he mentioned McFadden started in all 3 post season games including the Super Bowl. Okay thanks, because it narrows it to 2 teams. He must play for the Steelers or the Cardinals.
    Come on dude, I know who the player is, but do you really think casual readers want to try and figure out who the obscure d-back is that you are referring to???
    Please, don’t be lazy Florio. You do have a really good site. but you can’t skimp on the info. Obviously, if it’s easier to understand ppeople will come back.
    I will say you are pretty good about the quality of writing and info.
    Just one man’s opinion.

  12. kjack, is there another McFadden that is a free agent that would be generating the interest of four teams? Um, NO.

  13. Take a lesson from Kemoautu and stay in Pittsburgh, Bryant. You won’t be happy anywhere else.

  14. I guess the Eagles must be thinking abou another Dan Klecko type experiment. Maybe some of there D-backs can play FB, TE, LT, or WR

  15. You guys are freakin’ whaa babies. Who gives a damn who he played for! If you don’t know him by name maybe he isn’t as good as you think.

  16. Its simple sign with a loser team (fins eagles or cards) or sign back with a champion . If you dont then steps in Willie Gay and we move on and draft the next one . We dont stop for one player . Ask Joey Porter or Alan Faneca . Chris K was smart hopely Mcfadden will do the same . If not oh well .

  17. Have heard NOTHING of the Eagles interest in McFadden – have sources close to the team, and would be surprised if they didn’t switch their focus to offense –

  18. Lets dis the guy’s writing who runs our lives! If you don’t know which player it is, you haven’t watched football at all the past few years.

  19. The Steelers reportedly offered Mcfadden a deal averaging $6.5 million per season before free agency, that he turned down because Rosenhaus wanted $7 million per… After a week of free agency the only bites McFadden has gotten was a $4 million per offer from Arizona. in Philly he’d be a #3 CB, so they aren’t likely to offer him much.
    I think it comes down to Miami and Pittsburgh, and if that is the case and the money is similar he will stay put in Pittsburgh.

  20. Not sure why the Eagles would want him unless they are getting rid of Sheldon Brown. They wouldn’t pay big money for a nickel-back

  21. McFadden wouldn’t even be a nickelback for the Eagles considering the fact that the Eagles resigned Joselio Hanson to a 5 year deal. The only reason why the Eagles would be willing to even sign McFadden is to trade Sheldon Brown. Trading Sheldon Brown is a big risk though, considering that he is one of the best lockdown corners in the league. He doesn’t get much attention since Asante Samuels is the opposite corner so a lot of attention is pulled off Brown. Even with one of the best cbs in the game in Samuels, Brown only gave up 1 touchdown and not that many receiving yards. When the Raiders had both Hall and Asmothga, Hall got abused since all the teams threw to HAll’s side since Asmothga practically took away half of the field. But with Brown, teams actually threw more towards Samuels which is hard to believe but actually true. Brown is not worth trading since the Eagles always had one gamble/zone corner and 1 lockdown corner. With McFadden, he is a huge downgrade for the Eagles if he would be replacing Brown. The person who said the trade for Anquan to be Sheldon Brown, 1st and a 3rd doesn’t know the caliber of Brown’s ability as a corner. I would hate to trade off one of our best players on the team..

  22. last year it was pretty known that the only way the Cardinals would trade fitz was if they got a shut down corner. The same goes for Boldin. If the Eagles are really going after McFadden this is the only reason. Or to give them self’s the ammunition to trade for Braylon Edwards. They have 12 picks in the draft and although four are in the 5th found they will likely try and move those into two third rounders. Then with Brown and some picks they can make a move. However, I doubt this story is accurate. Brown is a solid corner who should get more pro bowl acknowledgment. Another reason we may make this move is sheldon has said in the past he would not mind moving to safety and with Considine and Dawkins gone, Brown moving their would give us the deppest secondary in football.

  23. For all the Steeler fans asking “Why wouldn’t he sign with the Steelers and get another ring?” You have to look at it this way – maybe he figures he got his ring & he’s satisfied with having one, and now he wants a paycheck & the other teams are offering more $. If that’s the case then you’re probably better off without him.

  24. perfectshawn says “last year it was pretty known that the only way the Cardinals would trade fitz was if they got a shut down corner.
    uhh sorry pal but last year it was “pretty known” that there was no way in hell the Cards were trading Fitz.

  25. well im going off what John Clayton said and Im going to guess he is a bit more of an insder then you. Again just supposing, but hey junior if you wnat to get slapped down again come back again and ill be glad to do it again and agian.

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