Our friends at KSK (via our friends at Deadspin) have caught wind of a rumor that receiver Terrell Owens was spotted at the airport in Nashville this morning, with agent Drew Rosenhaus.
Presumably, the purpose of such a trip would be to meet with the Titans.
That said, Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reported on Thursday that the Titans aren’t interested in Terrell Owens.
But, as we’ve recently mentioned (primarily in an effort to cover our asses as to the potential inaccuracy of the Anti-T.O. List), teams could be suggesting publicly or privately that they don’t want Owens merely to soften up his salary expectations.


  1. That’s Rosenhaus’ strategy: hang around airports with TO in various cities trying to stir up interest. That man is a genius!

  2. As big of an asshole that he is – I think Tennessee is the best spot for T.O.
    Even w/o Haynesworth – that defense is super tough – so a little more explosiveness on offense just might take them over the top.
    Fisher is strong enough to control him – let’s face it – he benched (deservedly so) Vince Young – which definitely took some cajones.
    They definitely need an upgrade in the receiving corps – and it might be worth the risk to roll the dice for 1 season…

  3. that’s one plane I can actually say I wouldn’t mind seeing crash..na im just kidding that’s not nice.. oh ok I ment it..

  4. KC and Sundance Band are playing at Nashville’s Sundance Saloon tonight, so let’s not assume T.O. is in town to meet with the Titans.

  5. I sincerely hope not.
    Just think how VY will handle getting blasted by TO. ……..wait a minute, maybe this is planned to get VY to ask for a trade, then they can swap Young for Cutler!!!!
    I hope that TO stays away from the Titans and Cutler ends up with the Titans, who should have drafted him in the first place. Cutler is and will continue to be much better than V. Young or Mat L.

  6. T.O. is in a major airport hub that happens to be in Tennessee. Was there any news of a connecting flight or if he likes KitKats like Peter King? I hope KSK isn’t a prime source for info Florio.

  7. anyone & everyone who thinks that TO will not get picked up by another team is nuts. he is one of the fastest & strongest WR’s in the league. he’ll play balls to the wall for the next team he’s on to prove everyone made a mistake. of course sooner or later he’ll turn back into a prima donna but the team he goes to will get a monster WR for about a year.

  8. So someone in the Nashville airport tells a friend, who is a commenter on KSK and tells KSK, who then gets picked up by Deadspin, who then gets picked up by PFT, and now Tennessee is interested in T.O. And the original person in the airport’s name is Mase Dog?
    I love the internet.

  9. Rosenhaus: No go T.O. Panda Express decided to “go in a different direction”.

  10. I don’t see it. Adams is a notorious cheapskate, Fisher won’t want to put up with his sh!t, and after rolling McNabb and Romo under the bus, he’s going to shatter Collins worse than he did Garcia.
    Why would you take a team that went 13-3 or whatever and introduce that kind of locker room divisiveness?

  11. OK, and I saw Matt Cassel get off a plane at the Denver airport, then got right back in line and purchsed a ticket to Kansas City.

  12. I was thinking same thing regarding TO and VY. If they pick up TO, then they better hope to God that Kerry Collins doesn’t get hurt. Although sales of PopSecret an Orville Reddenbacher would go through the roof.

  13. If he though Garcia, McNabb and Romo didn’t get him the ball enough, wait until he gets a load of Kerry Collins!

  14. i think collins would do fine. fisher too maybe. but i dont think they want any more drama. hell they went 13-3 without him. they dont need him. he is declining anyway.

  15. One might have to go through Nashville if you were going to Charlotte NC from the southwest!

  16. Nashville isn’t a hub city for any airline. It hasn’t been for years. If you’re at the Nashville airport, it’s because you’re flying into/out of Nashville.

  17. It wouldnt surprise me one bit if theyre being seen in TN was all just a scheme dreamed up by Rosenhaus. You know….be seen in a city of a team that MAY have interest in a WR. In Rosenhaus’ twisted, weasely mind, its probably a good way to fan the flames of interest. Remember, this was the same guy that faked incoming phone calls on draft day, trying to generate interest in Willis McGahee.

  18. it would probably work here in nashville but it wont happen. we just signed nate washington and justin gage is playing pretty good football. we wouldnt have given nate that money to be our third receiver. If TO was in Nashville rosenhaus just might be doing an invasive tour. just flying to random cities and calling the teams like “hey we just so happened to fly in to nashville today, what do you say we stop by there and you can inherit this waste of talent?”

  19. T.O. with the Titans would be good for Tennessee, the fact that he draws a double team would make it hard for teams to stack against the run. However, it would not be good for T.O. We all know that T.O. wants the football, well he isn’t going to get that often in Nashville. Fisher and Dinger are gonna RUN, RUN, RUN. T.O. might have a chance at a ring down south, but he won’t like Vince Young or Kerry Collins throwing him the football.

  20. Just as long as Collins throws the ball to him every play and they win every game, things will be fine. But since Collins doesn’t throw over 20 yards and T.O. doesn’t like crossing over the middle, I don’t see that happening. How many teams must you tear apart for you to be considered a cancer? Rosenhaus is just shopping for the next sucker.

  21. As a Titans fan I’m split on this. Provided they can get him some counseling and keep him on an inch-long leash then ok. Problem is he’s so far up the crazy tree that you never know what he’ll do. I’ll say this. If the Titans do get him and he botches the season, I can see Fisher walking and the Titans going in a downward spiral. Fisher has been hamstrung by the organization for years and there’s only so long one wants to put up with doing everything on the cheap. There’s a high probability of TO causing a meltdown on the team and I don’t think Fisher would want to pick up the pieces. This is a one and done solution to get Tennessee a trophy. Would Fisher take that chance? That’s the unknown. If he does you can bet it’s because he’s had enough of Tennessee and is willing to take the shot. That’s what it looks like to me anyway.

  22. T.O. in Music City. . . . . I pity Kerry Collins if that happens. How long has he been “on the wagon” now? T.O. could easily drive him back to drink (although I hope not).

  23. To see T.O. in those awful uniforms would be hilarious! I hope Tennessee signs him just because of that. lmao!

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