It started with a link someone sent in from Sal Capaccio of
Not long thereafter, some other information trickled in to PFT headquarters corroborating the notion.
The Buffalo Bills, not yet a member of the Anti-T.O. List, supposedly are interested in receiver Terrell Owens.
Per Capaccio, coach Dick Jauron initiated the process, lobbying the front office (which is now essentially run by non-football guy Russ Brandon) to consider Owens.
It’s unknown whether the Bills have a realistic chance of signing Owens.  Earlier this week, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN (who hosted the Terrell Owens Christmas Special) said that T.O. wants to play for a team with a quarterback who can get him the ball (there’s a shock).
Smith specifically mentioned the Giants, Colts, and Patriots as preferred destinations.
In Buffalo, the quarterback is the unaccomplished Trent Edwards, whom Owens probably doesn’t regard as being worthy of T.O.’s talents.
The fact that Buffalo is interested is a bit surprising.  But, as a practical matter, any of the teams that reportedly were interested in receiver Laveranues Coles would potentially be interested in Owens, and the Bills reportedly were one of those teams.
The Bills also have investigated the possibility of signing Kelley Washington and Joey Galloway — so they’re clearly looking for help at wideout across from Lee Evans.
Though the Bills weren’t in on the one-team T.O. chase three years ago, it doesn’t mean as much in Buffalo as in other cities, since former G.M. Marv Levy was calling the shots in early 2006.  With Levy gone, the possibility for a different outcome exists.
Our take?  At best, an opportunity in Buffalo would be used to help generate interest on the part of other teams.  But if no one else steps up, or if the Bills are willing to pay much more than any other team, T.O. could be getting his wish to play in New York, only not with the team that he originally wanted.

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  1. I cant see Owens going to the bills. Like smith has mentioned, he will go to a contender with a good quarterback or a team that could be that potential dark horse surprise team that seems to appear every year, hence the falcons and ravens of last year. Ultimately i see him ending up in the afc west or even with the titans but that is just my opinion

  2. I don’t care where he go’s as long as it’s not on a team in my teams division. People can talk crap about T.O all they want but nobody wants to play him twice a year.

  3. So wrong – I loved that the Birds played TO 2x’s a season after he left Philly – That Lito pick six in TO’s initial return to Philly (“why the F did you bring me here” is my favorite sports moment of that year)was amazing. 4-2 against Dallas with him – I’d love him to play for the Giants or the Redskins – let him ruin their team chemistry – Dance with the devil… and you’ll get the horns

  4. i would think wilson is too cheap but then again, i am sure the price for this dynamiter has gone down.
    i do think jaruon would ignore his bs. not that i am saying he is a good coach but i think he would call what he wants to call (for better or worse) and not force the ball to whatshername.

  5. Didnt Mort say the Bills wouldnt be interested? Mort comes across as someone who really doesnt like the Bills though so that can be takin with a grain of salt. Either way I think it would be a good move for the Bills. What do they have to lose? They havent made the playoffs in 9 years

  6. If you have a solid defense you can shut Owens down. He was shut down plenty last season. And then there were all those drops. If you’re going to bring in somebody who’s going to challenge for the league lead in dropped passes then you might as well make a play for Braylon Edwards. At least he’s younger and has more potnetial to correct the problem than Owens does at this point.

  7. You spend days with obnoxious threads on how
    nobody wants T.O. and then this???? WTF
    Why would anyone “Chase” him if your previous
    headlines are accurate? Playing both sides??

  8. The Colts would be a good place. T.O., Reggie Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez would be a very good WR corp. I think that instantly makes them the best offense in the NFL.

  9. what ever it takes to have T.O. in Buffalo, I’d take it! a player with T.O.’s caliber don’t come around here much, he may be the so called ass**** and a cry baby, but people has never thought, that his guy has never been in trouble with the law

  10. NO to TO They dont need his act in their locker room. I dont care who they put across from Evens, this guy is not worth his trouble.

  11. As a Titans fan, I would take TO in a second. You get a 1-2 year window with TO being on his best behavior before he blows up. I will take those 1-2 years with a chance to make a playoff run over being irrelevant without him. He is still the focus of defenses, no one can argue that…and he opens up the field for other options.

  12. owens ego “would”allow him to go to buffalo.i can take a team who hasnt been to the playoffs in 9 years and make them a

  13. i think his ego “would” allow him to go to buffalo.he would say i can take a team who hasnt been to the playoffs in 9 years and make them revalent again cause im the

  14. Lee Evans and T.O. sounds awesome! Obviously something needs to be changed in Buffalo, maybe adding some controversy and excitement to a boring offense is what this team needs. Lee Evans still hasn’t come close to his full potential and with a legit receiver added to the scheme he could have a breakout year.

  15. i thinks his ego would allow him to come to buffalo.he would say i can take a team that hasnt been to the playoffs in 9 years and make them revalent again.

  16. Great for the Bills if they sign Owens. For a small market team this would be a great financial decision, just think of the jersey sales alone! A move that would put the Bills back on the map and strike a little fear into those AFC East opponents… no body wants to face Owens 2 times a year! Great compliment to Lee also.

  17. As a Cowboys fan, can I just say that I’m happy that I’m able to hate TO again, since he’s not on my team? It reminds me of when we cut Deion. Such a relief.

  18. a dark horse team is the cleveland browns signing him to a two year deal….. nightmare two cover both braylon and t.o for any team including the pittsburgh jagoffs instant offense and opens holes for jamal lewis… i heard there is a secret scheduled visit already arranged to excite the psl fans renewels

  19. What drives TO more than anything is a grudge. As a Dallas fan I expected a natural drop in his production this year, but now that he has been raked over the coals like this I expect him to do everything in his power to dominate any team he faces.

  20. So many people are bringing up T.O. as he was. He is not as good as he once was. It is like Coach Payton of the N.O. Saints said, T.O. was second in dropped passes last year. I am highly confident that we do not need that on our team.

  21. As a life long Bills fan that hates the current regime and owner I say go ahead and sign TO. The team already sucks, so it can’t get any worse and like Steve Czeban said about TO signing with the Skins – “it would be fun”…….If nothing else, maybe all TO’s antics will get Ralphy boy to sell the team…….

  22. This is why T.O. will work in Buffalo.
    1) No national media attention for him to run his mouth. He will come to realize it’s not worth insulting your coach or QB when you only get written up in one local paper and 3 local TV affiliates.
    2) He will relish the opportunity of being the “biggest name” on the team and take a leadership role instead of a selfish one.
    3) He will want to prove to the rest of the NFL that he can still be an impact player so he will focus on putting up numbers instead of talking sh*t about his teammates.

  23. Actually the bills were pretty damn relevant last year UNTIL Aaron Schobel went down. then it was over.

  24. Who cares? If the guy can take the Bills to the Super Bowl…..I’m mean, isn’t that the reason you play in the NFL? So what if he is a loud mouth, when he acts like that just laugh at him. If you respond to that crap, he will continue with it. Sign him up, and get him to camp.

  25. reasons the Bill should go after T.O.
    1) they need an established WR across from Lee Evans, and he needs to be a bigger/taller guy
    2) they have cap space, and Owens value is down
    3) it will make the Bills relevant again
    4) Edwards is not accomplished, but has shown flashes and has plenty of arm strength
    5) after three straight 7-9 seasons there is no reason not to Jauron – knows if he doesn’t make the playoffs he is fired

  26. There is no room in NE for 3 big WR in NE.
    Anyway I dont think that there is any love between Moss and TO.
    The team is not big enough for the both of them.
    TO stay away form NE.

  27. she-ho would avoid buffalo because it is small market. besides… if they play in toronto… it would… ahem… set back international relations 230 years.
    i tend to think she-ho on the pats would soon be a repeat of dallas.
    welker would catch 200 balls until he got hurt, then with a thoroughly pissed off she-ho (also aging and wearing out), the o would get too predictable…
    rinse. repeat.

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